This is where we keep you chaps and chappesses up to date wiv wot we 'Yobs are up to. We'll also give you info about stuff wot we reckon might interest yer. Any news of your own - drop us a line at news@superyob.co.uk


April 5th

Just a quick note to let you know that we are still bleedin' alive....and to tell you to check the GIGS page for the latest news on our next 4 shows at the end of this month.

I will be doin' some sort of synopsis of the USA 'experience' when I get a chance, but to be honest it still ain't sunk in yet after nearly 2 weeks back. We 'ad a couple of days 'ome and then straight orf to Belgium and 'Olland....blimey!!!! Needless to say, there a bundles of stories to share about our U.S jaunt...so many I'll probably end up doin' a whole new website on it. There are also loads of photos doin' the rounds that I 'ave to collate and sort out and I've also got to do summink wiv the website cos it's gettin' a bit chuffin' big for poor old Geocities....I'll 'ave to get Deggerz on board for that one I fink.

One fing I must say at this stage tho', is CHEERS GAWD BLESS YER to everyone who made our trip as smooth runnin' and as enjoyable as it was....you're all diamonds...nice one.

Catch up soon


March 10th

Well, bugger me if it ain't the day before we go to the States. It's all come round a bit sharpish this...we just can't wait to get over there. I've worked me bleedin' plums orf sortin' it all out and I'm just too tired to organise anyfink else. Bring it on.....9 gigs...all sorted...and plenty of beer and good times to be had along the way. Annuver massive 'CHEERS GAWD BLESS YER' to all those involved...we're lookin' forward to sortin' yers out wiv a beer or two. See you all in the U.S.A.

Saturday's gig at The 12 Bar Club was a cracker. We had a good (albeit a bit lively !!) crowd.....fanx to those who came over from the Dropkicks shows and it was good to see Mr Kelly in our audience an hour after we'd been in his. Well done to ACACIA AVENUE for comin' down and playin' wiv us again and nice one to James for steppin' in for Chipshop at soundcheck...good job 'e didn't have to fill Chippy's shoes all night....25 pints of Guinness and 3 kebabs might 'ave bin the undoin' of the poor lad!!!!

We reahearsed last night for the last time before over the pond we go, and I ain't bein' funny, but we we're playin' better than we've ever done...we appear to 'ave peaked at the right time....(bout time you all say...ha ha ha)

Ere's a flyer for the last ever gig at De Kastelein...see you all there.

Well, we'll see you all on our travels over the comin' weeks...come up and say 'ello and shove beer and pies into our grubby 'ands.....good times, friends....


March 2nd

Oh well, ....the busiest month in the short history of Superyob has just begun......practice Thursday...gig Saturday...which will be a bleedin' blinder by the way!!!! one more practice and then orf to the jolly old U.S of A. Back 2 days and then orf to Europe for 3 days. It's bin so long in 'appenin' I can 'ardly believe it's almost upon us.....I'm lookin' forward to the relief of gettin' on that plane and relaxin' knowin' I can't do nuffink more...whatever 'appens then bloody well 'appens and that's it!!! We've managed to get a merch girl/roadie along for our Boston MA weekend. My mate Kerry is comin' over to 'elp us out and 'ave a bit of a jolly.....she's also volunteered to carry 'eavy stuff and assist wiv merch sales (under the steely gaze of Frankie 'Pursestrings' Flame of course ha ha!!!!)

Ere's the USA Tour flyer wot I've sent out.....pretty ain't we?


For those of you in the U.K you'd better get yer arses down to the 12 BAR CLUB in Denmark Street in London this Saturday for our send orf gig. It's down as the after show knees up for THE DROPKICK MURPHY'S show at The Astoria and features our old muckers ACACIA AVENUE and we've bin promised a cheeky little mini-set from the marvellous VIVA LAS VEGAS too. It's gonna be bleedin' rammo Barnet reckons so if you're comin' from The Astoria show get your bums down there pronto. We're lookin' forward to seein' a few old faces and friends there...there's a Belgian fraternity over apparently, and expect a couple of the DROPKICKS to pop in for a Guinness or two and to see how we're gonna blast 'em orf stage in Boston a week later.

Our missin' CDs we sent to Boston 'ave turned up now, which is good news.

Saw Chipshop performin' wiv the WARRIORS at the weekend down in Kent...that boy don't arf get about don't 'e? Good show it was too...plenty of beer flowin' and I missed out on a ruby wiv Herve and Jimmy cos I fell asleep on the way 'ome....Jimmy was apparently payin' an all!!!!

Well, we 'ope to sees as many of you as we can over the next few weeks in England, Belgium, Scotland, Holland and U.S.A. (We might even sneak across to Canado too, to see Niagara Falls)........



February 24th

Well, we got the confirmation we was waitin' on for our final U.S gig. March 20th is Newark, Delaware. Well done to Dusty for sortin' that one out for us.Check the GIGS page to see the full U.S schedule. We're still open to offers for the 15th mind. A fuckin' great 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to all those who've been involved in assistin' me in settin' this up. We can't wait to get over and share a beer with you all. Nice one.

If you can't make it to America then we'd recommend headin' over to De Kastelein in Bruges on March 13th to see our old mates RESISTANCE 77 playin' wiv HEADCASE. Remember you won't be gettin' many more chances to see quality Street Rock and Roll at De Kastelein...our gig there on March 27th will be the last!!!!


February 23rd

Well, we've 'ad verbal confirmation of a U.S show for March 20th kids.....likely to be in Newark, Delaware. Just waitin' for Dusty to hit me wiv bang on details and I'll whack it up on the GIGS page. That'll just leave Monday 15th of March....bit of a quiet night so might be a kip day....still open to offers though.

We've 'ad confirmation of the venue for our April 23rd gig in Dundee with ON FILE and VAS DEFERENS. It's at the well hip soundin' BEAT BAR. More details when I get 'em. Also bin talkin' to Banjo about the gig in Stockport. He's confirmed the venue as THE THATCHED HOUSE for April 25th. Support etc as and when. Spoke to Lee M tonight and we're still waitin' to 'ear about a possible bash in Leeds on April 22nd too. Remember SUPERYOB, ON FILE and the VAS DEFERENS are playin' the Punk & Oi! all dayer in Hartlepool on April 24th too.

Saw Chipshop play with VIVA LAS VEGAS on Saturday and they were...erm...well...erm..entertainin'. Chippy was pissed as a bleedin' parrot before they went on, though Barnet does carry the Elvis bit orf pretty well. Apparently Chippy made it back to Acton just in time to miss SECTION 5 leavin' after their gig at the KING'S ARMS. Spiffin' show by all accounts....Chippy kept Sheffield Dave up til 8.30 a.m on the old hit and miss and was the most pissed many people 'ad ever seen 'im apparently....nice one!!!!


February 17th

Just a quick update wiv this tip top flyer which JJ sent me for the US gig at Connections in New Jersey.

More as I get 'em.......

One other bit of news. Now, we all know that Chipshop likes to dabble in whatever band will stand him the price of a Guinness to play their songs badly, but he seems to have got 'is not inconsiderably sized arse in gear with 'is latest project wiv Barnet Mark. VIVA LAS VEGAS they're called and they also apparently feature ex-members of The Warriors and King Kurt. They're playin' wiv our old muckers The Death Valley Surfers at The Verge in Camden Town this Saturday 21st February from about 8.30. Come along and rip the piss out of Chipshop as 'e crucifies a few Elvis songs.

February 16th

Couple of bits and pieces for yers. Good news for our mucker JJ from DEAD HEROS NJ...'is potential incarceration 'as bin postponed for 6 weeks so we still get to play 2 shows wiv the boys. Good eh?

The line up for the show in Manchester NH on March 19th 'as bin finalised. Nice one to Marianne for 'er 'elp wiv that. I'm 'opin' to hear about a show for Saturday March 20th within the next couple of days, and that'll probably do us I reckon. Got 2 irons in the fire for that one.....Delaware or Pennsylvania...

This would leave us just one outstandin' date for March 15th. Now, as it's a Monday there probably ain't much 'appenin' but we ain't ruled it out yet. If nuffink comes orf we'll use it as a rest day for our bladders after a weekend on the piss in Boston....we'll probably need it!!!!

We've 'ad our first bit of radio airplay in the States too...follow this link to the best punk rock radio show in New Jersey. YOB ON THE WIRELESS. Pat Duncan 'as bin on the punk rock ball for years and we're 'opin' to see 'im at the NJ show on March 21st. Check out 'is shows for January 29th and February 12th. All 'is shows are recorded for posterity an' it's a top way of findin' out a bit about the US punk scene. Treat yerself. We was gonna go on 'is show and do a live session but we picked the only 2 weeks in the year that the studios are in use for the stations annual fundrasing concerts..just our bleedin' luck eh?

Our mates Acacia Avenue 'ave done a couple of new songs. Check out their website for a listen.They'll be supportin' us at our DROPKICK MURPHY'S aftershow gig at the 12 Bar Club in London on March 6th.

We booked our ferry ticket for Belgium/Holland so that's all up and runnin' nicely. ...I've just got to chase up what the bill is at the gig in Holland. HEADCASE 'ave been touted as support for the gig at DE KASTELEIN, but that ain't confirmed yet.

More news in the next couple of days...


February 10th

Well, a bit of good news always warms the bleedin' cockles dunnit? Two more gigs confrmed in the States:- Buffalo NY and Manchester NH. See the GIGS page for details. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yers' to Marianne (she's a flamin' diamond that girl), Ethan and Jeremy for their work on those. We've still got 2 dates left to fill, but I should know a bit more by the end of the week.....still a few irons in the fire yet, stand on me!!!!

Yob CDs have made it safe and sound to Mr Kelly's house in Boston and I'm also gonna finally sort out the T-Shirts this week too. I've bin 'avin' a bit of ding song battle gettin' some tarnsport sorted out for when we're over there but I fink I'm on the ball now....It's a bit bleedin' expensive 'irin' a mini van (people carrier) for 10 days so we've 'ad to do a bit of a re-shuffle and maybe go for good old public transort for one show (or try and bum a lift !!) or otherwise end up on Shanks' Pony....rock and roll eh?

The DEAD HEROS NJ 'ave rendered 'emselves unavailable for the shows they were gonna do wiv us cos unfortunately singer JJ 'as been politely requested to spend a little bit of time doin' some porridge. We wish 'im good luck and hope he gets back in the crease soon.

Other good news is that the show at DE KASTELEIN 'as bin confirmed for March 27th. Suck and Rianne came through for us after a bit of confusion by THE LAST RESORT possibly booking a show there. It's tinged wiv sadness though cos they've announced that this is the last live show they're gonna do there....now bearin' in mind what an institution the place is our first time playin' there is gonna be our last......that's a bit of an unwanted honour to 'ave to say the least. We're all 'opin' for a good turn out to see them orf in style.

Jani in Finland 'as promised me a copy of the video they did there of or gig last year....should make interestin' viewin I reckon...might see if any is good enough quality to put up on the website.

Right, I'm chuffin' knacked...I'm orf to me pit. Night night....

Febuary 4th

Just a very quick one 'ere. I'm 'opin' tonight to hear of a couple of extra dates to the U.S tour. I'll put 'em up as and when. They've bin delayed from Sunday so 'opefully it's good news.

Met up wiv ON FILE on Monday on their way back from a champion do in Finland (Jani was well pissed again apparently!!!) and they've taken the bleedin' sauna record!!!!!. Apparently all 5 got in the pretend one at Jani's 'ouse...but not for very long by all accounts...and not only that Steph fell over and knocked 'imself out and Hedgy went arse over tit and knackered his back...ha ha ha

Also met up on Saturday wiv Herve and Liz from DEADLINE for a few beers and a ruby. They're orf to the U.S.A in April after us so I 'ad to promise 'em that Chipshop would leave 'em some beer. Yeah right

Finally...yes, finally... I've updated the bleedin' PHOTOS page wiv bundles of snaps collected from gigs and what have yer towards the end of 2003. Fanx to all those who donated pics. I've bin promised some more of the Norway show from Lee of Deadline and also from Bjorn E, who 'as also sent me some video clips of the gig. Now, I'll try and whack a bit of that up when I get 'old of clever bugger Degz who does all the smart bits on this 'ere website.

Next fings to update are the MERCH page to make it a bit more user friendly. We've set up a PAYPAL account now which should 'elp a bit wiv overseas orders, so I wanna get that set up on the MERCH page. I've also got loads of new stuff from Ace for 'is SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR page. I'm also gonna do a write up of our Norwegian trip and perhaps a little, well overdue synopsis of last years Germany trip.

I've also presented Frankie wiv a laptop computer and 'e's promised to do some.... erm...creative writin' while e's away in Switzerland for all of February. 'E ain't contributed nuffink for a while so 'e must be chockablock wiv stuff.

No rest for the bleedin' wicked



January 31st

'Ere's annuver quick update for yer. We 'ad our first practice on Tuesday for the first time in wot seemed like chuffin' ages and if I don't mind sayin' meself we were splendid!!!! We were reshapin' the set for the U.S dates and I tell yer wot:- when we pare it down to a 35 minute lump, it's a rock'n'roll rollercoaster ride of hit after hit. Can't wait to be blastin' it out to the kids over the other side of the pond. A couple of songs 'ave been re-worked too...watch this space.

Talkin' of the U.S I should be confirmin' annuver 2 or 3 dates by Monday. The Buffalo one still ain't 100% and our chum Marianne (who is doin' a bleedin' marvellous job...nice one!!!) is hoping to sort out one or two more. The t-shirt design went off today and also the CDs for sale on the tour. Big Cheers Gawd Bless yer to Sir Loin of Maldonia for his kind offer of a couple of nights kip whilst we're in Boston too.


One other bit of news about the U.S of A is that we've sent off some CDs to CARGO MUSIC for a bit of distribution.If you're after a copy of GHETTO BLASTER stateside then drop 'em a line and get 'em to sort you out. Nice one to Josh at Cargo for puttin' up wiv all my faffin' about and gettin' that sorted.

I've also bin speakin' to CARGO RECORDS in the U.K about sortin' out some distro wiv them too.....'opefully I'll 'ear wot respose they're lookin' at gettin' from their outlets early next week. Drop 'em a line and demand they stock your favourite Street Rock'n'Rollers. Nice one.

Frankie is away workin' in Switzerland for the whole of February but I've sorted 'im out wiv a laptop and 'e's promised to do some sort of 'creative' writin' while 'e's away. I know 'e's got a few interviews to catch up on and 'opefully 'e'll do somefink smashin' for the website. Chipshop 'as bin gettin' in some proper rehearsin' for his VIVA LAS VEGAS venture wiv Barnet and ACEFACE 'ave bin back in the studio addin' to the tracks for thier next album. Frankie 'imself was in there wiv Ace on Thursday doin' some ivory tinklin'.

Anyone interested in comin' over to our gig in Bruges at De Kastelein on the coach from London on March 27th? Sheffield Dave is still tryin' to sort out a beano if anyone is up for it. Drop us a line at deffieldshave@superyob.com and I'll put you in touch the Sheff-meister. Nice one!!

The final line-up for our debut Dutch gig at Innocents in Hengelo hasn't bin sorted yet. Serge 'as 'ad one band drop out, but you can keep an eye on wot the score is at www.innocent.nl/

I know I've bin goin' on about it for a while but I will definitely get the PHOTOS page sorted in the next couple of days. I've got all the ones I want and they're all scanned and trimmed and rarin' to go. I've just started a new job this week so it's bin a bit hectic but I'll try and catch up this week.

