The Yautja Hunting Lair - Sounds
Prey sounds                                                                                

Dutch : 'If it bleeds, we can kill it'

Dutch : 'This is getting better by the minute'

Dutch : 'My men are not expendable, and I don't do this kind of work'

Dutch : 'You're one ugly motherfucker'

Dutch : 'What the hell are you?'

Dutch : 'Stick around'

Dutch : 'Bad idea'

Dutch : 'What's the matter? CIA got you pushing too many pencils?'

Dutch's battle cry

Dutch : 'Mac! Mac!'

Blain : 'You lose it here, you're in a world of hurt'

Blain : 'Pay-back time'

Blain : 'Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here!'

Blain : 'I ain't got time to bleed'

Billy : 'Major, you better take a look at this'

Billy : 'I'm scared'

Mac : 'I see you'

Mac : 'You give up our position one more time I'll bleed you, real quiet, leave you here'

Mac : 'Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle'

The commandos fire into the jungle
Predator sounds

The Predator roars in agony after healing itself

The Predator whispers : 'Over here'

The Predator whispers : 'Turn around'

The Predator whispers : 'Anytime'

The Predator says : 'What the hell are you?'

The Predator laughs before exploding (Part 1)

The Predator laughs before exploding (Part 2)

The Predator growls

The Predator growls loudly

The Predator makes a clicking noise

The Predator growls in curiosity

The Predator targets its prey

The Predator fires its Plasma-caster

The Predator gets hit
Predator sounds

The Predator listens to Jerry ranting

The Predator imitates a little boy : 'Want some candy?'

The Predator whispers : 'Shit happens'

The Predator whispers : 'Danny boy'

The Predator roars in victory

The Predator pounds on the train

The Predator growls

The Predator roars in agony after healing itself

The Predator expresses his approval of Harrigan's killing spree

Honourable death scream

The leader of the Predator clan spares Harrigan
Prey sounds                                                                                

Harrigan : 'Co-operation, is my middle name'

Harrigan : 'Hey kid, welcome to the war'

Harrigan : 'You're one ugly mother...'

Harrigan : 'OK pussy-face, it's your move'

Harrigan : 'But it cuts like steel'

King Willy : 'There's no stopping what can't be stopped'

King Willy : 'You can't see the eyes of the demon, till him come calling'

Keyes : 'Lions, the tigers, the bears, oh my!'

Keyes : 'You're the lion, this is his jungle'

Keyes : 'Get out of here Harrigan!'

Jamaican gangster : 'This is not about money, this is about power!'

Jamaican gangster : 'There's a new king in the streets'

Jamaican gangster : 'I have to take your soul'

Jamaican gangster : 'Voodoo magic'

Jamaican gangster : 'Shit happens'

Jerry : 'Come and get it!'

Jerry : 'Let's dance!'

Doctor : 'Astonishing!'

Columbian gangster : 'El Scorpio is ready!'

Old woman : 'I don't think he gives a shit!'