The Importance of a Mother.

By Jordan Sovereign

Sally: Children, Children! Gather 'round, and I'll tell you a story.

Sal: What kind of story?

Sally: A magical tale of wonder and amazement.

Sal: A maze! Yay! We get to do a maze!

Sally: No, kids, not a maze - amazement, amazement and wonder!

Sal: Wonder? Wonder? I'll give you wonder! One door out of this gingerbread house.

Sally: You can't kick me out! I am the only person who tells you stories.

Sal: Yeah? Well, I am sick and tired of your stupid stories.

Sa: I wike your stowies, Sawwy

Sally: C'mon then Sa, let's go.

Sa: My mommy won't wet me go.

Sally: I am your mommy!

Sa: Mommy! Mommy! The stowy lady is trying to steaw me!

Sally: Takes off mask. See, I am your mommy.

Sal: Mom?!

Sally: Yes, the story lady is your mother.

Sal: Nooooooooo! If the story lady isn't real, then why should I believe that this gingerbread house is real?

Sally: because you can eat it, and it tastes good. Takes a chunk out of house and hands it to Sal.

Sal: Takes a bite and it is cement. It's not real!

Sally: It's too late for you now, you don't believe.

Sal: Falls through floor

Sa: Mommy? Where Sal?

Sally: He's gone now, it's just you and me.

Sa: Teww me a stowy, Mommy.