Baked potaters...

January 23rd

Well hello....few bits and pieces of news. We 'ad anuvver band meetin' last night to see how all our chores are goin'. Frankie's 'ad some ideas for a US tour t-shirt which he'll be showin' us at next week's band practice. Workin' title is 'COCKNEY ROCKERS IN THE USA 2004' and we're gettin' 'em knocked up via a contact in Rhode Island.

I'm 'opin' to get anuvver show confirmed this weekend in Buffalo NY. It's 99% nailed down....just waitin' on the word. It's bin a bit of a bleedin' struggle to get a show in NYC, so I'm gonna give it a couple more days and then try for somewhere different. Things are movin' on though...I've got B-Lo workin' on findin' us a decent van hire job, we've reserved our first night's kip in Boston for the night we've arrived and we've blagged a few passes into the DROPKICK MURPHY'S show for that night too. I've even managed to bum the lend of some gear for our big show with the DROPKICKS for the Sunday too.....big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Mr Kelly for that one.

I've sorted out some barcode stickers for sendin' copies of the new CD over to America too. That means we can now cut to the quick with a couple of guys I've bin talkin' to over there about distro and hopefully get some knockin' about in time for our visit. Talkin' of distro, I've bin talkin' to a very nice man at Cargo Records about possibly taking on some of the new CDs. He's just doin' a bit of pre-sales research so fingers crossed there for some good news.

Still gettin' plenty of interest in the CD and they're sellin' nicely. Rememeber yo can always get 'em direct from us. See the MERCH page for details. They are also available through PURE IMPACT....Peter's bin sellin' a fair few and has just ordered a few more so get 'em while they're hot kids. Any other distro outlets come on board and I'll let yers know.

Check out the REVIEWS page for the latest reviews of the album from around the world. We ain't 'ad a bad one yet.

We've booked anuvver gig this week too. Nice one to Lee M for puttin' us on the bill for his Bank 'Oliday Monday all dayer at The Kings Arms in Acton, W. London on May 31st. The full bill is not yet confirmed but likely paricipants at this stage are U.K SUBS, ARGY BARGY, RIOT/CLONE, VAS DEFERENS and also Chipshop's side 'project' wiv Barnet Mark VIVA LAS VEGAS. More details about this as I get 'em.

Our old muckers ACACIA AVENUE have been added to the bill for our gig at the 12 Bar Club for March 6th. Barnet says him and Chipshop might grace the stage wiv their presence an' all....Gawd 'elp us!!

Thanks to Bjorn E for sendin' through some photos of our recent gig in Oslo. I'll put some up tomorrer when I revamp the PHOTOS page...got a bit of catchin' up to do there. Frankie 'as complained that there ain't enough of him lookin' beautiful so he's demanded I put a load from 'is own personal Oi! The Supermodel collection.....also got some from recent gigs too.

Right, that's your lot for now...

January 14th

Well, we're anuvver week closer to our trip to the States and we've got anuvver show confirmed. Sunday 21st March sees us in New Jersey. We've confirmed the show at Connections in Passaic NJ with THE RESTARTS from London. Other support should be from DEAD HEROS (NJ) and hopefully THE NY REL-X. The bill has to be fully confirmed but it's a goer. It should be a quality night an' all as the Brits take on the Yanks at punk and street rock'n'roll.

THE MIDNIGHT CREEPS have confirmed for the Providence RI show, but The Roachenders have unfortunately pulled out. Two other bands to be confirmed there. I'll let you know as soon as Jeff fills me in wiv the details. This will be a launch party for the Creeps' new split E.P with our own CAPO REGIME

Support at the 12 Bar Club gig on March 6th is lookin' like bein' from our old muckers ACACIA AVENUE

Check the GIGS page for all the latest news.

Not much else to report really. We're in the process of sortin' out some tour t-shirts for the US trip and we've got anuvver band meetin' tonight to see how everyfink is progressin'. We'll be bookin' some rehearsals for the end of this month and the end of next month to re-adjust the set for this next bunch of gigs and to make sure we ain't forgotten the bleedin' songs.

More tomorrer...

Well, it's still today, so just a little bit more news wot's come out of tonight's chinwag.

First orf, Frankie has said e's unavailable for any more gigs in April, so we won't be doin' nuffink else apart from that long weekend from 22nd April til 25th April. More news on that weekend when I get it. In the meantime 'e's bin sent packin' to sort out a U.S Tour t-shirt design. We're toying wiv turnin' the Statue of Liberty into a Pearly Queen and callin' it Cockney Rockers in the U.S.A 2004. Ha bleedin' ha.

We've confirmed the line up for the New Jersey show. It's not THE NY REL-X who're playin' but its THE KRAYS. Sorry about that. Big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Adi from PUNKNITE for her 'elp wiv that. Nice one!!!

Check out this flippin' excellent review of the new album by Adam at Gang Up webzine from Washington D.C. 'E certainly don't mince 'is words. Nice one mate!!!

We're still workin' on distribution an' all. I've got to talk to a feller in a sec about U.S distro. I'll also be talkin' to a geezer about U.K distro tomorrer and I've been in conversation wiv a chap I know about Japanes distro too. Cor Blimey it's all go innit?

Toodle pip

January 8th

Well, I finally got round to bookin' the flights to America at about 1 o'clock this mornin'. So that's it, we've got to bleedin' go now....whether they like it or not. Leavin' 4 p.m on March 11th and gettin' 'ome at about 8 p.m on March 23rd...if we're still alive!!!

I'm still workin' on the New Jersey show...got a bit of a hiccup there. It's already booked out to another London punk band would you believe...THE RESTARTS...and I'm tryin' to get 'old of the promoter to see if she'll put us on the same bill. My sources reckon wiv both bands on the same night it'll be one of the best gigs they've 'ad in NJ for a long time...but we've obviously gotta run it past Adi and the other bands first. More news when it 'appens.

I've put some more details of the U.S gigs on the GIGS page. We've secured New Jersey herberts DEAD HEROS (NJ) for our support at the Ithaca NY show. They'll also play at any New Jersey show we do, and we're workin' to get 'em on at the Providence and Albany shows.

The other thing to come out of our mini band meetin' (mini, as in Chipshop not bein' there) last night was the fact that we might have to do some shufflin' wiv April's gigs. Frankie 'as got to check 'is work schedule, and until we get a green light from 'im, the only confirmed April shows will be the ones around the Hartlepool All Dayer weekend. One possible development on that is that we might go for a gig in Leeds on the Thursday (22nd) instead of somewhere on the North East coast. It was just somethin' I was discussin' wiv that fine gent Lee M. but we won't know til that fruitcake Sweeney from THE DEAD PETS returns from 'is present jaunt to Boston MA. Check out their excellent website, by the way...especially the Pie Recipe Page . Nice one!!!!

Talkin' of pies, I've added a much belated bit onto the YOBGRUB page. Tomorrow I'm gonna do some more to the PHOTOS page and ACE'S SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR.

Toodle pip....

January 7th

Well bugger me if it ain't 2004. Happy New Year to you all, me old chinas. 'Ere's 'opin' you 'ad a good 'oliday and didn't eat as much old cack as I did...I've 'ad to pop meself on a temporary diet for a couple of weeks to get into me strides.

I've just 'ad a butchers down the start of this page and it's bin goin' since April 2002. Blimey...it's about time we done somethin' decent then I spose....

Well, what's bin 'appenin' then, you may ask...well, the big news is that we've nearly sorted out our Amercian dates which were cancelled last year due to well moody prices for air fares. We're gonna fly out on March 11th and return on March 23rd. We're 100% confirmed on the support for the mighty DROPKICK MURPHYS gig in Boston MA for March 14th now....that is gonna be an absolute bleedin' belter....2,400 people all chuckin' stuff at us...ha ha ha. Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Mr. Kelly for all he's done wiv sortin' out that show for us. Also more Cheers Gawd Bless Yers to:- Lance, B-Lo, Aaron, Chris, Mariane, Jeff, JJ, Ethan and Adam.

If anyone else Stateside can 'elp wiv any shows in the remainin' gaps please get in touch...we'd appreciate it. We're lookin' to confirm a show very soon in New Jersey for March 21st, but we'd like somethin' in NYC for March 19th or 20th. The other 2 gaps are March 15th and March 16th. Nice one.

We've also confirmed this week a show at THE 12 BAR CLUB in London for March 6th. Well done to Barnet for that one. It's the same night as THE DROPKICKS MURPHYS are playin' the Astoria up the old frog, so come down and see us afterwards....see how it's done properly ha ha. Barnet 'as mentioned support comin' from 'im and Chipshop's Elvis covers band...yet to confirm...Gawd 'elp us!!!!

Other gig news for March is we're orf back to Bruges to finally play at DE KASTELEIN on March 27th. It's bin on and orf for ages this one, but we finally nailed it down. Support is unconfirmed at the moment, but it will consist of a French, a Belgian and a German band we've bin told. There 'as also bin rumours of SHEFFIELD DAVE tryin' to organise a bit of a beano over there for the gig from our side of the swanny. If anyone is up for it he can be contacted via the most childish and puerile message board on the web at the Oi!4England Website. Nice one Steve!!!!

The day after we're at DE KASTELEIN, we're orf to play out very first ever gig in Holland in Hengelo. 'Opefully see some of you there.

Check out the GIGS page for the latest gig news.

Also on the gig front, 'ere's a quick plug for our Jock muckers ON FILE. They're bravely tryin' to follow in our footsteps by playin' in Finland courtesy of Jani and the boys. They've been told of the sauna challenge and we don't expect the present SUPERYOB record to be beaten. THE WARRIORS managed one person wiv undies on and we managed two persons stark bleedin' bollock naked (wiv twig batterin' an' all!!!). Trouble is, in winter time them Finnish nutters go for a roll around in the snow afterwards...ha ha good luck boys...I bet they don't even get one in there...

Don't forget to check out the FINLAND page for our story of our trip there.


The new GHETTO BLASTER CD is sellin' well....cheers to everyone who's bought it so far...if anyone 'as comments on the album, feel free to drop us a line at streetrockalbumofthecentury@superyob.com . We've 'ad a few sent orf to places in France, Belgium and the U.S.A and we're workin' on proper established U.K distribution as well as in Germany and the U.S.A. Takes time these fings, so I'll keep you updated. You can always get a copy 'ere though:- MERCH

Check out the REVIEWS page for the first few reviews which 'ave come in about the new album.


Coupla uvver bits and pieces 'ere for yers:-

This link is to a US webzine called SINKHOLE wot 'Aystacks and the Frank-Meister done an interview for a few months ago. It was done by Stephanie, who is none uvver than the girlfriend of Greig...ex-ON FILE bass chap. Nice one Steph....



This link is to a review of a gig we played at Bulli's in Chemnitz in Germany as part of our Deutschland expedition last Easter. One for our German speakin' chums....if anyone could 'elp us wiv a translation I'd be grateful.



This link is to an interview wot 'Aystacks did for Washington DC webzine GANG UP just before New Year. It's a new web-based version of an established 'zine dedicated to US punk, Oi!, Street Rock and HC. Nice one Adam.....



I've got a bit of time off work at the moment so you should see plenty of new stuff on the site within the next week or so. I'm also up to me spuds in sortin' this USA fing, so bear wiv me.....

Nice one!!!!


December 16th

Well, bugger me has that really bin a bleedin' month nearly since I wrote summink? Sorry about that chaps, bin a bit blinkin' busy...gotta keep this Superyob show on the road you know.


Yup, it's finally out...after a year and a half of no-one wantin' to know and much fannyin' about , we finally got our arse in gear and got GHETTO BLASTER released. Relieved? Not 'arf....

Well, we got the album launched good and proper at The Bull and Gate at the end of November. Top night it was an' all. Despite Acacia Avenue tryin' to bollocks it all up by being two and an 'alf hours late wiv the backline, the whole fing went really well. Cheers to the 'Avenue, The Lillettes and to Aceface for backing us up at the do. Special mention to The Lillettes for all 5 of them (including the new feller on the bass) managing to resist the urge to get hold of Chipshop in the backstage area...he was oozin' wiv charm that night I tell yers. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to the Finnish contingent who came over for the show as well. They drank me out of bleedin' 'ouse and 'ome, but well done chaps....nice one!!! Hope the hooter's feelin' better Jani.For those of you who chose to go to WASTED...your loss kids....though I heard Deadline were good.

Well, we've been sendin' out promos of the new album and initial response 'as bin good. Fave songs appear to be 'Vicious Circle', 'Love Us Hate Us' and 'Heartbreak Bridge'. We've 'ad a few reviews in...soon as I get a decent wad of 'em I'll luzz 'em up on the REVIEWS page...you try and bleedin' stop me. Copies are now available through Pure Impact I believe, and also from Pete at Groove Records and the Hit Shop in Bruges. Mr Kelly has taken some in Boston MA and will be takin' some more soon. Discussions regardin' further US distribution is still ongoin'....watch this space for details. Further European distro will also be soon forthcomin' when I wade through Herve's contacts (nice fella that Herve...)

Don't forget the album is available through us 'ere at Yob Towers..see MERCH page for details. Get those orders floodin' in....we've had only one cheque bounce so far....soon as Frankie tells me the feller's name I'll put it up 'ere to name and shame the scoundrel....

We were payin' in Norway last week at the annual Oslo Skins Juleblot, which is a 2-day Christmas gig/piss up. Top bloody weekend I tell yer....if you ever want an expensive pint though, get your arse over to Norway...flamin' nora...we paid nearly six quid for a pint of Guinness in a boozer in Oslo...OUCH!!

Massive 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Bjorn Erik and Silje for putting us up and putting up with us. Chipshop's arse was on the most deadliest of form the whole weekend....I can only apologise...."CAAAAKE"

Also thanks to Bjorn A. for his help with the event, the boys behind the bar at The Caven, The Whalers, Oi! Division, A Case of Pride and those nutters from Haggis. Big 'Nice One!!!!' to the boys and girls in the DEADLINE barmy army...especially James for services to insomnia.....see you all again soon.

There'll be a write up of the weekend at some point....some juicy snippets....Ace cuttin' a rug on the dance floor...Chipshop and his new chat up technique....playin' a gig in a nuclear fall out shelter......etc etc etc

Gigs....we've got 'em. We're in the process of plannin' our promo gigs for the album for next March/April. Not a lot fully confirmed as yet but we're lookin' at a London gig first weekend of March followed by our re-arranged jaunt to the U.S.A in mid March. Two shows confirmed there...one of which is a support to the mighty DROPKICK MURPHY'S at one of there St Patrick's weekend shows in Boston MA on March 14th. We're lookin' at a trip involving dates in France, Belgium and Holland in late March and also a long weekend in the UK takin' in Merseyside, Scotland, Hartlepool (confirmed all-dayer) and Stockport towards the end of April. We might even try and squeeze a couple of shows in in Germany too. All these and more shows should be confirmed soon. Soon as they are, I'll update the GIGS page with everythin'.

Check out the new page about our trip to Finland here.... IT'S SAUNA ROCK'N'ROLL BUT I LIKE IT

Right, I'm knackered....orf to me bed....I'll fill you in wiv some more news at the weekend...



