Radio Ad



SFX:                            School bell rings people slam lockers, and take their seats


GIRL 1:                        Hey look, we both have the same outfit!


GIRL 2:                        Ohmigosh! She has the same outfit too!


GIRL 1:                        We all have the same outfits on! Ahhhhhh!


SFX:                            Funky Disco Music in the background


GIRL 3:                        Hey everybody!


OTHER GIRLS:           they all mutter something such as: Look at that outfit!, Oh Wow!, or Who’s that?


GIRL 1:                        Where’d you get that outfit!?


GIRL 3:                        House of Funk! Only in downtown Normal


ANNOUNCER:          Tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else?  Come to House of Funk, where we have unique clothes at half the price of those other stores.  Finally let your clothes show who you really are!  House of Funk is located at 116 North St. in downtown Normal.