This report focuses on five generations of the Goolsby family from early Colonial times throught about 1800. Of particular interest is the link between the goolsby and Parsons families through the marriage of Alcey Goolsby and Joseph Parsons. Materials obtained are from two wources: A.B. Parsons, Jr. of Greenwood, S.C., and Genealogy and History of Goldsby, Gouldsby, Goolsby-bee,etc. Branch Families, 3 volumes by Margaret Goolsby Gaissert, Sparta, GA, 1988-1992.


GOULDBY,JOHN b.abt.1646 in Lincolnshire,England m.Ellen Golby? (1648-BY1685)about 1662. She was also born in Lincolnshire, England. She came to Virginia around 1669. She died in 1685 in the Colony of Virginia. John Gouldby was the first known Goolsby immigrant to Virginia. PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX (1663-1679) by Filby, vol.1,pg 742. John died in 1685 in VA.


i.THOMAS GOOLSBY I, was the son of John and Ellen Gouldby. He was born in James City County, VA about 1663. He married Francis _____ (abt1665-aft1716)about 1682 in James City County,VA. Thomas died about 1687 or before. Francis then married Daniel Clarke. Only info on Clarke, Page 191 of Charles City Court Records, he was granted administration of Thomas Goldsby's estate.

Children of Thomas I and Francis Goolsby:

i. Thomas Goolsby II,b.abt1684 in James City County,VA. He married Tabitha Turrentine(1688-dec.)in 1707 in James City County,VA. Thomas Goolsby II died before Mar,1748.
ii. Frances Golbee was born in James City County, Va about 1684. She married Thomas White. Date of her death is not known at this time.

Children of Thomas II and Tabitha Goolsby:

i.Thomas Goolsby III b.abt1708 in James City County, VA. He was born near the Chichahominy River. He died before 24oct1774 in Albemarle County, VA. He married Lucy Bryant.
ii.William Goolsby was born about 1710 in James City County,VA. He died at the age of 107 in Albemarle County,VA, 22mar1818.He married 1. Mary Ann ____ about 1731 in VA. His second wife's name is not known but she died about 1820-22 in Albemarle County,VA.


iii.James Goolsby born about1720 and died before 1797 near Lexington, Oglethorpe County,GA. He was buried in the Isaiah Goolsby Plantation Cemetery on Macks Creek in Goosepond District in Oglethorpe County,GA. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Kirby (abt1728-1812)about the year 1743 in Goochland, Goochland County,VA. Betsy was born in Essex,Goochland County, VA. She was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Kirby. James and Betsy had many land dealings and James traveled into the Creek Indian Nation upon the recommendation of Elijah Clark. Samuel and Josiah Parsons were witness to some of the land grants and deeds issued to James Goolsby. He was a member of the Georgia troops serving in the Revolution and was granted a sizeable amount of land. Betsy died about 1812 in Goosepond,Oglethorpe County,GA. She was buried beside her husband James Goolsby.

iv.John Turrentine Goolsby,SR. was born 21feb1725 in James City County, VA. He died 14jan1808 in Oglethorpe County,GA. He also is buried in the Isaiah Goolsby Cemetery. He married Elizabeth Carpenter(1730-1803)about 1746 in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, VA. Elizabeth was born Jan.1730 in Goochland County,VA. She died in Oglethorpe County,GA on 3feb1803.

v.Stephen Goolsby was born in VA about 1727. He died about 1781. He married in 1748 to Martha Thomas(abt1743-dec.)in Albemarle County,VA. Martha died in Amherst County,VA.

vi.Joanne Goolsby was born abt 1728-dec. It is not known for certain if she was born in James City or Goochland County,VA.She married Leonard Ballow(abt 1725-1748).
vii.Peter Goolsby was born abt.1733 in VA. He died in VA about 1815.

Children of James and Elizabeth Goolsby:


i.Peter Goolsby born date unknown. He died before 1791,Wilkes County(Oglethorpe),GA. He married twice. He married Nancy _____ . No info on Nancy. Wife #2 was Mary Murray (abt1741-dec.)about 1763 in VA. Peter and Nancy had only one child--John Kirby Goolsby about 1790-1814. It is not known if he was born in Wilkes County, GA or Rowan County,NC.He died in 1814 at the age of 24. Isaiah Goolsby was granted custody of John Kirby Goolsby when Peter died. There are other legalities connected with the custody of John Kirby Goolsby.