November 19th

Well, 'ere we are then...a couple of days before the next SUPERYOB show and release of the new album. It's come round pretty quick in th end...all that anticipation and now we're nearly there. Frankie is orf to pick up the CDs tomorrow from the supplier and come Sunday we'll be ready to stuff 'em into your sweaty little mitts....after the fair exchange of the ackers of course....

We've had plenty of enquiries from around the world. We're just in the process of gettin' some to that jolly nice chap Peter at Pure Impact. Contact him via http://www.pure-impact.com and track down your copy that way. We've bin talking to a couple of places Stateside too. That fine fellow Mr. Rainey at TKO Records has chipped in with some contacts, Ethan at Reality Clash Records has shown some interest and also Josh at Cargo has been onto us too. Couple that with some assistance from our good friend MK over there in Boston and we should be spreadin' the word fairly quickly. I'll confirm surefire availability as it happens...

Talkin' of Boston, we're almost there wiv the first couple of shows bein' booked for our resceduled U.S visit. That fine citizen Lancey-Boy from Tommy & The Terrors has been doin' some sortin' on our behalf in MKs absence and we're lookin' at March 12th or 13th for a Boston show at a new club called Dee-Dees. Once that's certain we'll fill in the gaps either side of it. Also chatted to JJ today from New Jersey herberts Dead Heros who's keen to sort us a show wv 'em in their neck of the woods. We're also liaisin' wiv Rhode Island chaps The Roachenders about doin' some shows wiv us too. It's all excitin' bleedin' stuff.....more news as I 'ave it.

We've got our pre-launch party band practice tonight. We'll be discussin' plans for other shows for next year. We've proposed settin' aside March and April for doin' gigs to promote the album. Apart from America we're lookin' at a return to Bruges for a gig at Die Kastelein (saw some of the Belgian lads on Saturday....they still like a beer!!!), a show in Hengelo in East Holland, a return trip to Bonnie Scotland to play with On File ,a couple of shows back in Germany and a merry jaunt around England (and also perhaps our first gig in Wales). Thanks to Lee M. for his help and contacts with potential gigs....nice one mate!!!

All that leaves me to say is ....see you on Sunday...be there prompt.... first band (the marvellous ACEFACE ) will be on around 7-ish....

Oh, and be prepared for the unveilin' of a new Frankie Flame artistic masterpiece....arf arf...


October 27th

Well, we're annuver week closer to the release of the album. We've set the mail order price from us 'ere at £8.50 including P&P for U.K orders. If you're from overseas and you want a copy (and you'd be bleedin' daft not to) drop us a line at thatnewalbumlooksspiffing@superyob.com and we'll let you know the cost to bung it out to wherever you're 'idin'.

We'll 'appily take advance orders right now.....

It will be available for 8 quid at gigs and we'll luzz in a free pin badge while stocks of 'em last.

Don't forget that the first place you'll be able to get one will be at the WAISTED LAUNCH PARTY.

See GIGS page for details.

First gig of 2004 is confirmed. It'll be a StreetPunk all dayer at The Studio in Hartlepool also featuring On File, Scum, Crashed Out, 4 Past Midnight and others to be confirmed. Date of that is April 24th. So pogo away your St. George's day hangovers wiv us up there on Teeside. More details when we get 'em.

I've started the ball rollin'about U.S dates too. The first, very tentative proposed touchdown up there in Boston is for the second week in March. This is all unconfirmed but I'm waiting for some feedback from the guys on the ground over there and we should have some positive news soon.

Our mate Per from Sweden has just bunged up a website wiv a collection of photos wot e's taken at Punk and Oi! gigs over here in recent months. Check 'em out at www.worldisround.com/home/obledut/ .

Just a quick reminder that you can catch ACEFACE at their last gig before WAISTED at The Kings Arms in The Vale in Acton, West London this Saturday 1st Nov.


October 21st

Right-O, 'ere's the cover art I promised you...all very mean and moody innit.

In the absence of dear, departed Hammer Records we are now Underground London Records' first artistes. Long may it continue. As ever, a huge 'Cheers, Gawd Bless Yer...here's to rock'n'roll...yee-oww' to the mighty Degz at Cray Designs. If anyone needs some serious artwork done for CDs, websites or whatever, 'e is most certainly the chap.

We're 'avin' a meetin' tomorrow to discuss markettin' of the album. We'll also set a mail order price for those of you who wanna order directly from us. We've 'ad a few people offer 'elp wiv distribution so far...if anyone else 'as contacts worldwide. we'd be well chuffed to hear from you. Once we 'ave solid distro set up we'll let you all know where you can get the album all over the world ('opefully!!!). Watch this space..

Got a few sniffs of gigs for next year comin' in already. As anyfink gets finalised I'll let yers know.

If anyone fancies it, 'ead on down to The Beacon Court Tavern in Gillingham, Kent on November 15th for a night of top quality entertainment. You've got Section 5, On File, Headcase, Badlands and Riot Squad. Can't argue with that. We can't miss out on the chance to 'ave an ale or two wiv our chums from Norf of the border and also Tosh and the boys....see you there. Chipshop has announced he'll be gettin' right on the piss that night...local kebab shops 'ave been made aware.

Full address is 128 Canterbury St, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5TP. Tel: 01634 853186


October 16th

Well, we finally bleedin' did it. The new album GHETTO BLASTER went orf to the factory. We finally thrashed out the artwork on Tuesday round at Degz's (cor blimey, that geezer 'as the patience of a saint I tell yer!!) and Ace and Frankie took the finished article down there yesterday. And very 'andsome it looks too...lots of luvverly photos and all the lyrics in there too. We've bin told it should take 3-4 weeks to come back. Thats well 'andy, cos that'll fit in just nicely wiv our release party at The Bull & Gate in London's Kentish Town on November 23rd (see GIGS). Not only can yers come along and lay yer mitts on the new 'Yob album but you can also see 'em live in the company of three other splendid acts (Don't forget Aceface are playin' too!!) You know it makes sense!!!!!

We'll of course be sellin' the album through the site. Price is T.B.A, but it'll be a chuffin' bargain whatever, so don't worry about that!! I'll stick a bit up on the MERCH page as soon as Degz gets back from 'is 'ols and e-mails me a finished cover picture. See below for track listin'

Anyone wishin' to discuss distro e-mail us at youbetyourbollocksiwanttogetholdofthenewsuperyobalbum@superyob.com

Anyone who gets 'old of the album and has the good sense to want to review it, let us 'ave 'em....go on, don't be shy.

See yers at the launch party......

October 7th

Blimey, where's all this year goin'? I had to jaunt back to 'Olland again and now it's bleedin' October all of a sudden. It's got cold an' all innit? I never caught up with the feller in 'Olland but I've got some more chances comin' up to get 'old of 'im.

We're talkin' about gigs for next year now already. Bin chattin' to those nice chaps Ian and Lee from the Rifleman about a South London spectacular they're planning for next Easter Bank 'Oliday...gotta book early. Also that fine man Sheffield Dave has been trackin' down some venues up there in the wilds of Yorkshire for us to play on our occasional Yob Weekend Breaks. We've bin invited back to a few we've played this year and also we have to re-schedule some that never 'appened.

I've started the ball rollin' for the re-jigged U.S dates. I've asked me 'Yob chums MK and Lancey Boy to try to confirm a date in Boston for mid-March time. With one show definitely booked, we can then get our other chums back on board and start organising a proper block of gigs. I'll keep you informed.

Album wise, we're still hoping to gt it done ready for floggin' at out London WAISTED show on November 23rd. Ace and Degz 'ave been doin' some more on the artwork and Frankie 'as bin called in for some 'artistic guidance'....well, he went to art school didn't he....all that should be done within' the next week or so. The final mastered version of the album is sittin' 'ere in my clammy mitts right now. The full runnin' order is:-

'THE PUNK' - trademark spoken word Superyob intro vignette.

'GHETTO BLASTER' - Singalong title track....already a live fave....the new punk irony as it really is...

'BANG TO RIGHTS' - Story book saga of everyday life on the Costa Del Crime....a classic..

'TOWER BLOCKS & TENEMENTS' - Fast as you like tirade against inner city decay.....

'VICIOUS CIRCLE' - The massive electric version of the acoustic tale of real life and the desperation it entails...

'HEARTBREAK BRIDGE' - Brick wall of guitars leads you through a tale of growing up on the South London streets...

'SMACKTRASH' - Heavy duty soundtrack to a heavy duty message...don't do it....

'FRIDAY ON MY MIND' - Big guitar treatment with a huge singalong chorus in this rework of The Easybeats tune....

'UGLY BURGER' - Quirky tale of everyone's favourite fast food...

'KIDS ARE ALRIGHT?' - Ironic pop-tastic inquest into where we are today...with a history lesson to boot....

'BIG BROTHER' - A charged and angry reaction to legalized snooping and reality TV...

'BOX O' LIGHTS' - Eerie disturbing tale of arson, death and destruction.....

'LOVE US HATE US' - Pub rock...Glam rock...Punk rock...Streetrock...sing with us....you are us.....


It's bin a long time comin'....we're certainly looking forward to hearin' wot you fink about it....


September 28th

'Ello 'ello 'ello...back from 'Olland, where I've bin workin'....trying to sort out a Yob gig or 2 while I'm over there...gotta meet up with a feller next week cos I've got to go bleedin' back again tomorrow. Just to let you know that the artwork for the new album is gettin' done this week...Degz 'as got his work cut out....

Heard confirmation that Deadline are definitely playin' wiv us at The Juleblot in Norway in December....should be a crackin' weekend I reckon.

Sorry for gettin' behind wiv me e-mails....if anyone has made any enquiries about merch etc then I'll get round to it this comin' weekend...promise. Frankie is also away at the moment so once I get this poxy overseas work out of the way, I'll be back on the case..


September 14th

Just a quickie boys and girls....'ad a bit of a strange night last night. Sposed to be doin' some Aceface stuff wiv the UK SUBS over in West London, but half of the band never made it. Now, wiv Chipshop in attendance it was obvious really....do an impromptu Superyob gig as a 3-piece. Ace on drums, Chippie on borrowed bass and huge thirst and Haystacks on borrowed everyfink and vocals, it was a disaster waitin' to 'appen....except that it wasn't...it was actually a jolly crackin' wheeze...and all under the banner of SUPERSLOB...ha ha. Well done to Stuart for getting up and singing Running Riot and bad show all round to the Hounslow boys for all developin' sore throats and memory loss when asked to join in the singin' duties. Cheers to Mickey Monkey, Emergency and the Subs for the use of the gear...cor blimey!!!! Special mention for Chipshop who turned up only to have a beer and support his fellow Yobs....he ended up doin' a gig and havin' the entire band free bar tab all on his Jack....he was last spotted by Ace at 10 to 2 downin' double brandy and cokes like they were goin' out of fashion...and pissed as a bleedin' cricket....

I'm orf workin' abroad for 2 weeks as of tomorrow so no updates til I get back....

ta ra

September 9th

Well, we 'ad our little meetin' last night and here is what we've decided:- we're gonna release the Ghetto Blaster album ourselves. Seein' as no-one in the scene is willin' to invest in what is undoubtedly the album of the decade so far, we're gonna stop messin' about and do it off our own back....

Our deadline is to have everyfink ready for production within the next month. Ace and Frankie have a little bit of post-production work to do in the studio:- we've taken one track out of the original Ghetto Blaster sessions (which may soon be released in all it's original glory on a compilation album.....watch this space...) and replaced it with a cover version we did during the 'How Does it Feel' sessions. I'll post the full revised track list as soon as they've done and dusted in the studio.

Degzy-boy at CRAY DESIGNS has been commissioned to finish off the artwork and then it's orf to the plant for release by the time of our WAISTED gig on November 23rd.

It's been a long time comin' we can tell yers....we can't wait for the release...

Frankie gave a merch report....still plenty of goodies left kids, so get down to the MERCH page for what we've got knockin' about...Frankie found the last box of Machine Guns & Alcohol CDs we've got...so I'd get in there quick if I was you...

We also had some new photos presented to us last night too....we've had a load from Finland (cheers Jani....how's the missus?) and a few hundred from Degz which we've got to trawl through to select the best for the album artwork, some gig flyers and also for the PICS page. There are some corkers of Chipshop and Haystacks fresh from the sauna in Finland which are sure to have all you girls in a state of excitement I can assure you (none of Ace and Frankie tho', they ran off to bed when the sauna was heatin' up....) I'll try and get some of them up tomorrow.

Just a quickie about ACEFACE......they're playing a few shows this weekend and they've just released their excellent new single Oxbridge Boys/A Day in the Life....trust me, it's a fuckin' blinder....



September 8th

Wotcha all....'ow's it 'angin'? Well, we finished orf August wiv a bang...a top night playin' wiv the Rejects in Coventry. It was a top hole evenin'...good to see plenty of familiar faces and the bands were all excellent....specially the Rejects. Ta to Lee M. and Jim B. for sortin' us the gig for us at short notice...

We played 6 shows in August...our most concentrated month ever....shame about the USA thing...but that would have probably killed us...fanx to everyone who came out to see us..nice one!!!

Anyway, onto the future. Our next UK gig will not be til 23rd November when we're doin' our own show in conjunction wiv that nice chap Phil at Bull & Gate promotions.We're callin' it WAISTED..just wait il you see the promo photos...cor blimey guv'ner...it'll all become clear. It's at The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, London NW5 and features us, new happenin' Mod/Punk darlings ACEFACE, recent 'Yob support act ACACIA AVENUE and those glamourous queens of trash THE LILLETTES.

We reckon we've put on a diverse and well entertainin' bill....and all for a bleedin' fiver..can't say fairer than that eh?

Hope to see a lot of you out for that one...

Our other confirmed gig in on December 12th in Oslo in Norway. It's for the Juleblot, which is the annual Chrsitmas jolly up organised by the Oslo skins. We're headlinin' on the Friday night and also playin' over the course of the weekend will be Deadline, The Whalers, Oi! Division and Case of Pride.

We've also been approached to do a gig in France for November, but nothing confirmed just as yet.

Ace and Frankie 'ave just turned up and we're gonna have a quick band meetin' to do a bit of plannin' for the next few months....another update tomorrow to let yers know wot went on....

September 7th

Just a quickie......we're not now playing the Wasted Festival in November....see the GIGS page for what we're doing instead.

More news tomorrow.


August 19th

Got some bleedin' crackin' news for yers....Frankie confirmed wiv me tonight that we're supporting street punk legends THE COCKNEY REJECTS at The Jailhouse in Coventry on Saturday August 30th. We're well chuffed about this, I tell yer. Frankie's got a bit of history, wot wiv the Rejects boys doin' production on some of 'is early stuff. See GIGS page for flyer etc

The gig at The Drum and Monkey in Ipswich is most definitely off......a couple of people 'ave asked me about it. It's still listed on a coupleof websites apparently. We're hoping to re-schedule that one for later in the year.

We're orf to Finland on Thursday...I'll tell you all about it when we get back....

Toodle pip


August 12th

Shiver me bleedin' timbers me hearties, if we ain't returned safe and sound from a couple of weekends of Yob gigs.

The gig in Barrow in Furness was excellent fun. It was a long old trot, but thoroughly worthwhile...we 'ad a great night. All the travel arrangements went to plan and everything. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Col at Unity for the gig and the kip afterwards, Jools for the sound, Dai at Healey's and the support bands 12 Ft Machete and Nana's Revenge. We've been asked back and will ceratinly be making the trip again.

