Tradtitional Japanese Katana & Wakizashi The Japanese Samurai tradition has been around for millennia. The traditional armament for the samurai was the katana, the wakizashi, and the tanto (not pictured). The Katana is the sword, usually about 45-48" long with a blade of 30-35". The Wakizashi is a smaller version of the Katana, but still with the same blade-to-handle ratio. The tanto is a still-smaller version, but still with the same ratio. The blade is curved to make the edge of the blade harder. The modern-made katanas have a Rockwell Hardness value of C40 on the back and C60 on the edge.
Traditional Scottish Claymore The Scottish Claymore is a sword to be feared. Its length can vary from 4.5 feet long up to a whopping six feet! It is a two-handed sword (You would hope so, right? I'd hate to meet the behemoth that could fight with one of these babies one-handed!) that was weilded by the Scottish highlanders (no, not the immortal people) all the way back in the 11th century.Are you six feet tall? Imagine using a sword that was as long as you were tall! Are you five feet tall? Imagine someone using a sword that was a full head taller than you! Amazing, isn't it?
English Cavalry Saber The saber (or sabre) was adopted long ago by European Cavalry and since then has been seen almost nowhere else. Its blade can be likened to the cutlass of old, but the hilt and handle are different. The saber, as well as most swords, has been rendered ceremonial, since the Cavalry has long since been disbanded and modern weaponry has advanced as to cause swords to be obsolete.
Rapier Throughout its long history, the rapier was primarily a weapon for the nobility rather than the soldiers. For centuries, a full suit of armor had been the order of battle (no pun intended) for soldiers, and penetration of this armor depended on the heavy, single-edged swords of old. A long, thin, stabbing sword such as the rapier had no place in this culture. But as soon as the gun was developed, full suits of armor were rendered obsolete and it was time for the rapier. The lighter, faster blade was used in dueling, much like its cousins the epee and the foil.

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