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After the surf, before the job, in front of Centersoft calle 1ra y 22, miramar, Cuba,  january 2001.
This Web site is mostly about giving informations of  great unknown surf spots for all the surfers who wish  to travel away, far from their local spots....To all the surfers, from all the countries.
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Nias Island, North of Sumatra, Sept 2001
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This section  is dedicated to all my friends who look for
advices for their surf trip in their hunt of the perfect wave.
Surf trip in Cuba
Surf trip in Ecuador
Surf trip in INDO
Amir in Cuba...
Surf trip in Haiti
Surf trip in Bora Bora Surf trip in Mexico
Surf trip in Portugal
Jewelery section: Some of our creation made with the souvenir braught from our travel