The Rigger gig was an absolute sweatbox of a show. The attendance was bit low, but we found out why. There was another venue just down the road that was closing that night and they were doing all drinks for a quid. Not only that, there was a Scooter Rally on for the weekend just outside of town. Not only that, Buff the promoter was having his 40th birthday piss up down the road and took all the regulars with him. Not only that, local boy made good Robbie Williams was live in concert on the telly too. No wonder it was a bit quiet...we did a good show tho' and big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Captain Buff, Matt the soundman and support bands Acacia Avenue and Hung Like Hanratty (who were fuckin' mental...check them out...). Also cheers to Tosh from Section 5 for making the show and taking us to his local afterwards for a whopping great lock in.

Last Saturday at The Rifleman was an even sweatier experience...I thought I was gonna bleedin' die, I tell yer. It was one of those great spur of the moment nights. Again, the crowd was not massive, but it turned into a right old jolly...a classic Superyob show in fact. Chipshop was moving bedsit so didn't turn up until 10 minutes after we were sposed to go on. I think everyone who was there really enjoyed themselves. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Lee & Ian for the gig, Frode for the sound and support bands The Stand-Ins and B Plan. Also hello to Glenn...nice to see you were sober enough to talk to me this time....ha ha ha.

I'll do some proper write ups of these within the next week or so and whack 'em up on the GIGS page.

I've done a couple of additions to the YOBGRUB page and Frankie has added a couple of gems for his POSTCARDS page for your perusal......see you next time.

STOP PRESS:- We're down to our last few 'Machine Guns & Alcohol' CDs, so get in quick if you want one...check the MERCHANDISE page for details. All the 'Aggrophobia' CDs have sold out. Bout time we released a new album by the sounds of it.......


July 29th

'Ello 'ello 'ello. I've 'ad a bit of feedback from our muckers in the States. They weren't as pissed orf as they 'ad every right to be, and they all still want to get involved with re-shedulin' some shows for us. At the moment. I'm gonna go for March. Apparently, any time before that and the weather in the North East is a bit taters like.....it didn't 'alf bleedin' snow when I was out there in February I tell yers. I'll keep you informed.....big Cheers Gawd bless Yer to MK, Lancey Boy, B-Lo, Bob, Ethan, Chris & JJ for your help so far gents....we're lookin' forward to seein' you all.

We've had our slot at the WASTED show in London moved from the Saturday to the Sunday......funny that....

We've added another support to our gig at The Rigger this Saturday. Scum are breaking in a new bass player and have had to pull out. However, we've replaced them with a fine trashy pop/punk outfit from Sheffield called Acacia Avenue. Check out some of their tunes on www.acaciaavenue.com.

Scum will still be playing with us at The Rifleman gig tho' on August 9th.

As it says on our MERCH page, we've run out of 'AGGROPHOBIA' CDs. If anyone knows of a source where these can still be tracked down, can you drop us a line at icanstilltrackdownthatstreetrockbleedinmasterpiece@superyob.com

We still requests for 'em, so if we can point people in the right direction we'll all be 'appy....apart from me, cos I ain't even got one.

Hope to see some of you out and about over the next few weeks.


July 22nd

Right, I've got a fair bit of news to catch up on so 'ere we jolly well go. First orf, we've decided to postpone the gigs in the U.S of A. This is 'cos of 2 reasons:- firstly we only ended up 'avin' 4 dates confirmed and the cost involved to ourselves was likely to be about 2 grand. Wiv only 4 shows to play, we would be runnin' at a serious loss. Airfares at this time of year are 2½ times more than colder months, so we've proposed to re-schedule for Feb/March of next year. I've communicated individually wiv the guys who were 'elpin' us over there, and we're 'opin' they'll help us wiv our re-planning. Our apologies to all our friends Stateside who'd lent a hand and shown interest. We'll do our best to get out there early next year.

We've also had to cancel our show booked at The Drum & Monkey in Ipswich for August 30th. This was at the request of the guv'ner. The mighty 'Ammers are playin' the Tractor Boys the same evenin' and the local Old Bill are anticipatin' trouble in the boozers close to the ground and the railway station. We'll definitely re-schedule this too, 'cos the guv'ner's well keen to have us up there. Apologies to support band Lady In The Radiator for messin' em about and to everyone else who helped us wiv that one. We'll let you know when we get anuvver date.

All this buggerin' about means that we've managed to sneak in a date at The Rifleman in Hounslow, West London on August 9th. Support will be from SPITTING DUMMIES from Manchester and Huddersfield's finest SCUM (t.b.c)

We're also playin' at Healey's Bar in Barrow In Furness on August 1st and at The Rigger in Newcastle Under Lyme on August 2nd.

The gig in Finland on August 23rd is till a goer too...even if we 'ave got a chuffin' 10 hour wait in Sweden thanks to Ryan Bastard Air. I've travelled wiv 'em 3 times. The first time I went to Sweden and me luggage went to Ireland, the second time they lost me and Chipshop's guitars and now they present us wiv this poxy stopover in a cowshed airport in the middle of some soddin' forest. We might have tracked down some chums to go and visit while we're there though, so it might not be too bad. Ryan Air are still cack tho'.

We've also bin booked to play at the WASTED 2-day festival at The Camden Underworld in London on November 22nd/23rd. We're playing on the Sunday. This is one of the new breed of shows being undertaken by Daz and Jennie of H.I.T.S fame. Other bands playing over the weekend include:-ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE, ABRASIVE WHEELS, DEADLINE, BEERZONE, BLOOD OR WHISKEY, DEMOB & THE VARUKERS.

Check the GIGS page for a review of where we are wiv the latest gig schedule.

ACEFACE 'ave also bin busy. Check out gig and release news on www.aceface.org.

'Ave a mooch around the rest of the site.....I've done a few bits and pieces.

See you on our travels.


June 25th

We've got 'em...we've finally bleedin' got 'em. The singles are here kids....all wiv nice shiny covers and 2 stonkin' great lumps of Street Rock'n'Roll. Not only that they're instant collectors items too....Udo at SCREWED UP RECORDS managed to get the labels on the wrong sides, so they're all arse about face.....yet another reason to get 'old of one of the little buggers. If anyone is interested in taking larger numbers off Udo, I'm sure he'd be interested. Contact him at screwedup@t-online.de and I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from yers.


See the MERCH page for details of how you can get 'em.

Other little bits of news:- we're still awaitin' confirmation of 4 more dates in the States in August. One of these is a possible all dayer type Festival mularky just north of Boston on August 16th. I've 'ad a word in the shell like of the promoter and 'e's gonna let us know soon as.

The big London show I mentioned before will be on the 18th October, if it 'appens. I've gotta keep schtum at the moment cos nuffink is confirmed...just waitin' on the 'eadline band.

Latest sniff of gigs we've 'ad is in Russia...cor blimey!!! A geezer contacted me 'bout goin' over there when 'e see we was playin' in Finland, which is just down the old frog, like.I've investigated travel and visas and wot have yer....we'll see how it goes. If it's anyfink like me normal sniffs, some bleeder blows 'is 'ooter and that's that.

Hope you all enjoyed 'ITS. Shame we weren't there. We was asked, but Frankie couldn't make it cos 'e's gorn ravin' and misbehavin' in Ibiza. No, 'e 'as, honest. I've told 'im to send me a postcard...it's bin a while. We're booked in for the 'Olidays In The Smoke fing for this year on November 22nd at The Underworld in Camden Town, London. More details of the bands etc when I get 'em.


June 8th

Just updated a couple of details on the GIGS page. We should have the singles this week...soon as we get our skates on down to the P.O Box and have a butchers....I'll let you know. We're awaitin' confirmation of a big London show for November......should have this for yers this week too. Sorry it's a bit quiet....Frankie's orf on 'is travels at the moment and 'is work commitments mean it's gonna be a bit quiet for a wee while....

May 27th

'Ere...just to let you know the single is still due to be wiv us on June 5th/6th. I've bunged some stuff over to Udo for 'is website www.screwedup.de so there should be our ugly mugs all over it within the next week. I've just got a CD full of photos from Hedgy....from our gigs with ON FILE over the last couple of years...and some from our 12 Bar Club gig earlier this year. I'll whack 'em up when I get a chance. Couple of sniffs of gigs.....one in Spain perhaps, a couple in London and maybe one in Germany.

May 24th

Just a quickie, me old chinas...we've bin told by Udo that we should be seein' the first copies of the single knockin' about on June 5th/June 6th....so get yer advance requests in now....spoke to Matt K earlier....'e's trying to sort out wiv Udo about gettin' some copies in the shops over on the East Coast USA.....never fear, we'll 'ave copies to flog tho'.

A couple more US gigs up on the GIGS page....other irons in the fire for later in the year are a return trip back to Sheffield: perhaps playin' wiv them well ugly bleeders Resistance 77, a couple of London shows: bringin' them ugly bleeders On File down away from their haggis worrying, a special London show suportin' one of THE great StreetRock bands, and a trip over to Die Kastelein in Belgium to see our chums over there.

Toodle pip

May 13th

Wotcha one an' all.....just a quickie. I've bunged loads of new snaps up on the PICS page. Check 'em out.

Here's a flyer for our new single which should be available at the end of May on Screwed Up Records. Keep 'em peeled for when it's available. We'll 'ave some up for grabs on the MERCH page.

Try to ignore the fact that those bleedin' sheep worriers ON FILE are on 'ere too. Our single is much better than there's and we can 'old our beer 'an all. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Udo at Screwed Up for doin' the biz.

Got an addition to the POSTCARDS page.....cheers Jani.

Got a few gigs to tell yers all about....see the GIGS page.

ACEFACE have got a gig this Saturday May 17th at The Rifleman in Hounslow playing with Mod Punk legends of old LONG TALL SHORTY. Check out www.aceface.org for details.

I've got some more LINKS to add shortly and we're workin' on the first installment of Haystacks Boston Diary. The fat chuff 'as also said he'll be doin' a Deutschland Diary too...some bleedin' 'ope..don't hold yer breath.

We're in the rehearsal studio tomorrow knockin' around a few additions to the set for later in the year. A couple of oldies and a couple of newies.



April 23rd

Greetin's me old muckers.Happy St. George's Day. Just to let you know we're all alive and well after our German jaunt. 4 gigs wiv those gay Scotsmen, On File, shedloads of beer and millions of bleedin' miles on the German autobahns. There will be a Deutschland Diary of course, wiv loads of pics....when I get round to doin' it. I've bin a lazy git, I know....I've got so much to do it makes me chuffin' bonce hurt, I tell yers.

News-wise:- single should be out next month...we met Udo from Screwed Up Records when we were in Germany and he seems a spot on sort of geezer..availablity details as soon as we've got our grubby mitts on 'em. Got a few dates confirmed and we're 'opin' to nail down some confrmed US shows for mid August very soon. Big cheers to Ethan, Bob and Lancey-Boy for the work they're doin' there. We've set aside August to really put ourselves about. We plan to be doing shows in the UK on August 1st and 2nd, shows in America August 7th to 17th, a show in Finland on August 23rd and another show in Ipswich on August 30th. Keep 'em peeled on the GIGS page for confirmations as they come in.

All the AGGROPHOBIA CDs have now sold out.

Had a few interestin' nibbles about the album....nuffink concrete as yet, nudge nudge wink wink....

Fings to go up soon:- Photos from the Sheffield gig, Boston Diary, Deutschland Diary (wiv a Yobgrub Special), more of Ace's Hits of Yesteryear and perhaps some more gig reviews.

Send in yer photos, gig suggestions, libellous filth and offers of a right royal knees up to superyob@superyob.com



April 2nd

Well kids....some snippets of news for you. Firstly, the gig at The Corporation in Sheffield went well at the weekend. There was good performances from all the bands and a strong turn-out too. Thanks to all those who travelled to the show. I'll do a little write up when I get round to it. Good to see Kieron from Resistance 77, Steve from Oi! For England staying awake for all of the gig and also good to see the Hartlepool boys again...Gawd knows who was drivin' the mini-bus 'ome cos they was all well sloshed. Also cheers to Ace's travellin' minder squad for makin' the trip. Nice touch from Geordie Mick pissin' up the side of the burger van outside the venue.

Big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' to Sheffield Dave for his help organisin' the gig, local promotion, helpin' wiv the door and gettin' Ace lost on the way to the digs. Well done Dave. Also cheers to Stu and Lee at The Corp.

A few interestin' stories include Chipshop eatin' two 12" pizzas after the show, members of Scum dancin' to Soft Cell and Gordy from On File gettin' up for a pish in the middle of the night and takin' the wrong door and lockin' 'imself out of their room.

We have been asked back again. We'll let you know when.

Other news is that we've 'ad the test pressin's through for our single on Screwed Up Rec. Frankie stuck 'em on his old wind up gramaphone and reckons they sound rather spiffin'. Me and Degz are just puttin' a few last touches to the artwork and we should be there in a couple of weeks. Distro and availability details I'll hit yer wiv as soon as they're known.

All is sorted for our trip with On File to Germany in a couple of weeks. See the GIGS page for details. We 'ad a bit of fannyin' about wiv the flights but that's now all sorted. Oli 'as even hired us a proper mini-bus and everyfink so we're rarin' to go. I'll take me camera and try and do a Deutschland Diary for yers.

Other sniffs of gigs include a possible bash in Finland in August wiv our old mucker Jani. He's waitin' to see if the band he's booked is gonna drop out and then we're in. If we don't get this one, he says we'll be definite for 'is next one at the end of the year. 'E's promised us free saunas and everyfink!!!!

I've also bin talkin' to another promoter in Germany about doin' a one-off show near Dusseldorf in July. As that develops I'll let you know. Bin chattin' to some chaps in the good old US of A about progressin' some shows over there. It's been very slow hearin' back from the contacts I made on me trip out there month before last, but I'm gettin' the odd ripple from other interested parties. Frankie's also bin lookin' up some old contacts too so somethin' will come of it all, stand on me cor blimey guv'ner strike a light you know it makes sense. These fings take time.

Possible gigs we're workin' on within our fair shores include a festival fingy in July, a pub venue in Ipswich, a return to the 12 Bar club, a jaunt up to the Lake District and a bash in or around Chipshopville.

Couple of weeks in the studio now rehearsin' our bleedin' bums orf for Germany and then hopefully the single will create enough interest for someone to take the plunge and put the album out. You know it makes sense.

More bits to put up on the site soon.



March 16th

Yeah, I know, I know.....wos 'appened to 'im this time? Sorry for the delay....I've bin well bleedin' busy. Well, the 12 Bar Club gig was a chuffin' stormer. First time treadin' the boards for ages and it was as easy as fallin' off a log...or fallin' off a stage in Chipshp's case. No, we had a good night. Cheers to Barnet Mark for puttin' us on and for the people who came from far and wide to support us at the show. 'E's asked to come back a agin later in the year, so we'll keep you informed about that. Soon as I do a write up of the show I'll whack it up on the GIGS page. I've got some photos to put up too.

Other quick bit of news is that we've signed the contract with Screwed Up records for the release of the single. I've just got to sort out a bit of artwork and then it should be sorted, bang on...knock it on the 'ead me old china.

