How to Catch A Giant Cow : A Legacy

In our lives, it is vital that we have a giant cow. Without it, we are nothing. There are many ways to get giant cows. This story tells of one boy and how he got the giant cow.

Once there was a boy named Cavin. He knew he had to get a cow soon. His family was poor and both his parents never got a cow so they were a disgrace. When Cavin would get a cow, all his problems would be fixed. He knew a way how he could trade his old cow and would get a free giant cow. This was a simple operation so he got his worst cow and took it to the market. On the way, he saw a mysterious man and the man told him that he would buy the cow if the boy took the magic seeds. The man said that if he planted these seeds, they would grow up into a vine that goes to the sky and if he climbed it, he would find a giant cow. Cavin agreed because he wanted the cow fast. So he went home and planted the seeds and when he got up the next morning he was upset because the vine just grew on the side of the house. He didnít know why he was so dumb. He went inside to his mother who told him to get little Billyís ball that he threw on the roof. Cavin climbed the vine and when he got to the roof, it wasnít the roof at all. It was a giant cow market. Cavin was proud to have found it. He went to a cow and tried to take it when a little man came and kicked Cavin. The little man told him that he shouldnít take the cow. He also said that there was a giant as big as the cows. He told him to either talk to the giant and negotiate a deal to buy the cow or to make a shield and sword to fight the giant. Cavin asked how to make a shield and sword big enough to fight the giant. The man said to milk the cow he wanted and to mix it with his shield and sword and it would be strong and big enough to make the giant give you the cow. Cavin milked the cow and put the milk in his bag. He went home and looked for a shield and sword to fight with. He poured the milk on the shield and it was shiny and powerful as the day he bought it. He poured some on his sword and it was a sharp and strong as if he had just bought it. He was ready so he took his materials with him and climbed the vine. He got to the roof, but all he saw was his little brotherís ball. He was mad so he used his sword to shred to ball up. When he did this, the ball lit up and the light wrapped around him and he was in the giantís castle. He was shocked at first, but then he saw the giant and said as loud as possible that he wanted to negotiate a deal for a giant cow. The giant laughed kindheartedly and told him he would let him pay five thousand dollars for the cow. Cavin changed it to three thousand dollars. The giant changed that. This went on for hours until the giant got very angry. Cavin was close to the giant then and pulled out his sword. As soon as he did this, the giant grabbed him and told him never to do that. He was able to pull out his sword and stabbed him in the hand. Suddenly, the Giant was nice and told Cavin to pick out a cow and bring it home. He did and he brought it down to the roof . When the cow saw little Billyís shredded up ball, he picked it up and fixed it. They went down to the house and as soon as the cow saw the house in ruins, he fixed it. The cow helped the family survive for the rest of their lives.

This is one way to get a cow. There are many other ways, but this has to be the most heroic. Cavin saved his family. Any cow can save a family, but it is the boy who really has the saving skills.

The End