tewell16: hi

KingWart3: hi

tewell16: how are u

KingWart3: good

tewell16: thats good

tewell16: I had a midterm today

KingWart3: how did it go?

tewell16: the teacher said she looke ito over when I wa sanding an she said I don't see any erros cuz it was keyboarding one so i prolly got an A

KingWart3: neato

tewell16: ya

tewell16: sooooo what ur bro up to

KingWart3: i am soo busy this week!

tewell16: really what u doing

KingWart3: i have a paper due, i have to pick a topic for a feature news story, i have to finish a part of a group project, and i have a midterm on friday

KingWart3: my paper is almost done, so that;s good

KingWart3: although i can't think of anything to add

KingWart3: Do you have any ideas for a feature news story?

tewell16: what is a feature news story I derw a blank

KingWart3: something that isn't really hard news, like a story about a person or event, you know something in the focus section of our paper

KingWart3: pantagraph

tewell16: oooooo I got the perfect thing

KingWart3: sweet

tewell16: u could do soomthing on Metro 911 police explorer post um I could give u some info

KingWart3: hmm.. maybe

tewell16: just tell me what u wanna know

KingWart3: what do you do?

tewell16: we do lots of things we Help out at the various community events like the Candy handout on the 31st and we also meet once a week on Sun to talk about the events and learn about Law enfrocment like Cime Scene invesgation traffic stops . We also earn various awards we are having um an awards thing on the 26, of Oct and We get a D.A,RE Communty Servuce award an Explorer of te yr

KingWart3: yeah that might be something i could do

tewell16: oh we can also do ride alongs with the police

KingWart3: ok

tewell16: um anything else u wanna know

KingWart3: not quite yet

KingWart3: if i decide to do it i may ask you some more

tewell16: ok

tewell16: whens it dure

KingWart3: it's due at the end of the year

tewell16: oh o k

tewell16: an after my awards thing um I can give u moren info

KingWart3: ok

tewell16: cuz I can tell what went on

tewell16: *u

KingWart3: yeah

tewell16: or better yet if ur not doing anything on Sun u can come

KingWart3: yeah, we;re going to des moines

KingWart3: so that can;t happen

tewell16: ya but um ya can give info bout th awards thing after Sun

KingWart3: yeah, i understand

KingWart3: that's still cool

tewell16: ya glad was able to help