Frankie 'as ben talkin' to a record comany in Norway over the last few weeks and there might be sumfink developing there...we'll keep you posted kids. 'E's also bin doin' some work on designs for the album cover, a new t-shirt and also a spangly SUPERYOB backdrop.

ACEFACE have got their debut album out and have been back in the studio recording some songs for a single. Check 'em out at www.aceface.org.

Next 'YOB outin' is, of course, up in Sheffield on the 29th of March. Hope to see plenty of you there. All reports wot we've 'ad suggest a good turn out and a cor blinky blimey right royal knees up luvaduck.

Toodle pip.


March 3rd

Greetings to you all. A bit of news for you. First off is that we've finally confirmed our dates for Germany with ON FILE at Easter. Check the GIGS page for details.

We're playin' at The 12 Bar Club in London on Saturday. Hope to see some of you lot there. Practices have gone well and we're soundin' our big bad selves again. There are a couple of new songs in the set so keep 'em peeled. Again, check the GIGS page for details.

All is sorted for our gig at the end of the month in Sheffield with On File, Loyalty and Scum. All the bands are rarin' to go and it should be a blindin' night.

We've pretty much finalised our 7" single release. Contracts are just about to be exchanged with Screwed Up Records in Germany for the limited edition release of HOW DOES IT FEEL c/w ROCK'N'ROLL REVOLUTION. The first song is a Slade single from 1975 given a fair old bit of Superyob treatment with big as a bus guitars, some shinin' ivory tinklin' by Frankie Boy and the trademark Yob Chorus. The second is a brand new song penned by Ace and Haystacks and is a fearsome yet catchy blast of Glam/Punk. Soon as I get availablity details I'll let you know. We might get some action around the album front now....you never bleedin' know do you?

We've had little feedback from Haystacks' jaunt to America yet. E's bin chasin' up the promoter this week so we should 'ave some news soon. Check out the TKO RECORDS message board for Superyob in the States discussions. I've had a bit of feedback from it in the way of bands and record companies...we'll see how it goes....

Other gig news is that we sent Chipshop up to Stokie wekend just gone to try and sort somethin' out and we've been lookin' at headin' up to the North East for a show up there. We're always open to gig suggestions so e-mail and tell us wot you reckon at comeandplayheresuperyobweloveyou@superyob.com

I've done a bit of work on the site. Check some new POSTCARDS from Frankie, some more pop-tastic recommendations from ACE'S SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR, a GIG write up from Belgium ,a new REVIEW and a new couple of LINKS. Next up will be an overhaul of the YOBGRUB page with some tummy-rumblin' additions.

I've got some new PHOTOS to put up too. Cheers Gawd Blees Yer to French Eddie for 'em. They're from our jaunt to Scotland and Hartleool last year with On File. We've also come into 2 live videos of the 'Yob in action: one from Hartlepool (Cheers Tim) and one from Hounslow (Cheers Kieron)....once Degz 'as 'ad a tinker wiv 'em I'll see if we can provide 'em in DVD format or summink.

See you all at the 12 Bar Club......

Febuary 18th

Well, we went to Boston and showed them bleeders 'ow to 'ave a beer or two I tell yer. 8 days of right royal boozin' by myself and Haystacks junior saw some serious quaffage of the old fallin' down water (or should I say 'water') and pizza guzzlin' in extreme. Fuck me it was cold !!!!!! Made some good friends and should have some excitin' leads to let you know about soon. The 'ospitality of the Boston was chuffin' champion. A very special Superyob 'Cheers Gawd Bless yer' to the followin':-

Matt Kelly, Greg & Kate, B-Lo, The Tampoffs (the Pabst Blue Ribbon Barmy Army), all at 96, Lisa, Ken, Meg, Little Stevie's Pizza Joint, the chaps at TC's Lounge, Lance the Lad and the inmates at The Boston Hostel. Cheers...

I've also bin talkin' to some chaps involved in promotin' shows done in the sunny San Francisco/South California area so we should 'ave some news about potential U.S shows within the next couple of weeks. There also might be some repercussions over 'ere in Blighty but I dunno yet. I'll be doin' a Boston Diary and recommendin' some YOBGRUB eateries as soon as I get me pics developed.

Other news is that I should have some good tidings about confirmed shows in Germany by the end of this week and also some news about the 7" single release an' all. Also workin' on some more U.K gigs too.

Still no news about the album I'm afraid kids.....If all else fails we'll release the bleedin' thing ourselves...watch this space. Have got a few U.S contacts to work through though......

We're finally back in the rehearsal studio this Wednesday for the first time in effin' ages. We're all raring to go and 'opefully can remember the songs (thanks for the help Matt!!!)....Chipshop 'as gone into a pie-based trainin' regime for the occasion.

I'm gonna try and get some major work done on the site to coincide with the 'Yob re-enterin' the live arena..so get ready for some more witty and informative old bollocks from the Haystacks keyboard. Got a 'Yobs in Belgium' piece to put up, some more Yobgrub cack , some more of ACE'S SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR, a few more REVIEWS, some POSTCARDS FROM FRANKIE and some new and interestin' LINKS. I've 'ad some good feedback about the website so I intend to keep up the low standard as much as I can....

Check out the new ACEFACE website......they've got a gig this week and their debut album should be out the week after.

We'll look forward to seein' you all out and about on our travels in the next month or two.

Go Bruins..


January 27th

No, I ain't dead.....just to let you know that things are progressin' well wiv the news on the single release front and also on the Germany dates front. I'm also workin' on some more U.K shows and I've got a flyer knockin' about for the Sheffield show in March. Big 'Cheers Gawd Bless Yer' and introduction into the Superyob Hall of Fame for Steve from the marvellous Oi For England website for helpin' wiv the flyer. Check out the GIGS page for details.

Aceface have got a date booked for February 22nd at The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London and their debut album should be knockin' about within the next week. Check out www.aceface.org for news and wot have yer. More shows are in the offin'.


January 15th

Just one bit of new wot I forgot to tell yers last night was that we are negotiatin' wiv a record comany about potentially releasin' a SUPERYOB 7" single. It would contain tracks from our cover song session wot we did in the middle of last year and extras tracks wot we did which ain't included in the album. We'll let you know how we get on.

January 14th

Cor blimey guv'ner strike a light if we ain't put bollock all up on the site for 3 months. Before the excuses, we here at Yob Towers wish you all an 'Appy New Year and 'ope you all 'ad splendid Festive Seasons.

The reason I ain't put nuffink up is because we ain't done nuffink. Frankie Flame...King of The Fjords.... 'as been away pretty much non-stop since October on 'is one man quest to turn all of Scandinavia into Chas'n'Dave worshippin' West Ham fans which 'as meant we ain't bin able to do naff all without the Frankmeister in tow.

In short, we still ain't got the album out. We discussed it wiv a couple of European labels but nuffink 'as come of it. We got a few standard rejection letters and a few 'no fank you very much' type replies but basically no-one fancied it. Just fink wot you're all missing out on. We know we're sittin' on a bleedin masterpiece; every review we've 'ad 'as been top drawer; everyone who's heard the promo has said it sounds bleedin' fantastic (includin' the record companies, strangely); we're still gettin' enquiries from you lot from all round the world askin' when it's out.....but no-one 'as come up wiv a worthwhile deal to put it out. Hopefully with the new year and a bit of renewed Yob activity in the U.K and abroad we can get fings up and runnin' proper and get the album out. If all else fails, we'll release it our bleedin' selves. Pester your favourite StreetRock Record Labels kids....tell 'em you wanna hear the new SUPERYOB album....use website forums....use zines and webzines....e-mail all your contacts.....e-mail us if you like. We'd be interested to hear any feedback. Whack a mail to whenareyoubastardsgonnasortthisbleedinalbumlarkoutthen@superyob.com and let us 'ave your thoughts.

Oh, and one more excuse is that Haystacks 'as only gorn and found 'imself a bird ain't 'e? Sod 'avin' to take 'er AND 'er blind dog out.....

Here's a quick run through of what we're workin' on at the moment. First of all, check out the GIGS page for the latest confirmed SUPERYOB shows. It's bin a while since we trod the boards and we're lookin' forward to gettin' the show back on the road (once that arse Haystacks 'as remembered 'ow to play the bleedin' guitar). We've got a gig in London on March 8th and one in Sheffield on March 29th. We'll see you there. A big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Sheffield Dave for his help in sortin' the Sheffield gig. The man 'as bin a diamond I tell yer.

Potential SUPERYOB events are in the offin'. We're re-negotiating our postponed German shows from last year at the moment. We're lookin' at doin' 4 shows wiv On File over the Easter Bank 'Oliday. We're just finalisin' travel arrangements wiv the promoter and there should be some news in the next few weeks.

We've also bin yakkin' wiv Suck and Rianne at Die Kastelein in Bruges about doin' a show over there. Any of you lot who've bin over will know wot a champion gaff the place is and The 'Yob played at Live and Loud last year and 'ad a top old time I tell yer.We're lookin' at May or June and are waitin' for Die Kastelein to propose a few dates for us.

For the third year in a row your favourite StreetRock stars 'ave bin overlooked for H.I.T.S in Morecambe. Now, as you know it's the last one they're doin'. Well, SUPERYOB might 'ave a little surprise up their sleeves so watch this space for details. Direct your 'Why ain't SUPERYOB on the H.I.T.S bill again this year?' questions to the organisers themselves on jennie@hits.fsnet.co.uk. The bill is blindin' apart from us.....if you get the chance, check out Nerf Herder from the U.S.A. They're my tip of the weekend.

Haystack and 'is bruvver are orf to Boston U.S.A on Feb 5th to sort out some shows for SUPERYOB possibly in June. We've spoken to some contacts who are promoting shows in New York, Boston, Connecticut and Rhode Island. They are up for havin' the 'Yob over for a bit of a blast. Watch this space for news. Oh, and Haystacks is also goin' on the piss wiv THE DROPKICK MURPHYS. They are in the studio as we speak thrashin' out a new album (get 'old of their last live album...it's a bleedin' belter...) when they're not in the pub, so expect big things from them soon. A big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Matt Kelly from the Dropkicks for 'is continued interest and support in SUPERYOB and also for probably havin' that dollop Haystacks snorin' on 'is sofa.

Still got plenty of merch available...check out the MERCH page for details.

Quick mention of some gigs Lee is puttin' on down at the Rifleman in Hounslow. We played a show there last year wiv Resistance 77 and 'ad a top night. If anyone needs any details drop me a line at riflemangigs@superyob.com and I'll pass yer enquiries on to Lee. All shows are wiv local support

Sunday 2nd Feb - Peter & Test Tube Babies
Saturday 22nd Feb - Beerzone
Saturday 15th March - 999

Chipshop sends you all his love...especially the ladies 'e tells me. He's bin up in Stokie of late, boozin' wiv 'is former SECTION 5 amigos. They're wadin' through recordin' their new album and aren't missin' Chipshop at all apparently...that is til it's 'is round I spose. He's also got 'is big fat fingers in many pies (literally) as per usual and can be found frequentin' the bar at many a London punk rock show.Go up to 'im and offer to buy 'im a pie and a pint.....'e will love you forever...

Ace and Haystacks 'ave bin doin' stuff wiv their other project ACEFACE. It also features ex members of SUPERYOB and KLASSE KRIMINALE. They've done some gigs, bashed out a promo and are soon to release a debut album. Check out their website for details.

A big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to Degz for 'is continued 'elp wiv all this clever computer stuff. See the LINKS page for 'is own 'omepage link....

Wot wiv stuff 'appenin' again now, I shall be back on the case wiv the site. I'll update the other features and stuff shortly and keep you updated wiv news and what 'ave yer.

One final big Cheers Gawd Bless Yer to everyone who's kept mailin' us and sayin' hello and seein' wot we're up to. We're back on track now, so 'ere's to a top 2003.

Cheers.....Frankie, Ace, Haystacks and Chipshop


October 17th

No, I ain't bin bein' lazy...there just ain't been a lot 'appenin. Frankie has been away in the land of the mooses (sounds a bit like bleedin' Dartford) for over six weeks now and in 'is absence fings seemed to 'ave slowed down a bit. We've bin discussin' the album release wiv a few record companies but I'm sure you'll be as surprised as me when I tell yers that no one 'as bit our soddin' 'and orf yet. Ace reckons that faced wiv the undoubted Street Rock Masterpiece of the decade, they're all too worried about releasin' it. Never fear kids, we'll keep you updated as 'ow fings are 'appenin'.

Gig-wise there 'ain't a lot about either. We've put back our trip to Germany until next February at the earliest and other enquiries into gigs we've made 'aven't come up trumps. Our Christmas Party has unfortunately been put off. The venue we wanted wasn't available and we 'ad trouble tyin' all the parties down for the date suggested. Never mind...we might sneak a quickie in somewhere in South London around Christmas anyway....

We're 'opin' to get over to Die Kastelein in Belgium early next year ans Chipshop is workin' on a gig in Central London planned for February. We're still talkin' to a couple of venues so we might be poppin' out for a jolly up somewhere in the country before Christmas. Watch this space. Quick TA to Sheffield Dave for bein' permanently on the look out for gigs for us up in the Midlands and beyond....TA MATE !!!

Talkin' of jolly ups, I'm plannin' to go over to Boston wiv me bruvver next February to go on the piss a bit wiv them 'erberts THE DROPKICK MURPHYS. Big TA to Matt from the band for his help and support and I can 'eartily recommend the new DROPKICKS album - Live On St. Patrick's Day. Matt is down under wiv the band at the moment and 'as promised me a postcard ....again.

I've put a couple of new pics up on the PHOTOS page. They came from Oddy of Resistance 77 and were taken at our gig wiv 'em back in August. Ta mate. Check out the new improved Resistance 77 website. 'Ave a butchers at the photos and drop both bands a line to say who you reckon is the most 'andsomest. I'll give you a clue....WE ARE!!!!. Contact R77 on resistance77@ntlworld.com and e-mail us on weremuchmorehandsomethanthembuggersandoneofemsgotfloppyhair@superyob.com.

Frankie 'as got another couple of 'is POSTCARDS FROM THE POLE on the way so 'e tells me. I'll whack 'em up when I get 'em. See the Postcard page for a transcript of an interview wot Frankie has just done for the Part Time Punk 'zine. It's a must for anyone interested in musical 'istory and wot Frankie-Boy got up to in 'is youth. 'E's also promised me some searin' prose on wotever subject 'as got up 'is nose recently. I know 'e's just finishin' some more interviews an' all so we do like to keep 'im busy when 'e's orf gallavantin'..

Check out ACE'S SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR for a couple more classics reviewed by our recent walkin' encyclopaedia of rock...not 'arf.

Sorry there ain't bucketfulls of stuff 'appenin' that I can tell yers about...we'll be back fightin' fit in no time at all.

One last little fing. Check out the ACEFACE page for news of wot Haystacks and Ace are up to in their little side project.

Ta Ta for now.

September 24th

Just a quickie. Got our first letter back today from a record company politely declinin' the offer to put out this years StreetRock masterpiece. It was from COPRO Records. No, I ain't 'eard of 'em either. Must 'ave been an attempted brainwave by Ace methinks. I looked up their website only to dicover it's a flippin' death metal label with bands like Acid Death, Desecration and Seizure. Cor blinky blimey!!!!!