ii.Alcey Goolsby abt1743-before1800, m. Joseph Garrett Parsons,Sr.(Est.1743-1823) in VA. This marriage is assumed on the basis of the settlement of John Kirby Goolsby's estate in which several of Alcey and Joseph's children and sons'-in-law were mentioned. He died 23oct1823 in western Jefferson County,AL. He belonged to one of the Parsons families of Henrico,Goochland, or Charles City counties in VA. He was thought to be a Revolutionary war soldier. He was awarded a portion of 550 acres in Craven County, S.C. this is what the higher ranking soldiers were awarded. The land was on the Warrior Creek branch of the Enoree River granted 7may1767. It became a part of the 96th District in 1785. Joseph and Alcey raised a family there, in what is now Laurens County,S.C. Alcey may have died in Laurens County,SC about 1800. Joseph moved to Jefferson County,AL with their son John (Jack)Parsons in the fall of 1819. His will and estate was settled 24mar1824.

Children of Alcey Goolsby and Joseph Garrett Parsons,Sr:
i.Joseph Garrett Parsons,Jr.(abt.1760-aft1830) m.Nancy _____ (abt.1783-aft1860). Nancy may have been his second wife. He married an unknown person about 1794 in Laurens Co.,SC. He moved and settled near Lower Five Mile Creek, Jefferson Co.,AL around 1819 and received another land grant in 1831 near Valley Creek. The family cemetery is now in a very wooded area of unmarked graves in this same area.
ii. James Parsons(abt1764-dec.)died in KY.
iii.Samuel Parsons(Capt.)(1765-1848)born in SC 4sep1765. He married Elizabeth Tabitha Goodwin(1766-aft1840)11sep1785 in Laurens Co.,SC. Captain Sam belonged to the SC Militia during the War of 1812. Two of his sons,Wiley and Theophilus followed the other Parsons families to Jefferson County,AL in 1835. Captain Sam was a member of Warrior Creek Baptist Church in 1844. He and Elizabeth died and are buried in Laurens Co.,AL.
iv.William Parsons,Sr.(1766-1826)m. Mary Bryant (1774-aft1860)about 1793 in GA. William died in Laurens Co.,SC. Mary moved with her sons betweeen 1832 and 1838 to western Jefferson Co.,AL. She was a weaver by trade. With the help of her grandson,James (Esquire Jim)Parsons, she applied and was granted land in Jeffferson Co.,AL because William had been a soldier in the War of 1812. Third Regiment SC Militia. She is buried in the Dogwood Grove Cemetery west of Adger,AL.
v.Tabitha Parsons(1772-1851)m. Mark Goodwin(1775-aft1850)about 1802 in Laurens County,SC. They died in Mud Creek,Jefferson County,AL.
vi.Littleton Parsons(abt.1774-aft1850)m. Sarah ____ about 1807 in SC. Both died in Jefferson Co.,AL. Land warrants show that Littleton Parsons,Sr. and Littleton Parsons,Jr. purchased land 12nov1834 in Section 30,Twnship 18, Range 5 West.
vii.Elizabeth Parsons(abt1775-aft1860)was born in Laurens County, SC and m.William Owens (?-1856) about 1795 in SC. William is buried in Dials Methodist Cemetery in Laurens County SC. He was a Captain in the SC militia. Son of Richard Owens,1810 SC census. Elizabeth died in Laurens Co.,SC.
viii.Isaiah Parsons(abt1782-aft1850)born in Laurens Co.,SC. m.1.Martha Travis(?-dec.) 2.Mary(Polly)Burchfield Gwin(1805-1886)20june1846,Jefferson County,AL. She was born in SC.,daughter of Thomas Burchfield and widow of L.C. Gwin. Isaiah was a veteran of War of 1812. He moved to Jefferson County,AL in 1835 and settled on Woods Creek.
ix.Sarah Parsons(abt1784-aft1860)born in Laurens County,SC She died in Pickens County,AL after 1860. She m. William Nabors(?-1844). He died in Jefferson Co.,AL. They had at least two sons: Francis D. Nabors administrator of William's estate. In 1860 Sarah was living with another son Isaac G. Nabors, in Pickens County,AL.
x.John (Jack)Parsons(abt1786-1868)veteran of War of 1812. He m. Mary (Polly)Cox(aft1805-dec)in SC. Instrumental in settling Jefferson County, AL. READ MORE BOTH ARE IN MY FAMILY TREE. Mary (Polly) is listed as Alley in John Cox will. SEE Cox portion of this web-site and/or the Bowman/Parsons portion of this web-site.

