Hi, My name is Chris (A.K.A. "Your Friendly Neighborhood Wheelman"), and these are my personal pages. This is where I like to keep the things that don't belong on any of my other sites. Like photographs, stuff about me, scripts, HTML, notes I want to remember, or anything else I may want to keep, but can't find an appropriate place for.

Oh, BTW, If you were looking for my bicycling site, "Chris'Z Corner", you'll need to Click here in order to get there.

My collection:

  1. My life (and you're welcome to it!)
  2. Other sayings I have found to be true (and a few I made up of my own).
  3. Celebrities I like looking at
  4. My miscellaneous file collections
  5. Do you know me?
  6. A little story I wrote...
  7. My pet
  8. This is My South.
  9. WebTV colors and hex codes.
  10. Be patient, I'm working on it! :-3)>