A quick link 'ere to me old mucker Steph - roadie supreme for ON FILE. 'Avin' seen the bloody masterpiece of modern literature wot is THE DUNDEE DIARY, 'e thought 'e'd 'ave a bash 'imself. Check out THE DEUTSCHLAND DIARY on the ON FILE website. If you really have nothing else to do you could always have a look at the rest of ON FILE's website.

September 23rd

Well anuvver 2 weeks 'ave gorn by and I spose you reckon I'm gonna come back wiv the usual excuse and promises about wot I should've done but I ain't....well bugger me, if I ain't worked me chuff orf to get a fair old dollop done for yers. Check out the PHOTOS page for some new additions. Check out a couple of new additions to POSTCARDS FROM THE POLE. I got some postcards from Frankie in Norway but 'e forgot to bleedin' write anyfink on 'em so I've added a few witty words of me own. Further postcards have been promised from the new North American correspondent for Graffiti. I have enrolled Mr. Matt Kelly from Boston's finest THE DROPKICK MURPHYS to keep you lot furnished with updates from 'is travels. First one should be due very soon.

As you 'ave a little meander through the site, you'll notice that I've finally managed to get some bits to move about. It took me a while and it ain't bloody brilliant but I'm well 'appy that sumfink finally moves about a bit. When Degz comes back from 'is hols and I track down Rubber Jonny I'll get some more tuition and it should 'opefully get a bit better.

I've added a fair few reviews to ACE'S SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR. Get yer arses down there and be educated about music in Ace's uncompromising style.

Brand new page is the REVIEWS page. 'Ere I've collected various reviews from fanzines and webzines together so's you can 'ave a good old butchers at wot people 'ave been saying about the promo samplers wot we sent out from the new album earlier on in the year. Also it's for nice people from record companies to read when they get ready to offer to put out 'GHETTO BLASTER'.

Me and Ace 'ave pretty much sent out all the first wave of promos to the record companies - over 30 in this go. As feedback starts to come in, I'll keep you posted. That stout fellow Carlo from BRUTUS RECORDS 'as been enquirin' already.

Gig-wise we're still finalizing a few shows for the next couple of months. Frankie is away at the moment but we're perseverin' in his absence to sort out shows for yers. I spoke to the man 'imself about half hour ago between sets and 'e sends 'is regards to everyone. Head on down to the GIGS page to read reviews of some of the best gigs wot we've done in the last year or so. I've still got to finish that one orf, but that won't be long comin' honest guv'ner...

Other fings to update will be the YOB page with a proper SUPERYOB discography, lyrics and band members profile and also a revamp of the front page wiv some more movin' bits 'opefully. We've got some more photos in the offin' and Frankie is workin' on 'is SOAPBOX page where 'e will be tacklin' issues of the day in 'is own inimitable style.

Any questions, complaints or suggestions are most welcome. Send them to youaintarfdoinablindinjob@superyob.com.

Right I'm orf to bed cos me eyes 'ave gorn square.

September 9th

Heard from Frankie today. 'E's put some postcards in the mail for me. Apparently 'e's had Norway's top 'eavy metal band joinin' in 'is songsongs in 'is piano bar. They're called Glucifer or summink....cor blimey...

Also 'eard from Sheffield Dave wiv details of a potential gig in sunny Doncaster at a gaff called The Leopard. I'll 'ave a chinwag wiv the geezer there this week and let yers know wots appenin'

September 8th

Well, I've got plenty of news for you to bring you all right up to date. First off, all our recordin' and remixin' is done. That means when we get our record contract all that is left is the final masterin' and we have SUPERYOB album number 3. The workin' title is still 'GHETTO BLASTER' and the revised track listin' is as follows:


'Vicious Circle' is a re-recordin' of the song originally available on the now very much sought after 'FREE' e.p and any of yers who've seen us live through the year might 'ave 'eard 'Bang To Rights', 'Heartbreak Bridge' and 'Smacktrash'. For a little taster of how rock-tastic the sound of the new album is, shoot on down to the AMP page and be bloody amazed.

Any astute devotees of 60s music will spot the cover which has crept onto the list. 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats has been well and truly given the SUPERYOB treatment and hopefully gives a bit of flavour about wot we're about. It was done at our recent covers session at CYBERSOUND studios in Deptford, South London. Wot wiv the one track wot we've whipped off the album session and the other 3 we did at the covers session, we're left wiv 2 SUPERYOB originals ('Rock'n'Roll Ghosts' and 'Rock'n'Roll Revolution' - hey, we just love rock'n'roll here kids!!!) and 2 covers. The other covers we can reveal are a Small Faces absolute bleedin' classic and a real rework of a lesser known Slade song . We're particularly chuffed with how the Slade tune came out I tell yer. Again, we must thank Stifford from the DEATH VALLEY SURFERS for standin' in on bass in Chipshop's absence. Though unable to pie-up to the big man's standards he still did a great job. Ta mate.

Talkin' about record contracts as we were, this weekend I've just finished off the YOBPACKS which are being sent out to a very lucky collection of record labels next week.When we sent out demo CDs earlier in the year to Fanzines and Webzines a few record companies got a sniff of wot was about but we thought we'd let 'em sweat for a bit before we gave 'em a taste of wots on offer. We're contactin' record companies from the UK, Europe and also U.S.A. and as feedback comes back from 'em I'll keep yers informed.

We 'ad a photo sesh the other week wiv' Ace's mate Dave down in deepest darkest Blackfen. Full colour masterpieces, they show off just how stylish and 'andsome we really are. As soon as I've finished tarting about wiv' 'em on the old computer, (Gotta enhance beer belly's) I'll whack 'em up so's you can 'ave a butcher's.

Next bit of news is that we've gorn an' done some more merchandise. We've now got new SUPERYOB T-shirts, SUPERYOB mugs and SUPERYOB enamel painted metal badges. See the MERCHANDISE page for details and 'ow to get 'old of the buggers. All orders that come in pronto will get some free SUPERYOB pin badges courtesy of Matt K. from Boston. SUPERYOB footie scarves are still gonna 'appen as soon as we get enough dosh to soddin' well pay for 'em.

Now I don't s'pose for a minute that any of you (Chipshop included) missed The Sex Pistols show at Crystal Palace a few weeks ago. Well. 'ow many of you spotted that the drummer from excellent support band DROPKICK MURPHYS was sportin' a SUPERYOB t-shirt? Now, I've bin in touch wiv' Boston's finest Celtic Oi!-sters and who knows - there might well be some devopments there next year. They recorded wiv those rascals The Business, so they certaiinly know their stuff. Keep 'em peeled.

One more bit of news on the recordin' front is that Benny from Anti-Social Behaviour 'zine 'as finally managed to get out 'is debut compilation CD on 'is Anthemic Records label. Now, if I tell you that it's called 'Strength Of The Nation', that might give you a bit of a clue as to why I'm mentioning it. Yes, folks, your favourite StreetRock chums are not only featured on the album but provide the title track. For the uninitiated, 'Strength Of The Nation' featured on the debut SUPERYOB album AGGROPHOBIA. See the MERCHANDISE for 'ow to get a copy. If anyone wants to drop Benny a line about the album bung 'im a mail on bennyasb2002@yahoo.co.uk.. Alternatively, check out all about his fanzine and record releases on his website: www.streetpunk.fsnet.co.uk/benny/.

Gig news next. We ain't got nuffink for the rest of September I'm afraid, but we're in the process of finalisin' some shows for October, November and December. Frankie's workin' away for the rest of this month so that's why we're a bit quiet. Other gig news is that our intended trip over to Germany has been put back until early next year. This is due to venue availablity problems in Germany and also band member holiday obligations for both us and our chums ON FILE. Proposed dates from the promoter are the end of February or the middle of April.

Other little snippets are that Hedgy from ON FILE has been talkin' to all those 'erberts up there in Norway about gettin' The 'Yob up there for their annual Christmas beer and music festival called JÜLEBLOT. If that comes off we'd be well chuffed as apparently they do enjoy a sherbert or two up there. Also we've been approached to perform at the Hemsby Scooter Rally in Norfolk in November. Big SUPERYOB TA'S to Robin at Chelmsford S.C for his help there. As more details come in I'll fill you in.

We're also makin' inroads into organisin' our SUPERYOB CHRISTMAS DO for this year. The venue will likely to be in South-East London and will again feature ourselves and an outrageous Glam Rock party act. Date is likely to be early December.

We're waitin' confirmation of shows around the country. Areas we're workin' on are Suffolk, Staffordshire, Notts and Yorkshire. I've also bin talkin' to promoters in the 'Ome Counties, the Midlands and South Wales. I've also sent Lord Chipshop of Piechester out to maximise 'is punk rock contacts and see wot 'e can come up wiv. Watch this space. Check out the GIGS page regularly for all the latest...

One other fing while we're talkin' about gigs is that Lee M. who promoted our show at The Rifleman in Hounslow last month, 'as sorted out some more shows. Those confirmed are:-

Friday 25th October - Beerzone plus 2 local support bands

Saturday 9th November - Splodgenessabounds plus local support

Friday 6th December - The Vibrators plus local support

Venue address is The Rifleman, 50 Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 1UF.

We 'ad a top night there so if the gaff becomes a regular venue for punk nights then we'll all be 'appy. I know Lee's doin' a fair bit of work down there and if anyone 'as any enquiries about wot 'e's doin', send 'em to us at rifleman@superyob.com and I'll pass 'em on to 'im. We'll obviously be back down there sometime an' all.

I 'ad a trot up to the old Leeds Festival the other week and thought I'd better mention the cream of punk rock wot I saw when I was up there, 'cos I know you all wanna keep up to date on wot's 'ot and wot 'ain't. Now, I like me American type punky stuff, but the place was full of bleedin' spikey little 12 year olds worshippin' Sum Bloody 41. It's all gone a bit too poppy and 'punk by numbers', but there were still a few bargains to be found. Top band of the weekend were the mighty NOFX who actually managed to play some songs between all the gags, anecdotes and slander. Watch out for their new song 'Idiot Son Of An Asshole' about George Nuke 'em Bush.

Other quality performances came from Guns'n'Roses, Ash, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Fenix TX, No Use For A Name and The GetUp Kids. Good old British punk was well represented by Capdown, Lightyear and Jesse James. My tip for the top was a New Zealand band called The Datsuns: a punked up shouty version of the bastard kids of AC/DC.

Average performances came from Offspring and The Hives and 'Bucket Of Shit Award' went to Rival Schools. Other bands worth a mention were Reel Big Fish and Drag Strip Racer.

Quick WOTCHA to Ste, Dawn, Quince and all the inmates at Oi! The Campsite at the Leeds Festival. Ste promoted our show at The Studio in Hartlepool earlier this year and I bumped into him staggerin' boozily 'ome on the Sunday night. TA for the beer and company chaps.

Well, all that's left is for me to tell yers about wot new stuff I've put on the site. I've finally got ACE'S REVIEW PAGE up for yers. It's where Ace let's you have 'is views on various genres of popular music over the last 30 or 40 years. He pulls no punches when it comes to music I tell yer (just ask Steph and the On File boys) and the bloke don't 'alf know 'is stuff. Read 'is page and be enlightened. I've got plenty more to put up too.

I've done a bit of work on the GIGS page too. I've gone back and waffled a bit about wot gigs we've done over the last year or so. See wot yer missed or relive those rock-tastic times spent wiv The 'Yob live. I've still got a couple more to do but they'll be up soon. Frankie 'as promised some more correspondence for me for 'is POSTCARDS FROM THE POLE page. If anyone wants to send us interestin' postcards from their travels feel free. Postal address is SUPERYOB P.O Box 26535, London SE3 9WS. Weird and wacky and interestin' please: I'll luz out some merch prizes for good uns.

I'm also gonna put up some song lyrics for yers - probably on the YOB page. I'll sneak out some of the songs orf of the new album so yers can 'ave a decko at the quality songwritin' wot'll be in the shops soon.

One other fing'll be a collected review page. I've bunged 'em all in 'ere when I've tracked 'em down, but if I collect all the links together you, dear web browser, will find it easier to read about 'ow chuffin' fab our songs are and 'ow superpunkrock our live shows are. I'll also make sure you can check out the rest of the sites wot they're on.

Have a strollpast the YOBGRUB page. There's some new bits and pieces on there from our travels.

I've got some more PHOTOS to put up from live shows: I'll do that this week.

Final thing is an apology for bein' a lazy bastard and not keepin' the site up to date. I'm back in the swing now so the updates will be more regular and new stuff will be flyin' through.


August 20th

Well bugger me if it ain't bin nearly a month since I've done anyfink. I'm truly ashamed of myself. We've done a fair bit as a band but I've just bin flippin' lazy. I've got meself a new job involvin' beer (not bad eh?), I've 'ad a week orf to knacker meself workin' outside in our temporary British heatwave and I've managed to put on about four stone stuffin' all mattter of beer and pies down me greg in the meantime.

Two big bits of news are the gig wot we did at the beginnin' of this month and the recordin' wot we sneaked in just before it. The gig was a jolly old affair. I'll put a review up on the GIGS page when I get a chance before I forget. Lowercasej were a top opening band and they played really well. They're only young and they were a bit nervous so I'm glad they had a good show. Well done Matt and the boys. RESISTANCE 77 were fuckin' awesome. I'd been lookin' forward to seein' 'em since the 'Retaliate First' album and they were super tight and rock-tastic.Cheers to Oddy, Kieron, Ellis and Mushy for makin' the trip down. A great bunch of lads. Oddy done some photos too and a bit of a video so I'll let yers know if we get our 'ands on 'em.

The recordin' session was a bit 'swings and roundabouts'. We got it all done but we 'ad a bit of a problem with the guitar sound so there has been a bit of faffin' about post-recordin' to bring it all up to scratch. Of the 4 songs, one of the covers stands out as a rock masterpiece (in our 'umble opinions), the other two simply rock in the SUPERYOB style and the new 'Yob song 'Rock'n'Roll Revolution' is a further example of our 'Melody with Balls' style of sound. Sorry we can't be more specific wiv wot we've actually recorded, but until the whole album is nailed down and the runnin' order sorted, we've got to keep our 'ats on wot will also be available apart from the album itself.

On the album front, I'm just puttin' the finishin' touches to the contents of the YOB-PACKS wot will be sent to record companies. Tomorrow evenin' we're havin' the official photo sesh and once I've knocked up the flash covers to the CDs and added a bit of blurb, we should be rollin'. Ace 'as bin workin' on the 'YOB image so we're all dressin' up proper to love the camera. Any out-takes I'll let you see 'em.

Check out the new SUPERYOB merch on the MERCHANDISE page. I 'ad me first Flash lesson wiv Degz last week and you can see the results 'ere. One bit at a time:- it will get better I assure you.

Check out the new addition to the YOBGRUB page from Frankie on his hols to the West Country.

I know I keep rattlin' on about wot I intend to do and I never get round to it, so I'm gonna keep schtum this time and surprise you all very soon wiv new and updated pages, more photos and more flashy movin' bits. My apologies for bein' a lazt fat bastard.

Check out this link from that charmin' fella Flavio on 'is Italian website. 'E 'as some nice fings to say about us and 'as reviewed the promo. www.skinheadrock.com.


July 23rd

Fair old bit of news for you. First of all check out the beginning of our new page. FRANKY'S POSTCARDS FROM THE POLE 'as finally made an appearance. 'As 'e get's out and about on 'is travels 'e's promised to keep me filled in on wot 'e get's up to. This usually involves freezin' 'is knackers off, fallin' down ski slopes and gettin' chased by reindeer up there in chilly Scandanavia. 'Ave a butchers.

