Dorehas and his Magic Journey

Once upon a time in a far away place there lived a king, he had the perfect life and he was always happy. His kingdom was one of the most respected communities in all of Kahf, New Gorgald. His people were all happy. Well, at least most of them.

His name was Dorehas. He was a boy living in the Kingdom of Kahf. He had a middle class family who were happy with their lives. They were also very helpful to the community. Dorehas was not very happy with his life. He was good at school he had some friends and he was a great person, but he did not have a good self-esteem. He sometimes thought that anything anyone said to him was an insult. He started to hate everyone and finally decided to leave home, the community, and his old life. The first place he thought of going was his Uncle Ferty's house. His uncle was a great respected man, he lived in Sohre which wasn't a very respected community. The reason he was respected was because he was a wizard. Dorehas thought maybe he could become a wizard. When he asked his Uncle about it, his Uncle was outraged, he couldn't believe how his own nephew could think of such a thing as becoming a wizard. His uncle replied, "You can't become a wizard, you are born with the ability to be a wizard. Wizardry is an art not a occupation! How could you have thought such an outrageous idea?" Dorehas was sad and ashamed. He then thought hard and left again. He had no idea where to go. Most of his relatives lived in Kahf, his uncle was the only one out of the town. As he was walking on the country side, he noticed something in the distance. He had never seen such a thing it was like a tiny speck of light miles away. He decided then, that that is where he would live. It got dark, so he stopped in the woods to sleep.

He woke up the next morning and knew he knew he had a long journey ahead of him. He made sure he had everything. He was pretty sure that he had everything, so off he went. He was walking on a blackened path, he wondered what it could be, but not for long, because fear might get him and his journey would be ruined. He kept on the path until he reached a giant rock. He went around the rock, and on one end was an opening. He was curious, so he went down. When he got there, there was a whole community in there. The one strange thing about it was it was upside down. The people were small, but big enough to see. They all were wearing little red hats, and yellow shirtcoats, they were covered completely with hair and had tiny noses and mouths and eyes. When Dorehas asked them who was in charge, the little guy screamed in horror, and ran off. A few seconds later, he heard a horn blow and one of them made strange oigd, oigd sounds. It was almost like Morse code. But as soon as the guy stopped his message, the people were coming at Dorehas with little swords. He ducked down and, for the little people, he was on the ceiling, so they couldn't get him. Dorehas finally was able to get out. When he got out, he realized he had brought a creature with him accidentally. The little guy was scared to death, but Dorehas pet him and he felt better. He looked at the creature in depth and found out that it had a sharp pair of teeth. Another thing he noticed was a switch on the roof of his mouth, Dorehas pushed it and suddenly the Creature started to laugh, he laughed out loud and when he stopped, the creature said, in English, "Let me go!" Dorehas let him go and to his surprise, the creature said that he was sent to him by the manager of Gorbils. Dorehas asked him what that was and he said that he was the Man in Charge. Dorehas asked what Gorbils were and the Creature said that it was what he was, and his name was Fortamilia Gorgalia Deforges III. Dorehas said, "Can I just call you Fort?" The creature said, "Sure." Dorehas and the creature went on their way to get to the castle. It was starting to get dark, so they looked for shelter. They kept searching until they found a cottage. They decided to see if they could stay there. The person living there was very grouchy and mean. They begged and begged until she finally let them stay. They were glad because it started to rain. They had come in time for supper, It didnít look very appetizing, but they ate it because they were very hungry. They had a nice cozy room and they slept soundly. The gorbil was awakened by a noise. He saw the old lady put something in the bag and take something out. He had forgotten all about it in the morning, so he didnít mention anything to Dorehas. They ate breakfast and left. It was odd because the old lady was eager to get them out.

Dorehas and Fort went on to the Castle but soon they became very hungry so Dorehas got his bag and to his disgrace, he found nothing but an empty jar and 4 beans. They figured that they had better eat something so they ate 2 beans each so there were two beans left and Dorehas ate his but Fort who was too little for 2 beans threw his out. Dorehas was upset that he lost a chance for a bean, but he knew he could find something at the castle, so they went on.

Now about halfway to the castle they came upon a problem. There was a large river in the way and the current was going quickly so he decided to see if there was a bridge. There was no bridge or tree or anything around, so he had no idea of what to do. Suddenly, a gnome came to him and told him that the only way to get across is to summon The Invisible Bridge. Dorehas asked the gnome if he knew how, but all the gnome said was that there is a secret pass code. Now, Dorehas was a champion pass code breaker in his home town, but since he hated his home town, he didnít use his methods of breaking codes and it took him three hours to get a clue.

Finally he said "birdybye" and the river spoke.

It said, "You must reach inside yourself and find who you are, then, the code will be obvious to you." Dorehas thought that he was doing that, but he tried harder and thought of the best code he knew, it was akhery. As soon as he said it, the bridge appeared and he walked across. They got to the castle and the moat which was infested by alligators. The castle wasnít what Dorehas expected, but he said it would do. He called out for someone to let him in, but to no avail. Fort then whistled a high pitched song and suddenly the bridge came down and the guards let him in as if they had been expecting him and told him to go up to the kingís quarters and so he went up the stairs and into the big doors. What he saw in that room amazed him. He saw the biggest baby in the world. It was a giant baby. This baby was crawling around and almost crushed Fort. Fort was fast enough to move away, but Dorehas put him in his pouch to make sure he didnít get hurt.

Dorehas was looking at the baby when he heard someone say to the baby, "Baby, Get in here!" The baby crawled into the other room, but Dorehas decided to stay hidden.

He pulled Fort out and said, "That was a close one, wasnít it Fort?"

Fort said "You bet!" Dorehas made sure the baby wasnít coming and they left using the door they came in with. They expected to find the place where they went in from, but they were wrong. They saw a shining kingdom. It was the most beautiful thing he had seen in his whole entire life.

"That is the Castle I saw!" he said with excitement.

Fort said, "It is as beautiful as you described!" They were excited so they walked up to the door and knocked.

They heard a voice. It said "Sign the guestbook." They did. What was strange was that there was a space just big enough for their handwriting and size of writing. This was amazing. It was as if the kingdom knew they were coming. He walked in and all the people of the kingdom said, "Welcome Back Dorehas!" He was surprised to see who the people were. It was his family, friends and other members of the Kingdom of Kahf.

He said, "How did you get here before me?"

They said "We never left, you came back to our kingdom!"

"What!?" he exclaimed confusedly, "This is not the same kingdom I left so long ago."

The townspeople said, "We have changed nothing. You are just seeing it differently."

Dorehas asked, "What do you mean? This is totally different!"

They said to him, "You never paid attention to all the beautiful things in the town. When you traveled outside you noticed all the flowers, and strange creatures. In here, you only saw straight ahead of you. We knew you would leave, and that is why we let you."

Dorehas understood, "I never knew this was such a great place to live. Thank you for changing my mind."

The people said, " Enough explaining, we will let you and Fort explore the place you once hated so much."

Dorehas went to each house, each forest, each fountain until he had explored every knook and cranny of his town. He now had places to run hide climb and everything a young boy loves to do. It was a paradise the whole time and he felt so ignorant for not noticing all the great things earlier. He got over that and by the end of the year he was in love with his whole life and community.

The End