Zoids Chaotic Century Screen Captures

Moonbay and Fiona

Here, you will find general screencaps from Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force. They are mostly caps of the characters throughout the series, tho. I decided to create separate pages for my screencaps because it look better that way.

The mercenary, Irvine. Its Moonbay and Fiona...again but this time, Moonbay's mouth is open! :p* Moonbay and Fiona
Colonel Karl L. Shubaltz's younger brother, Thomas R. Shubaltz. Van, the hero of the show! Another pic of Van but this time, its from Guardian Force.
Its Van...again, doing what he does best! *This is my favorite screencap of him, so far! :)* Van fussing at Irvine about something. *I'm not surprised. :p* Fiona and Van
Captain Herman piloting the Gojulas. *starting left to right* Kruger, O'Connell, and Herman. Looks like Herman means business!
Van and a disguised Irvine from Guardian Force. Marcus, plotting against Karl. Close up of Moonbay.
Moonbay, surprised over something. Another close up of Moonbay. Prozen, looking evil as usual.

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