I've jazzed up the MERCHANDISE page a bit and there is some top news for yers on there too. Git on down..

We went into the rehearsal studio last week to polish orf the songs for the recordin' session this weekend. All went swimmingly and Chipshop's stand-in for the weekend, STIFFORD, did averagely.

Me and Ace went down to Hounslow to see the venue we're playin' at next weekend. We met up wiv Lee and 'is missus and bought them beer. The venue is a good old traditional pub type joint....low ceiling, black walls and plenty of room to 'ave a crackin' jolly up. The landlord Steve is a fine upstanding fellow - 'e's even send the P.A speakers orf to the menders ready for next week. Both support bands are sorted and we're rarin' to go. (See GIGS page for details).

We've finally nailed down a potential mini-tour in Germany for the second week in November. M.A.D Touring were too busy wiv 29 bands on the go at the moment so another promoter, OLI, is doin' the honours. 'E runs 'is own label and has a few German bands under 'is wing and also puts on tours for bands from Eastern Europe. We're gonna go over wiv our muckers On File and probably do 4 shows in Southern and Eastern Germany, finishin' up wiv a big bash at Wild At Heart in Berlin. More developments as I get 'em...

I'll 'ave another crack at the site tomorrow and get some stuff done wot I've bin promisin' for ages.

July 17th

Some little bits of news for ya... Check out the new MERCHANDISE page set up. I've got a bit to do on it but I'll finish it off wiv some tip top tastic news about new merch which will be available soon.

The run up to the gig next month at Rifleman in Hounslow is runnin' tickety-boo (See GIGS page for details). RESISTANCE 77 are looking forward to comin' down and Matt from lowercasej got in touch the other day to say him and the lads are rarin' to go an' all. Me and Ace are poppin' down to the gaff this weekend to check it all out and meet up with Lee who's helped us organise the gig. I've bunged a CD to the local rag down there and the geezer seemed quite interested in comin' down and reviewin' the night...

Gig wise elsewhere, we're quite close to sorting out some dates in October over in Germany. Chances are we'll pop over wiv On File and do maybe 4 or 5 dates finishing off in Berlin wiv a show promoted by M.A.D.

Check out one small addition to the YOBGRUB page.

We're back in the rehearsal studio tomorrow to nail down the 4 tracks for next weekends recording. We're doin' 3 covers and one new song wot me and Ace wrote only last week called 'Rock'n'Roll Revolution'. One cover will go onto the new album and we'll save the other 3 tracks for maybe a 7" single or sumfink. Chipshop stand in for the recordin' will be my old mucker STIFFORD from London punk-a-billy band The Death Valley Surfers. Don't worry kids, Chipshop is just having a weekend pie break and he'll be back in the swing by the gig on August 3rd.

Spoke to Frankie earlier on. He's got some new photos to put up and he's got some bits of 'is own fine prose to put up too. He's also promised me the first of his 'Postcards From The Pole' where he gives us snippets of life in the rock'n'roll fast lane of the Arctic Circle.

Other news is that we're plannin' another photo shoot soon to do promo stuff for record companies and maybe for the new album. Me and Ace are still trying to sort out more UK gigs for the end of the year - in the Midlands and the North East.

I'm 'avin' a Friday orf from the pub this week to get meself sorted so 'opefully this time next week I'll 'ave loads more news for yers and some new look pages too. Must grab Degz for them flashy bits...................

July 9th

Just a quickie......check out some luvverly stuff done by Steve at the following link: a gig advert, a very generous review of the promo and a rather dashin' photo of Frankie.. http://www.angelfire.com/band2/section5/oi4england.html

July 3rd

Well, I've finally finished the DUNDEE DIARY and if I dont say so me bleedin' self, it's an absoute bonkers bloody literary masterpiece. Wot started orf as a liitle feature on our trip away the other month turned into Lord Of The Soddin' Rings. Still, I enjoyed writing it and I 'ope you've enjoyed readin' it. One final ta to everyong who made us feel so welcome on our jaunt. TA.

We're back in the studio later tonight so I'll let yers know 'ow that went tomorrow. Imminent website chores are sort out the GIGS page and begin ACE'S REVIEWS PAGE. Spookily, we 'ad a request for an ACE review of an old Mott The 'oople album and it was one of the first ones wot 'e'd done. Blimey eh?

We've done a bit of work on merch and we should 'ave some news on that score for yers next week and hopefully some more gigs sorted too.


June 27th

Good news good news my little YOBS and YOBETTES. We finally got confirmation last night of the other support band for our gig at The Rifleman in West London on August 3rd. Anyone wiv their fingers on the pulse of street rock'n'roll will not fail to be impressed by the addition of RESISTANCE 77 to the bill. Their album 'Retaliate First' is one of the top offerings of the last few years and they are fresh back from some shows in Germany. Check out their website on http://www.resistance77.co.uk

As I've mentioned before, the other support for the night comes from a young punk rock band from Reading called lowercasej. Their website is http://www.lowercasej.co.uk.

We're back in the rehearsal studio next Wednesday for the first time in a while to start knockin the set into shape and to sort out our cover songs for recordin' at the end of July.

June 24th

Wotcha. I've gone and knocked up the old YOBGRUB page for yers. 'Ave a decko.......If anyone's got recommended eateries wot you reckon Chipshop should mention on the page then let us know about 'em.

Bits wot I'll attend to next week are the GIGS page and finishing off the DUNDEE DIARY. I've also got a treat for you. Ace being an officionardo on all fings musical 'as kindly agreed to do 'is REVIEWS page. This'll be where he discusses major albums in the history of rock'n'roll in his own uncompromising style.It promises to be varied and no doubt controversial. As it takes off, we'll try and get some input from all you out there on the YOBSWEB. Perhaps you can suggest classic cds for Ace to review. Drop 'im a line at aceprobablywouldntlikeitanyway@superyob.com.

Another review for you. Big CHEERS to Marco at NFT for this one. http://www.nofrontteeth.co.uk/index2.html

June 19th

'Ello, 'Ello, Ello....Tonight news is that we have confirmed our gig for August the 3rd. The venue is The Rifleman in Hanworth Rd in Hounslow, Middlesex. Support is from Lowercasej and possibly one other to be confirmed. I'll put up more definite details soon as...wiv directions, times and wot not. A big Superyob CHEERS to Lee M. who has been a top chappie in helping us organise it.

You know wot that means: I'll 'ave to tidy up the bleedin' GIGS page now. I got a bollockin' off Ace last week so now that we've got a gig to put on it at last I can make it all groovy.

Other titbit on the gigs front is that we've been talking to a promoter in Germany about us doing 4 shows there later in the year. He put on some shows for On File there last year and they reckon they 'ad a tip top time. This is dependant on any arrangement wot we make wiv M.A.D Tour Bookings in Germany. If you remember. we'd discussed doin summink wiv 'em in October. We ain't 'eard nuffink cos' they've bin well busy wiv other stuff and festivals and what 'ave yer. I've tried to re-open negotiations so we can sort out summink definite one way or the other. Watch this space. I've bin talkin' to promoters and venues up and down the country about shows and as soon as summink is deff-o you'll all know about it.

Reviews are still tricklin' in. A couple 'ere for yer....CHEERS to Mat from Noise Bleed for this one: http://www.drownedinsound.com/article.php?id=4124 and CHEERS to Estrella and Xose from Camden Town for this little beauty: www.trax.to/camdentown .

We've booked some provisional studio time for doin' our covers sesh at CYBERSOUND wiv Alan. These are July 27th and July 28th. Fing is, the Saturday is the Sex Pistols gig at Crystal Palce and Chipshop reckons 'e might be goin'. That means we might need a stand in bass player for a live run through of the songs on Saturday afternoon. If anyone fancies it, drop us a line at icouldntpossiblyfillchipshopsshoes@superyob.com. We might also be auditioning for the YOB CHORUS CHOIR if you've got a free Sunday evenin' in South London. Peanut need not apply.......

Talkin' of Chipshop, I spoke to him last night. His review of HITS Dublin is as follows:-

"It were alright"

He sold no SUPERYOB t-shirts while 'e was there but did pie 'imself up to extremes. Oh, and he had an ale or 2. 'E's stuck in Stoke (that sounds like a song title to me....."I was stuck in Stoke.........") wiv 2 knackered motorbikes to fix but says 'e should be back in the smoke early next week to attend to his YOBGRUB page and perhaps lower 'is Royal Pieness to 'ave a practice wiv the 'Yob.

June 14th

Done some more of the DUNDEE DIARY for you. There are loads of pics in there wiv the latest thrillin' installment. Only one more chapter to go......check it out now !!! I've started the YOBGRUB page but it's well in need of some contruction. Bear wiv me and I'll 'ave summink up next week...I've left an endearin' image there for now..'ave a look.

One quick bit of news is that 2 people videoed our gig at The Studio in Hartlepool. Me and Frankie are tryin' to get copies and then wiv a bit of Degzy magic, we should have some excerpts up on the site for yerz.

June 13th

Well we 'ad a little meetin' last night so I've got a bit of new for yers. Unfortunately Frankie has got to work through most of August, so our planned jaunts about the country will 'ave to wait till September. This ain't too bad 'cos we're hopefully up for going over for a few gigs in Europe in October so we might get a bit of momentum goin'. We've pretty much sorted a gig for August 3rd. The venue is The Rifleman in Hounslow and we will be playing with 2 other bands. One will be a young punk band from around Reading called Lowercasej and the other will hopefully be a more established band who you'll all 'ave 'eard of. This is all to be put to bed hopefully within the next couple of days when Frankie finally confirms. As any gigs are deff-o, I'll tidy up the gig page and whack 'em in there.We're also plannin' a Christmas spectacular again. Anyone who see us down at Gravesend last year will 'ave marvelled at The Glambusters so we're gonna try and get them again this year. The venue will probably be somewhere nearer to London so it's more accessible.

Final potential gig news is that Frankie is gonna try and organise a 3 or 4 date jaunt to Norway for the end of the year. He's played over there loads and 'as got some good connections. Watch this space..

Next thing up was merch. As we're nearly out of our present run of Aggrophobia T-shirts, we're gonna do another limited run to keep 'em tickin' over. They will 'ave a small design change and be available in different colours to the old white ones. Other merch ideas we're lookin' into are SUPERYOB enamel badges, SUPERYOB footie scarves and SUPERYOB mugs. Me and Ace should be sortin' it out within' the next couple of weeks. I'll update the MERCHANDISE page accordingly. If anyone 'as any other ideas for merch or 'as any contacts wot do good deals, let me know at merch@superyob.com.

Big ta to Boston Matt for sendin' us some SUPERYOB pin badges from the States. When I get 'old of some Yankee Doodle Dosh, I'll get a load more off 'im to distribute wisely to discerning Yobs who show an interest. I'll let yers know.

We also decided to do a bit more recordin' - 'opefully wivvin the next month. Ace has been on at us for ages to do some Mod/60s/Glam style covers and we've finally tracked down some suitable material. We'll probably 4 songs:- one of which will probably go on the new album. As this develops I'll let you know wot we're doin'.....

I'm gonna make a concerted effort over the next week or two to sort this site out. The GIGS page needs doin', I'll bump the old LINKS up a bit and expand the YOB page. I've made a start on the YOBGRUB feature and Frankie's gonna drop round some more PHOTOS next week. Other fings wot I'm gonna add are ACE'S REVIEW PAGE, where your favourite skinbasher will delve through his substantial and varied record collection to enlighten you wiv his views on all sorts of popular music. (Steph fae Dundee watch this space....) and an art-farty collage page wiv loads of cult images bunged in. I've also persuaded Frankie to do POSTCARD FROM THE POLE. This will be His Oi-ship sending in e-mail bulletins from 'is trips to the frozen North. Expect pictures of elks, reindeer and penguins....

Oh. and Degz 'as got a window for Flash lessons....can't wait for spangly bits.......

If anyone 'as some recommended eateries from around the globe....drop us a line and we'll air those recommendation on Chipshop John's YOBGRUB page. Mail us at Ilovemybleedinscoff@superyob.com. Chipshop is waitin'.....

Oh, and I must finish the last thrillin' installment of the DUNDEE DIARY..........

I've put some more PICS up too....one is not for the squeamish....


June 11th

Yeah, alright I know I promised but I've done a bit of it....check out some new LINKS . I've got Ace round tomorrow for a battle plan meeting and I've got to pop round and see Degz for a bit of a lesson on Flash inorder to make the site a bit more .......Flash.....I s'pose. I wanna try and get some more spangly sorts of text wiv a few graphics, 'cos I'm a bit embarrassed that other sites 'ave got all movin' stuff on 'em and we ain't. Technology eh ?

I forgot to give a right on Superyob 'Well done chap' to Lennox Lewis for jobbin' Mike Tyson at the weekend. We stayed up for it on the old goggle box and it was well worth the effort. Although we ain't sure if Lennox is really English, he did used to live and train in the boozer up the road from me so it's a bit of a local 'fing. Don't see 'im much these days tho'.....

June 10th

Go on the England ....a bit of national pride restored by beatin' the Argies...smashin'. It's amazin' how the mood of the whole country swings from one extreme to the other depending on the kick of a football...

Went to The Fleadh in Finsbury Park in Norf London at the weekend to see the Pogues. Absolutely piss up jig around orf me 'ead like an idiot tastic.....it never pissed down, we 'ad loads of cider and Shane (Gawd bless 'im) played a blinder.

The first of Frankie's interviews is up. Check out http://www.streetpunk.fsnet.co.uk/benny/index.htm for the wise words of Bruvver Frank 'imself......Cheers to Benny for the interview. We've also 'ad our first review come in from Sweden. Hit http://www.pissedandproud.cjb.net. Ta to Stellan for that one.

August is still lookin' like bein' the month for our next jaunt onto the road. Ace is poppin' round on Wednesday and we 'ope to sort a few out. Areas we're lookin' at playin' are Yorkshire, The Midlands, The North West and Essex/East Anglia. Keep 'em peeled....

If anyone likes their US Punk like wot I do (and Ace don't) try and get your mitts on the new No Use For A Name album fliitin' about cyberspace at the moment. It's called Hard Rock Bottom and it's naffin' 'andsome. One of my favourite bands..

Just done the third episode of the DUNDEE DIARY which includes some stonkin' new photos. Fanks to Paul Hair for the scans.... I'll put some more trip photos up tomorrow and I'll start the YOB GRUB page and share some more links wiv yer too......I promise.....

June 3rd

I've finally got round to doin' the next installment of the DUNDEE DIARY......'ave a butchers.

We 'ad a 24 hour BBQ booze-up 'ere at Haystacks Towers over the weekend ....start Saturday afternoon and go right through to pub openin' time of 10a.m on Sunday for the England match. 2 of the lads went all night without a kip (I got away with an hour and a half's snoring on the front room floor) and lo and behold who do we bump into on the way to the old rub-a-dub but Mickey Drummer from The Business. Durin' the course of England's fairly average performance he told me all about the HITS Dublin lark.....most of which I couldn't possibly repeat 'ere.........What I can repeat, though, is the fact that he'd 'ad a blast of the Superyob promo I'd given 'im and he was well impressed. There you go kids...it's official...NEW SUPERYOB MATERIAL ENDORSED BY STREETROCK SUPERSTAR. You read it here first...

