Arg Matey Thar's A Storm Comin'
And this is how many people have seen it...  DOH!  Installed on the night of April 10th, 2000
The Great Jenny Adventure!
This one goes out to all the perverts....(made ya look)

Come one, come all to the long awaited
ART GALLERY (still a work in progress)
Here are some pics of my life in Utah!!
My goodbye pictures

That damn damn sexy boy Pat Deibel









Annina!!  you remember her!
This is what we do to people that tick us off.  We put them in Chocolate (the car) and then we drive across railroad tracks over and over until they cry even louder.  And if they say "Afflack," well, it's just all over for them, isn't it?
Let me explain the obsession with Afflack and Crackhead Bob....

Crackhead Bob is the cat that lives outside our hallway.  He is serioulsy on crack.  He sheds all over the place and leaves his nasty animal hair all over our hallway.  We just have this joke about everything being his fault, and we'll do like mini-skits where we imitate life with Crackhead Bob.  Like he's our pimp, and all that good stuff.  Afflack... well... hm now.  Have you ever seen those commericals?  Well, James thought they were just the cat's meow, and he would always imitate them with his hand being the duck, going "Afflack."  And when he got pissy, he'd say "URRRRR."  At first it really annoyed me, and then I became slowly obsessed.  Now I "Afflack" it all the time, though one must admit that James did start that trend, and they say Crackhead Bob is mine.  But who wants the stupid cat??  Afflack, that's where it's at.  The other night at Burgers Supreme, I almost lost it laughing at Afflack.  Meanwhile, Mayra just wants her baby back, and no more duck.  Last night she lamented that she was not at all down with the duck.  <sigh> Someday, she'll understand.  Uh-oh... I'm gonna start giggling again..... WOOOWHOWHOOWWOO
I'm lonely in Utah.  Please e-mail me, or I could get like this, and my roomates wouldn't like that..
Oh baby!  It's a boy band!
If you ever get lost, just click on the shoes, Dorthy, and they'll take you back to this home page.   Home... Home... Home....
UPDATES! (yes, they do happen)

10/24/00- I've been doing updates for awhile.  But this is the first time I'm writing about it.  I took some pages out, and I'm putting some new ones in, so be sure to enjoy!  AFFLACK!!  URRRR!!!  IM Jamesaber1 and say "AFFLACK"

9/26/00- I just put up the summer pictures page, and am contemplating a Jenny adventure!  As always, send me pictures!!

9/23/00- Did I ever scan my little heart out!!  My goodbye pictures are here!  And I"m sorry, but I"m in them.  Seriously, I hate putting up pics when I'm in them, especially because I'm wearing that damn pink shirt.  I hate pink, I hate it I hate it!!

9/16/00- OH MY GOSH.  I almost forgot this existed.  But, Meg reminded me about the fun places to have sex page... hehe... So, I'm going to start updates again!  Feel free to come and enjoy!  Comments welcome, but if you slam my page you bastard I'll beat you bloody.  Have a nice day!

7/1/00- Zoinks!!  I've had a weird morning.  I have actually been doing little updates lately.  Thing is, I have to get my scanner hooked up.  Then the fun will start.  Hm, let's see, the only feedback I've gotten so far is that Jason is grateful about his little corner.  And, that's about it.  For now.

4/24/00- And the state of Utah rejoices!!  I'm back in NY, nad I know all of you that didn't say goodbye miss me, so e-mail me and we'll chate some time, I got me another phone card... hehe... But, anyways, now I'm stuck w/ a frickin modem connection, so updates will not be as fun as they used to be.  I'm still working on my Val is a Goddess page.  She is one of the priveldged few who know my whole story.  What a lucky duck.

4/17/00- I added a new page...... The legendary food fight page..... I think you'll ALL find it intresting....

4/15/00- I took my Book of Mormon final today, and whooped butt!  Wahoo!!  I also updated my random NY friends pic page.  Something was just missing, I really don't know what.  There was just this feeling that something was wrong.  The page wasn't smart enough, sexy enough, Jewish enough.... check it out, and you'll see my favourite fully, but blood halfie!!

4/14/00- I took an test today.  I am getting married on July 19, 2003.  Hope you'll all be there!

4/13/00- I did tons of updates yesterday, creating my BYU pages.  Today, I'll continue working on those, as well as doing a quote of the day, and expose on Aunts Mark and Matt.  Intresting.......

4/12/00- Okay, maybe a picture of Abe as the Devil on the same page with a link to Palmyra Temple pictures is a little risque..  Changes are coming, changes are coming.

4/11/00- Heh, next time I'll do this after I do the updates... I didn't get to the Palmyra pics up last night but hopefully I'll do them today.  I did update the random pics page of my friends, however, so have fun!