Project = Radio Show

Type of Show = Morning Show

Name of Station = WJNJ - The world greatest music!

Host Name = Jordan and Jeremy

Dialogue begins:

Jeremy : Hey Hey Hey!! Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

Jordan : The Circus?

Je : No, you numbskull!

Jo : But..I thought

Je : Well you were wrong!

Jo : But...

Je : Enough! Now on to the show. This is not the circus, this is WJNJ - the worldís greatest radio

station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for our first streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch of music!!!!

Songs 1-3

Jo : Thatís some great music!

Je : Hey we donít need your comments!

Jo : But I was ju...

Je : OK just stop! Now, please tell us the weather!

Jo : Well, itís lookiní sunny out there with a mild chance of a hailstorm underway, be careful on the roads today, it

might be bad out

Je : OK thanks for that Jordan. By the way, what do you think of this government problem?

Jo : Uhh... what Government problem?

Je : Oh, you know that government problem

Jo : I have no Idea of what you are talking about.

Je : FINE!!!! on to some more music

Jo : Come on, what is it?

Je : (Mad) Ok just shutup alright

Jo : O-OK sorry.

Songs 4-7

Je : Wasnít that just peachy keen?

Jo : Sure was. Well, weíll be right back after these messages!

Tracks 1-4 on the commercial disk (take off beginning man)

Je : Ok, weíre back and better than ever

Jo : Were the same we've always been.

Je : No... weíre.... NOT!!!!

Jo : I'm sorry.

Je : Well youíd better be!

Hey, isnít time for the news?

Jo : Yeah, it sure is. In the news today, there was quite a stir concerning the flying cows, such a stir, that there were

violent uprisings all over the nation today as people tried to blame the cows on the strange weather weíve been

having. Police reports from all over report that people were throwing chairs in the street causing ten car pileups,

people raided a store and took all the little cow toys from the children and threw them at police trying to stop the


Je : And all this for some stupid flying cows!

Jo : Hey, theyíre not stupid, they are just as smart as I am and.. well, theyíre just as smart as I am.

Je : Well that was fun, now, some more music!

Songs 8-12

Jo : WOW!

Je : What, what is it Jordan?

Jo : That was some goooood music

Je : And this is exciting?

Jo : Yeah, it is always fun to listen to some good music, thatís why I always go to my favorite music store which is

none other than....

Je : Wait, wait, wait. We donít have any record stores as our sponsors!

Jo : I know, I was just gonna tell them my favorite music store, ...

Je : Stop! We will NOT advertise a company that is not our sponsor

Jo : But..

Je : No buts about it. NOW STOP!

Jo : Hey Jeremy - What makes a good movie?

Je : I donít know, what?

Jo : Well, I donít know either, but our special guest does. Right here in our studios is the great movie critic - Ronny


Ronny: Hey guys, great show youíve got here.

Je : Thanks Ronny, What we are going to do is this, people will call in and ask you a question about a movie, and we

will see if you know it.

Jo : Ok, first caller?

1st Call:Hey, My Name is George and I had a question about the movie "Donkey Boy Goes to Congress"

Ronny: Oh, Great Movie!

George:Yes, I Know. Well, my question concerns Act 1, Scene 2, Part 5, Section 5.2.

Ro: Oh, Great Scene!

Ge: Yes, I know. Well Donkey Boy was doing his song and dance number with the whole Congress. Well, I loved

that song and I wanted to know who wrote it.

Ro: Ah, Yes. Famed composer Frederick S. White wrote that. It was actually a song written as a jingle for the

president Millard Philmoreís campaign.

Ge: Gee Thanks, Ronny

Ro: Oh, anytime. Next Caller?

2nd Call:Hi Ronny, my name is Iris and I was wondering about that new movie star Humphrey Bogart.

Ro: OK. If you want to call him new.

Iris: Yes. I havenít seen him for a while and I was wondering what he was up to.

Ro: Maíam, I have some bad news for you. HUMPHREY BOGART HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE 1847!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iris: Whaat??

Ro: Iím sorry, but YOU ARE SOOOO STOOPID!!!!!!!

Iris: I HATE YOU!!!!

Ro: WELL, SO Do....

Jo: Alright Ronny, calm down....

Ro: I CAN"T CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Je: Guards!!!! Get this guy out of this studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guards:Der... What Boss?

Je: Take this man!!!

Ro: You canít do this! Iíll sue! (more stuff like this)

Jo: Well that was... ummm

Je: Letís listen to some music!!!!

Songs 13- 17

Je: Now, hereís Jordan with Sports.

Jo: Hey! today in bosdinkdoball, Johnny Bookonkonk was a hero! He was flying all over the field. Now here is some

exclusive video footage of the scene. Oh.. wait... you canít see it can you? Just watch your local news. Oh..wait

This was EXCLUSIVE footage, so oh never mind.

Jo: You know, my favorite local news station is WJ....

Je: Whoa Whoa Whoa! What did I tell you about advertising.

Jo: If you canít advertise anything nice, donít adver...

Je: NO! Not that!!!!

Jo: Oh, Donít promote anything that isnít gaining us any money.

Je: Good. Any more sports?

Jo: Yes, this home run race is starting to get out of hand. MacGuirelby has 1,000,000 homers, while Soapsuds has

999,999 homers. Itís close, but weíll see what happens.

Je: I Guess so. Now, howsabout some music?


Songs 18- 22

Je : Now thatís some good music. We as a radio station pride ourselves for bringing you the best music and good

times that everyone wants to have. Now, a word from our sponsors

Tracks 5-8 on commercials disk

Jo : Hey, you know, those commercials sound kind of old... Are you sure those are the right ones?

Je: Yes. Of Course... So, how's life on the golf course?

Jo: Oh, it's going great. I just played a game with my friend, Tiger Woods.

Je: Oh my gosh! Tiger Woods is your friend?

Jo: Yes, so. Heís not THAT good.


Jo: Well, when you get a 200-year-old man on the golf course...

Je: 200-year-old man? You mean not the kid who swept the golf world with his talents?

Jo: Of course not. Did you really think that I could...

Je: Oh no, I was just kidding around. I knew the whole time.

Jo: Oh, really

(Keep on Fighting while announcer speaks)

Announcer: Now for some music

Songs 23-27

Announcer: Now, back to the show

Je: Hey, when did we get an announcer?

Jo: Oh, it was back in Ď42

Je: 1942?

Jo: No!! 3:42 in the afternoon

Je: Oh!

Jo: So, do you have anything to tell us about events coming to town?

Je: Yes, Yes I do. We have the hit musical show "George! The Musical!" about the life of George Washington. Also

the band "We Have No Talent" or WHNT is on their "Just Terrible" Tour. So you may want to check it out. And

also we have Storytime at the Finkletown Public Library with famed storyteller Johnny Story.

Jo: Sounds Great! I jesí love storytime. How's about some music? Alrighty!

Songs 28-33

Je: Well, that about wraps our show up for today. Tune in next time for more fun!

Jo: Wait, it is only 4:00

Je: Yes, that is the end

Jo: No, it isnít

Je: Yes it is

Jo: No, it isnít

Je: Yes it is

(Fade out and announcer says, "The Jordan and Jeremy Show is a production of Yahoo! Records a Division of YeeHah Enterprises. For More Information, go to our website at