Frankie's back from Norway today so we'll ave a band meetin' next week to discuss wot we're up to.Fings on the agenda are sortin' out some new merchandise, plannin' gigs for August, talkin' to some record companies, recordin' a few covers and gettin' in for a session or 2 down the rehearsal rooms. Frankie should 'ave done all 'is interviews by now...I'll put the links up when I've chased 'im up.

I 'ain't forgotten about the Yob Grub page. I'll see Chipshop next week and try and get that done. I'll also try and get some thoughts from His Royal Pie-ness on his trip to HITS Dublin. Must pop round to see Degz and 'is scanner and get some more photos up too...

May 30th

Well, we finally recieved word that Chipshop returned alive from HITS in Dublin. Apparently Ireland has been left pie-less. He fared a lot better than some members of The Business by all accounts. Wait till I see Mickey Drummer down the old rub-a-dub....

Me and Ace have been sendin' out more demos. We even found some charmin' blighters in Russia and Australia to palm off some Yob Tunes to. We're also thinking about makin August our month for goin' out and about on the road again. We're finkin' about a weekender type do again....perhaps somethin' Midlands-ish followed by somethin' a bit more Northern. Ain't decided yet so we'll let yers know.

I must get round to finishin' orf me DUNDEE DIARY before I bleedin' forget what we all got up to. Please bear with me..

Frankie has bin keepin' in touch from sunny Norway. He's huddled over a computer in Trondheim with his teeth chatterin' and 'is knees knockin churnin' out interview after interview. I'll post details as I get 'em. If anyone has any messages for Frankie, drop me a line here at saywotchatofrankie@superyob.com and I'll pass 'em on. He'll be glad to 'ear from yer.

Check out the PICS page for a couple of interesting new bits and pieces...

Vote for Superyob as your fave new streetrock band at the following site www.angelfire.com/band2/section5/oi4england.html


May 23rd

Got me photos back today from our jaunt to Dundee and 'Artlepool. Cor blimey, I don't remember takin' 'alf of the buggers. I must 'ave been a bit tired and emotional after all that drivin'. I'll get Degzy to scan 'em tomorrow and get some up for you to 'ave a look at. There's plenty of On File lookin' far too slim and us lookin' far too fat....that's the last time I let Hedgy loose wiv my naffin' camera....

Got some e-mails from Frankie somewhere near the Norf' Pole I fink. 'E's wading through 'is interviews and 'e's 'is normal excited self. Says 'e's been investigating Norwegian pies.....speakin' of which still no word from Chipshop....

Done the first part of me trip report....check out the DUNDEE DIARY page. I'll try and get it done and dusted as soon as I can, but we packed so much blinkin' fun into those few short days there's bucketfulls to write (presumin' I can remember it.....)

May 20th

Ace came round again tonight to do some recordin' into his magic little 4-track. Songs by The Who, Slade, The Kinks and The Easybeats were right royally butchered by the pair of us durin' the course of the evenin'. I 'ope these demos don't reach the light of day, we'll never live it down....

We've bin gettin' some more feedback from the promos we've sent out. Reaction is good. As various sites review it, I'll give you the links so you can 'ave a look yerselves. Check out the AMP page for a taster of the songs...

Started me right-up of the trip to Dundee. It's gonna take me bleedin' ages...I fink I'll do it a bit at a time like a sort of serial.

We ain't heard back from Chipshop after 'is trip to Dublin. Maybe 'e's met and fell in love with a nice little Irish pie and doesn't want to come 'ome...


Got stuck into Bomml's interview....'e asked for long answers and he blimmin' got 'em I tell yer. Once I warm the old pinkies up on this keyboard I'm flyin'.....I feel like Frankie after a 6 hour piano bar gig....

Still in the process of sortin' out a summer spectacular gig for August wiv' Lee. We're sortin' out some support bands and have yet to decide on the theme for the evening. I've had numerous requests to dress up like a bird again (as you can imagine) but I might try somefing different this time. Once we're decided on the full itinerary for the evenin' I'll fill you in with all the details...venue, bands, nearest fast food outlet etc. We're talkin' M25-ish...as a clue....


Ace popped round tonight .'E's got some ideas about some new cover versions to plonk into the set and possibly record. Can't give too much away just yet but think top 60s/70s Mod/Beat toons punked up to the eyeballs. I lost the bleedin' tape though so we 'ad to adjourn.


Frankie's naffed orf to sunny Scandinavia again. 'E won't be back till the first week of June I fink but 'e's wrapped up nice and warm wiv a whole load of interviews to do. There's a whoppin' great one for Bomml at Oi! The Print in Austria, one for a chap called Pavel in Czechoslovakia and another for a Spanish webzine called Naranjito. As they get done, I'll put up a list wiv links so you can all 'ave a butchers...

May 12th

Well, we made it !! A 1026 mile round trip to sunny Dundee (and it was bleedin' sunny an' all) and back via Hartlepool. Two smashin' gigs, bucketloads of beer and some new muckers made along the way. Now, obviously, you're all gonna wanna hear all about it. Fear not, my little 'Yob chums, for I 'ave a plan. Two, in fact...During the next couple of days I'm gonna write up the story of the trip on it's own page. We're also gonna 'ave a special new feature......YOB GRUB. We've all 'eard about these bleedin' Michelin Guides and Egon Blimmin' Ronay and wot 'ave yer...but what about grub that appeals to the average man's palate, eh? On our travels we came across grub of all shapes and sizes....some smashin' and some poop. We'll give the lowdown on wot's 'ot and wot ain't so if you're out and about yerself you can have a good old ramp up. The page will be by our own gastronome....Chipshop John .....bass player and semi-professional pie taster. If you've got any salubrious establishments which you think Chipshop should be sampling drop us a line at yobgrub@superyob.com.

Talking of Chipshop, if any of you lot are out for H.I.T.S in Dublin, you might find the stout one masquerading as a member of The Warriors. His bass playing skills are much sought after so we let 'im out for an 'oliday.....as long 'as he brings me back a fridge magnet...

I also took 2 films of top rock'n'roll photos on our trip away. Soon as I get 'em developped, I'll let you 'ave a butchers.

We'd just like to extend the hand of friendship to the following chums who made us feel so welcome on our trip. People invited us scruffy cockneys into their homes without the slightest regard for their own safety, sanity and sanitation. Cheers, we'll do the same for you some time....

Steph - for an endless supply of beer, fried food and lavatories

Hedgy and Debbie - for fine food and hospitality

On File - Hedgy, Stewart, Pete and Greig - the finest company and senses of humour......

The Dundee Boys and Girls- all who made us welcome - all at the gig, Stuart the soundman, Nick on the Merch, Wee Gordy and his Mini Cheddars, Shep and all at The Westport Bar. Hi to the Scots guys who came down to the Hartlepool gig and the drunken rabble at me and Chipshop's aftershow party.

The Fake Partiots and all at The Studio in Hartlepool.


May 1st

Wotcha ! Hope you all had a good May Day - especially if you were up in the centre of London 'avin' a bit of a riot. Got a mail from good 'ole Matt from Boston regardin' last night's request for translations. I fink 'e's bin a bit of a smart arse and bunged 'em on some sort of translation website.....unless 'e speaks cobblers in Spanish and German. 'Ave a little look at wot 'e come up wiv......the German one is a bit of a giggle. Spanish one first. Ta Matt......

"We have had the opportunity to listen to promo CD of which it will be the new album of this English band, and the two songs that appear, "Ghetto Blaster" and "Bang to the Rights", are worth the trouble. The style to not changed to anything with respect to its previous work "Machine Guns and Alchohol", street rock´n´roll of the good one, with very well-taken care of songs and an excellent sound. If you want to know on this group, its Web...."

"SUPERYOB: Promo Sampler CD this first CD have me Frankie Flame&Dave of Superyob zugeschickt..ich are me that times to listen to and strongly advertisement for it make, because the volume took straight new photographs and it to look for now a label, which publishes its third album still this year! I make Wervung naturally very gladly, because I am a large fan of Frankie Fleming and a large fan of-good, English Oi! Volume, speak I likes Superyob just as gladly as ice-cold beer from doses, bottles and also glaesern! Greatly did not change young also, at least can I from the two Songs judge however the music eat here still more drink-joyfully, still more uriger, still and more noecher! The first Song is coined/shaped by pubigem choir singing with much Ohohohohs., packed in skirt-ends guitars, under of Frankie Flame's of suesslicher voice. The second Song Bang ton rights. is over nix more badly, here even with lecker piano, but in the background grummeln strong guitar-simply the one would joy-be nevertheless a dishonor, if no good label is there?!?!"

If anyone else fancies 'avin' a go, drop us a line.....

April 30th

Well, we've 'ad a few encouraging replies from some of the promo cds we've sent out already. Various record companies in the UK and Europe seem a bit interested and a few on-line 'zines have given us a mention. If anyone can translate Spanish, hit this link and tell us what Javi 'as said about us will yer. http://usuarios.lycos.es/stillborn/menuprincipal.htm. (Look under MUSICA). If 'e ain't said nuffiunk nice then pretend 'e 'as. If anyone can speak German then do the same for the followin'. That nice man Bomml said 'e's been complimentary. 'As 'e?. http://www.oi-music.com/OTP_Sites/OTP_Anfang_F.htm (Look under REVIEWS)

We've also 'ad some nice people in Italy and the U.S.A offerin' us gigs. Wot wiv talking to M.A.D about a European jaunt later in the year we might 'ave to put off the old one-off gig lark for a wee while 'til we get a stonkin' great record deal and head out on the road for big promotions 'n stuff. It's a long old trot over the pond for one or two gigs so ideally we'd like to sort out a well organised tour. If any of you lot want us to come and play wherever you are, then the best way to do it would be to try and find details of a tour company or a promoter in your country who might be interested. Let us know.

April 25th

Well, we woz back in the old rehearsal studio again last night. 'Cor blimey, it weren't 'arf 'ot. Comin together nicely fank you very much...We've got a few surprises lined up for our gig in Scotland next month. We would recommend that you all come to Dundee on May 10th to see for yourselves. Finally received some flyers for the gig from Steph but then had to go and pick 'em up from the local delivery office 'cos the cheeky bugger never put enough stamps on the envelope.I phoned 'im to tell him he was doin' nuffin' to enhance the image of our Caledonian Cousins. He blubbed a bit but I 'ad to let 'im orf 'cos 'e promised to take us 'Yobs out for a wee drinkie when we're up in Dundee. Oh, and 'e's letting me and Chipshop snore like pigs at 'is flat when we're stayin' up there.......apparently the Scots lassies like the stouter chap ??!!??

Other news is that we're hopeful of a bit of a tour lark in October this year wiv M.A.D in Germany. Drop 'em a line and get us on at a town near you.

Ace is sendin' out more promo cds over the weekend. We've 'ad a few interested replies from a couple of record companies to the ones we've 'ad out already and a coupleof websites that have heard 'em 'ave given us good reviews. I'll keep you all informed of how our search for a new record deal is goin'.

Check out a couple of soundbites of 3 new songs for yourself on the GRAFFITI AMP.

April 23rd

A happy St George's Day to you all. We 'ope your all enjoying the chipper British weather while it lasts. Well, we've been back in the rehearsal room again for the first time in 5 months and it was just like fallin' off a log....bleedin' painful !!! Took us a wee while to get into the swing but you'll be glad to know we soon had the old 'Yob sound blasting out good and proper. We've got a re-shaped set incorporating some material orf the new album mixed in with all the old classics. Check out the GIGS page for a few whispers about what else we're up to. We've been burning promo sampler CDs at a fair old rate. We'll be shipping 'em out next week to record companies, fanzines, venues and promoters. If you've got any leads about helping us get what Frankie is already calling "The StreetRock Album of the Year" - tho' he is a bit biased- promoted then help us out at promo@superyob.com

April 15th

Best you lot get stuck into our new site feature - the SUPERYOB MESSAGE BOARD. Chat about your favourite band, be rude about us behind our backs, 'ave a larf at our expense and persuade your mates across the worldwide web to show some interest. Click on the link and register. It don't cost nuffink. You'll get your own password and user name which means you can join in on the chat sites, start your own subject and reply to whatever some bright spark has left before yer. Go on away you go !!!!

April 8th 2002

We've been chattin' to Marc at M.A.D Tours in Germany about possible shows in mainland Europe later on this year. He'd only blimmin' thought the 'Yob had disappeared !!!! Cor blimey !!!! I sent him some CDs a bit sharpish to bring 'im up to date and he sounds well keen on doing summink wiv us. Frankie worked with M.A.D a few years ago doing shows wiv The Business and The Vanilla Muffins and says they're well organized and all round sterling chaps. Talkin' of The Muffins, Frankie's bin 'avin' a chinwag wiv 'em and they'd like to do some shows wiv us an' all - possibly in Switzerland and Austria. Keep 'em peeled for updates kids....

The venue for our gig with On File in Dundee in West Port bar. Address is 22, East Hendersons Wynd, Dundee, Tel. number is 01382-200993. Time is 8.30. The third band on the bill is The Fake Patriots from Perth. I spoke to the promoter Steph last night and he's sending us some flyers to scan and put up on the site. Watch this space.....

See the Links Page for the On File, Vanilla Muffins and M.A.D Tours sites.

Sample a few songs orf the new album at the Superyob Graffiti Amp. Hear soundbites of 3 brand new tracks...NOW !!

The 'Yob would like to say a big "Cheers, Gawd bless ya, here's to rock'n'roll....yeee-owww" to two chums who helped us with all this bleedin' clever website mullarkey. Fisrt of all Grand Webmeister Degz for all his recent kind assistance and also to Big Bad Rubber Jonny for gettin' us started. I thank you.....


April 1st 2002

Obviously the big news at the moment is that we've got our new album in the can. It's going under the working title of GHETTO BLASTER and contains 12 champion rock'n'roll classics - if we do say so ourselves. The track listing is as follows:-

Ghetto Blaster

Bang to Rights

Tower Blocks and Tenements

Vicious Circle

Heartbreak Bridge


Rock'n'Roll Ghosts

Ugly Burger

Kids are Alright

Big Brother

Box 'O Lights

Love Us Hate Us

Vicious Circle is a re-make of the version found on our FREE E.P but wiv huuuuuge guitars on it, and those of you who saw us live last year might have seen us do Bang to Rights, Tower Blocks.... and Heartbreak Bridge. All the songs were concocted by Ace and Franky with me and Chipshop lending the odd dollop of heavyweight racket....

We're well chuffed wiv the sound we've got - all full of whoppin' great bleedin' riffs and catchy punk rock tunes. Our plan is to do some promotional stuff through media channels then follow it up wiv some live shows and then entertain record companies interested in releasing the album. We've had a few enquiries already......

Our plan is to put some soundbites on the website to give you lot a taste of wot the album's all about (Once I get my old mucker Degz to show me how to do it...)

We might do a competition wiv some limited edition sampler CDs from the album as prizes. Watch this space.........
Any of you 'erberts wiv Fanzines who might wanna do a review and publicise our new streetrock masterpiece drop us a line.....


Check out our latest interview on www.punkoiuk.co.uk.

Check out another recent interview on www.kastelein.be

'Zines which we've recently done interviews for or are featured in:-


OI! THE PRINT (Austria)





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