25 (creative) ways to torture your cat (without killing it.)

1. Rub your feet on the floor and shock your cat with some static electricity.
2. Put your cat under a laundry basket and throw rocks at it.
3. Go to a nearby sink, and wet your cats feet (cats hate that!)
4. Put your cat in the bathroom (or any other enclosed area) and play slipknot full blast!
5. Put your cat on the table and scream �hey! cat! get off the fuckin table!
6. Substitute your cats normal everyday meal with Fruit Loops
7. If you have a fat cat, give it some exercise in the dryer!
8. Wrap your cat in saran wrap and throw it down an icy driveway.
9. Bleach potions of your cats fur, be careful not to come in contact with skin.
10. Put some mascara on your cats whiskers.
11. Give your cat a new name, slightly similar to its old name.
12. If you really want to piss it off tie all four legs together in a lasso.
13. Put your cats tail in the fan at your desired speed.
14. Just start blaming everything on the cat.
15. Hide around the corner and bark viciously!
16. Tie bells, rattles and anything that makes noise all over your cats body with tape.
17. Charge at your cat, then suddenly come to a halt.
18. Make your cat follow your finger with its eyes, then spin your hand in circles. Watch your stupid cat
rolling its neck and get tipsy afterward.
19. Take a big drag of a cigarette and blow it in your cats face and say slowly
�what the fuck r u looking at?�(that one came from Maryanne)
20.When your cat is taking a drink of water, pretend you are going to pet it and dunk its face in the water.
21. Grease a barrel and put your cat inside it.
22. Pet it backwards
23. Grab your cats back legs and push it around like a wheel-barrel.
24. Fold its ears back and it will look really crazy.
25. Blindfold your cat and get little mexican kids to scream at it and hit it with sticks.

(bonus) If mom asks what your doing say you are disciplining the cat for peeing all over mommys dishes.

Thanks hope you find this article useful,
Nicky 1