List of 5th Infantry Division KIAs

in Normandy

Killed in action of the 5th Infantry Division from July 19 to August 5, 1944 in Normandy area, FRANCE
Tués au combat de la 5ème Division d'Infanterie, du 19 juillet au 5 août 1944, en Normandie, FRANCE


2nd Infantry Regiment

July 19

Pfc William J. Cantrill (PH) (Nor Cem-I-18-24)

Pfc Robert A. Guy (PH) (Nor Cem-J-3-23)

July 25

Pfc Robert F. Tilton (PH) (Nor Cem-H-18-28)

July 26 Vidouville

Pfc Lavern L. Allard (PH) (Nor Cem-D-13-38)

Sgt Richard P. Coyle (PH) (Nor Cem-G-23-4)

Pfc Benedetto De Bellis (PH) (Nor Cem-J-2-11)

Pfc Phillip Del Gado (PH) (Nor Cem-J-3-32)

Pvt Louis A. De Yonke (PH) (Br Cem-I-16-5)

Staff Sgt Richard L. Easterlin (PH) (Nor Cem-G-25-18)

Pfc John J. Horst (PH) (Nor Cem-A-9-9)

Staff Sgt Louis E. Koran (PH) (Nor Cem-I-6-11)

Tech Sgt Herbert W. Kunkel (PH) (Nor Cem-J-11-33)

Pfc Amijan O. Lazar (DCS, PH) (Nor Cem-J-9-33)

Pvt Blanton McDaniel (PH) (Nor Cem-G-27-9)

Tech Sgt Verne L. Overdeer, Jr. (PH) (Nor Cem-J-10-33)

1st Lt John E. Savage (PH) (Nor Cem-I-14-5)

Tech 5th Ernest E. Schad (PH) (Nor Cem-J-22-12)

Pfc Russell Schwamberger (PH) (Nor Cem-I-15-13)

Pfc Mike D. Shaw (PH) (Nor Cem-H-24-20)

Pvt John P. Treccia (PH) (Nor Cem-D-17-31)

Pfc Jacob P. Visgak (PH) (Nor Cem-I-14-11)

Cpl Edward Wnek (PH) (Nor Cem-H-27-34)

Capt Warren W. Wooden (PH) (Nor Cem-I-24-13)

July 27 Vidouville

Pvt Lynn E. Bailey (PH) (Nor Cem-J-1-3)

Pvt George W. Brinkley (PH) (Nor Cem-J-8-33)

Pvt Joe Donique (PH) (Nor Cem-J-15-30)

Pfc Alfred J. Ferguson (PH) (Nor Cem-J-16-3)

Pvt Orville J. Fultz (PH) (Nor Cem-I-17-24)

Cpl Vincent J. Giovanni (PH) (Nor Cem-J-18-20)

Sgt Robert W. Graham (PH) (Nor Cem-D-3-38)

Pfc Loyed W. Holcombe (PH) (Nor Cem-I-11-23)

Pvt John A. I. Knarr (PH) (Nor Cem-H-15-14)

Pfc Lawrence P. Mauser (PH) (Nor Cem-G-16-9)

Staff Sgt Stanley J. Mazurik (BrzS, PH) (Nor Cem-I-19-18)

Pvt Madio A. Muratori (PH) (Nor Cem-H-17-14)

Staff Sgt Leroy F. Muto (PH) (Nor Cem-I-2-19)

Pfc Esau R. Olague (PH) (Nor Cem-H-20-28)

Pfc Calvin Simmers (PH) (Nor Cem-H-15-28)

Pfc Harold O. Sjuggerud (PH) (Br Cem-C-157)

Pvt Anton P. Supanich (PH) (Nor Cem-G-23-18)

Pfc Linton C. Worster (BrzS, PH) (Nor Cem-WOM)

Cpl Michael Yarkosky (PH) (Nor Cem-H-28-20)

Pfc Arthur C. Youngren (PH) (Nor Cem-I-4-10)

Pfc Bruno T. Zbiegien (PH) (Nor Cem-H-23-23)

July 29

Pfc Milburn L. Bird )PH) (Nor Cem-J-4-8)

July 30 Lamberville Biéville

Pfc Donald L. Allenby (PH) (Nor Cem-D-13-38)

Pvt Walter J. Bergeron (PH) (Nor Cem-H-25-35)

Pfc Bernard Brzycki (PH) (Nor Cem-J-20-16)

Pvt Johnie Hipps (PH) (Br Cem-A-15-3)

Pfc Jack L. Hudson (BrzS, PH) (Nor Cem-WOM)

Sgt Leo E. Korppas (PH) (Nor Cem-I-22-34)

Pfc Joseph Kovach (PH) (Nor Cem-J-21-23)

Pfc Ernest R. Wierschki (PH) (Br Cem-J-2-2)

July 31

Pfc Raymond Tavanico (PH) (Nor Cem-B-18-4)

August 5

Sgt John R. Whitney (PH) (Nor Cem-G-19-34)


10th Infantry Regiment

July 15

Sgt Donald J. Green (PH) ( Nor Cem-H-22-14)

Sgt Robert J. Mullen, Jr. (PH) (Nor Cem-B-13-4)

July 17

Tech 5th Edward G. Doubeck (PH) (Nor Cem-J-2-18)

July 20

Pvt Kenneth A. Horn (PH) (Nor Cem-I-20-4)