Children of James and Elizabeth Goolsby (cont'd):
iii.Drury Goolsby was born in Goochland County,VA (abt.1744-before 13aug1828)and died near Lexington,GA and was buried in the Isaiah Goolsby Cemetery there. He married Ann Bird(abt1751-dec.)in1765 in Colony of North Carolina. He had several land dealings in NC counties,White County,TN and in GA.
iv.Isaiah Goolsby,Sr.(abt1747-before1828)was born in Albemarle County,VA. He died before 16jun1828 near Lexington, Oglethorpe County, GA at age 80. Isaiah is buried in the Goolsby Family Cemetery, Macks Creek, off Highway 77. He married Mary Randolph (?-1833)about 1768 in NC or SC. She died 26may1833,Lexington,GA. Isaiah may have married a Mary Solders in GA. Isaiah moved from Laurens County, SC to Wilkes County(Now Oglethorpe),GA, in early 1773. He received Certificate of Service in the AMerican Revolution(1784) and is shown in the "Harvey List". The Disable Soldier Roll for Wilkes County, 1785,p.42 shows that Isaiah was warranted 200 acres on the headright of Samuel Parsons. He received numerous other land grants and there are over 30 3ntries in court records affecting him in Wilkes,Franklin,and Oglethorpe Counties. The Tax Lists show that Isaiah owned considerable property, including 25 slaves. His Oglethorpe County will is dated 1may1827 and was proved 16june1828.

Isaiah Goolsby Sr. and Mary Randolph had the following children:

i.Aaron Goolsby (no dates) m.Ann Stewart
ii.Isaac Goolsby (no dates) m.Elizabeth Mann
iii.Isaiah B. Goolsby (no dates)
iv.Mary Goolsby (no dates) m. Manoah Bolton
v.Kirby (no dates) m. Lucretia Embry

v.Mary Goolsby (abt 1749-abt1808)Mary lived in Anson County N.C. in 1757?. She died about 1808 in Laurens County,S.C. Mary married William Parsons (1742-1829). Parsons was a Revolutionary war soldier from South Carolina.
vi.Burgess Goolsby (abt1752-before1797)was born about 1752 in Albemarle County,VA or Anson or Rowan Counties in NC. He died before 28mar1797 near Lexinton,GA.,at age 44. He married Elizabeth Allison(no dates)about 1775 in NC or VA. Burgess owned land in Craven(Laurens)County,SC, near lands owoned by Joseph Parsons adn Theophilus Goodwin. Burgess moved from Laurens County SC to Wilkes County,GA and received a land grant which he sold to his father, James.

Burgess and Elizabeth Allison had the following children:
i.Wade Goolsby(no dates)
ii.James B. Goolsby (no dates)
iii.Elizabeth Goolsby (no dates)m.John Freeman
iv.Nancy Goolsby (no dates)m. Samuel Hopper
v.Peter Bird Goolsby (no dates)m. Selah Pye
vi.Isaiah Goolsby (no dates)

vii.Elijah Goolsby (abt1754-before1795)served with GA militia during Revolutionary 416 of "Harvey List of Revolutionary Soldiers".
viii.Zachariah Goolsby (abt 1756-before1795)maybe born in Albemarle County, VA.
ix.James Goosby,Jr.(abt 1788-dec.)He married Sarah Pye.
x. Elizabeth Goolsby (bef 1797-dec.)married Daniel Saffold.

James Goolsby,Jr. and Sarah Pye had the following children:

i.Rhoda Goolsby (no dates)m. Green Johnson
ii.William Goolsby (no dates)
iii.Anson Goolsby (no dates)m. Mariah Osborne
iv.Catherine Goolsby (no dates) died at age unknown. She married Hezekiah Goolsby.
v.Mary Goolsby m. Thomas Smith
vi.Hannah Goolsby m.William Avent
Elizabeth Goolsby and Daniel Saffold had the following children:
i.Tampy Saffold (no dates)
ii.Polly Saffold(no dates)m.Wiley Holifield
iii.Elizabeth Saffold (no dates)M. John Smith
iv.Thomas Saffold (no dates)

John Turrentine Goolsby,Sr.and Elizabeth Carpenter Goolsby had the following children:

i.William Goolsby (1747-dec.)
ii.John Goolsby (1753-dec.)
iii.Samuel Goolsby (abt1755-abt1774)
iv.Daniel Goolsby (abt1758-bef1798)
v.Mildred Goolsby (abt 1766-dec.)
vi.Nancy Goolsby (abt1768-bef1805)
vii.Elizabeth Goolsby(abt1770-dec.)
viii.Sarah Goolsby (abt1781-dec)
ix.Charles Goolsby (1789-dec.)

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