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for all you need to know on the upcoming video "Taube"

4/18/04Chris just got back today from AWANA olympics, or Varsity USA, in Texas. While there he found several skate spots and skated them. This is his story.

Texas Solo Tour

I haven't updated this section in a while, so yeah. Taube is of course amazing, one of my favorite videos. I've watched it countless times. Right now everyone is filming for the next Stoolpigeon video, due out Christmas 2004??

Here are super cool promos and ads for the video and team:

Lying on the ground

Cool ad of Chris 180ing a gap

An awesome ad of Chris

Skate the goods

Red can tell we planned it by the look on Chris's face

Sean with a funny face

Very cool ad by Chris

Here are the grand up close and personal interviews of the Stoolpigeon team, and some that aren't:



Jon (Andrew's interview)

Jon (Chris's interview)




Chris's personal experiences on his trip to Virginia:

Title Page

Here it is!