July 21

Staff Sgt Austin D. Andrews (PH) (Nor Cem-J-7-32)

July 22

Pfc William C. Jordan (SilS, PH) (Nor Cem-G-3-18)

July 27

Staff Sgt Kenneth W. Covey (PH) (Br Cem-J-16-8)

July 28

2nd Lt Bobbie L. Burns (PH) (Nor Cem-J-8-22)

July 29

Pfc John D. Fathergill (PH) (Nor Cem-H-28-23)

Cpl George G. Howard (PH) (Nor Cem-H-17-4)

Staff Sgt Lionel E. Lilly (PH) (Nor Cem-I-2-10)

July 30 Hill 183

Pfc Marvin W. Alcorn (PH) (Nor Cem-B-7-29)

Pfc Henry G. Bashour (PH) (Nor Cem-G-11-4)

Pvt James L. Bodkins (PH) (Nor Cem-H-18-9)

Pvt Buol Burt (PH) (Nor Cem-I-13-34)

Staff Sgt Paul J. Carnes (PH) (Nor Cem-I-2-36)

Pfc Robert H. Conway (PH) (Nor Cem-B-7-36)

Pfc William B. Cox (PH) (Nor Cem-H-20-14)

Pfc Virgil O. Foster (PH) (Br Cem-D-7-7)

Pfc Claude H. Horne (PH) (Nor Cem-H-19-14)

Pvt Charles L. Jackson (PH) (Nor Cem-I-10-33)

Staff Sgt Norbert A. Kern (PH) (Nor Cem-H-22-23)

Pfc Stanley W. Kulkusky (PH) (Nor Cem-G-28-9)

Pfc Robert A. Kwiatkoski (PH) (Nor Cem-I-20-23)

Pvt Charles E. Marling (PH) (Nor Cem-I-12-18)

Pfc Steve Matsko (PH) (Nor Cem-J-25-3)

Pfc Raymond J. Nellis (PH) (Nor Cem-B-14-40)

Staff Sgt Thomas D. Pennington (PH) (Nor Cem-J-23-34)

Pvt Sherman B. Rader (PH) (Nor Cem-H-9-13)

Sgt Edwin R. Saunders (PH) (Nor Cem-J-16-20)

Pvt Elias A. Shashaty (PH) (Nor Cem-I-3-26)

Staff Sgt Albert Snelling (PH) (Nor Cem-H-11-4)

Pfc Stephen J. Sorich (PH) (Nor Cem-H-28-4)

Staff Sgt Robert E. Spradling (PH) (Nor Cem-I-3-18)

Pfc Gerald M. Stump (PH) (Nor Cem-I-12-25)

Pfc Edward J. Sturm (PH) (Nor Cem-J-8-8)

Pvt Melvin Von Axelson (PH) (Br Cem-D-17-2)

Pfc William R. Waltz (PH) (Nor Cem-H-11-13)

July 31

Pfc Mark Johnson (PH) (Nor Cem-I-8-36)


11th Infantry Regiment

July 17

Pvt Henry W. Floyd (PH) (Nor Cem-I-27-29) "E" Company

Pfc Rosario C. Ippolito (PH) (Nor Cem-J-11-22) "G" Company

Pvt Alfred A. Peterson (PH) (Nor Cem-J-18-22) "G" Company

July 21

2nd Lt John D. Hammons (PH) (Br Cem-F-5-2)

July 22

Pfc Durwood W. Badgerow (PH) (Nor Cem-I-13-20) "I" Company

July 23

Pfc Simon G. Simonson (PH) (Nor Cem-A-16-38) "G" Company

July 24

Pfc William E. Crane, Jr. (PH) (Br Cem-C-3-12) "K" Company

July 31 Le Pit

1st Lt Wiliam C. Eubanks (PH) (USA) "B" Company

1st Lt James M. King (PH) (Nor Cem-I-23-15) "B" Company

Pfc Lloyd R. Porter (PH) ( Nor Cem-H-21-34) "G" Company

Pfc Robert H. Styles (PH) (Nor Cem-H-27-14) "A" Company

Tech 5th Michael J. Sweeney (PH) (Nor Cem-I-15-21) Headquarters Company

Pfc Loren Clark (PH) (MIA about 30/31 July 1944) "L" Company *


5th Military Police Platoon

July 30

Pvt William W. Augustine (BrzS, PH) (Nor Cem-I-4-34)


5th Medical Battalion

July 26

Pvt Randolph L. Clyburn (SilS, PH) (Nor Cem-I-22-16)

Pvt George G. Coit (SilS, PH) (Nor Cem-B-18-31)

Tech 5th Joseph T. Tracey (SilS, PH) (Nor Cem-I-15-22)


50th Field Artillery Battalion

July 22

Pvt Daniel M. Vaughin (PH) (Nor Cem-B-12-39)

July 26

Pvt Raymond J. Zagrocki (PH) (Nor Cem-J-11-28)


7th Engineer Combat Battalion

July 29

Pvt Herman R. Faulhaber (PH) (Nor Cem-H-21-35)


BrzS: Bronze Star Medal (or BSM)

DSC: Distinguished Service Cross

SilS: Silver Star

PH: Purple Heart

Br Cem: Brittany Cemetery, Normandy, France

Nor Cem: Normandy Cemetery, Normandy, France

D-13-38: Plot, Row, Grave in cemetery

WOM: Wall of missing

*: Information is fromFred Keppler via Robert "Herb" Williams.



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