Time To Live: A Play in One Act




Canfield Beach, Anytown USA




Randall and Beatrice: Loving couple, have come to the beach to celebrate their love


Scott and Jen: Newlyweds on their honeymoon


The McFarley’s: A family there on vacation.  Husband: Jim, Wife: Susan, Three Children: Amy (14), Jeff (16), and Cody (10).


Ronald Carter: Retired general there alone


Victor Sharfel: The owner of the beach, lives in a house near the beach.


Ben Sharfel: owner’s son


Plot: The story of a weekend on a beach and the people involved.  As the groups of people get to know each other, trouble arises when it is announced that the owner of the beach, Victor Sharfel dies and his son Ben Sharfel will take over control of the land.  And his first step – charging money for people to use the beach.  How will the people on the beach get through it and what secrets may they find within the Sharfel family?  Find out in Time To Live!


Setting: the beach


Two people approach the beach, with two umbrellas and towels.


Beatrice:           Oh My GOD! THIS trip is gonna be SOOOO much fun!!!! I can hardly wait!

Randall:            You know, deario, I’ve heard tell of some rumors going around that ol’ Victor Sharfel is gonna die. And I’m gonna kill him

Ben:                 Oh no you won’t. Not if I can help it!

Beatrice:           Who the heck are you?

Ben:                 Oh I’m sorry. I was supposed to be quietly whispering behind this here bush.

Beatrice:           That’s not a bush. We’re on the beach. There’s nothing but sand

Randall:            Good sleuthing, Bea.

Ben:                 Damn You! Damn You All!!

SFX:                Gunshot.

Randall:            Bang Bang You’re Dead.