My Un-Official Class of 1982 Yorktown Webpage

Yahoo is shutting us down... Yahoo is closing its free websites later this year... if you havent already, please make the jump to FACEBOOK, you can connect with classmates there, we have a page just for the Class of 82, and you can hook up with friends from other classes also...

Troy Campbell Wedding Announcment

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kay Ross, on the passing of her father.

The "infamous" Rodeo Song (click to listen)

The Yorktown Historical Society has some old Yorktown pictures online now through Ball State. I know that they will be adding more in the fuure. Check them out...

There is a really cool forum on the Muncie StarPress website about the history of Muncie...called "Lost Muncie". Lots of cool pics, memories, etc. check it out and see some of those great old places that made Muncie so cool back in the day.

Class of 1982 members on Facebook: Ann Racer, Sandy Evilsizer, Lee Grimes, Kyle Stiverson, Ted Martin, Molli Moser, Lisa Winkle, Lisa Clore, Dee Gamble, Tim Bevans, Kim Hensley, Shawn Winkle, Lisa Yarbrough, Eddie Collins, Terri Belt, Lynette Applegate, Shelly Cox, Ann Paulson, Teresa Beatty, Woody Smythe, Karen Bothel, Kerry Williams, Michele Francour, Glenna Robertson, Chuck Upchurch, John Marsh, Tyra Fadely, Mary Mirer, Devon Rowe, Gary Green, Jeff Sparenberg, Wanda Johnson, Brenda Wolf, Joe Terrell, Brian Guinn, Brian Parkison, Lori Kimberling and Kip Laws

If you find that the Class of 1982 website is down, just check back... Yahoo limits the amount of data transfer and when we exceed it they will shut the site down for an hour, so just keep checking back.

The Class of 1982 Reunion Page will be updated twice annually: September and March

Yorktown 1984 - Its nice to see the old watertower again.