Welcome to my page. I worked dilligently making the place suitable to visitors, I hope you feel at home (but not too at home, I only have so much beer and scotch to go round).

So much to say, so little bandwidth. Well, me: I'm 30, 5'6", 165, dark brown/hazel. I live in Vancouver where I am a teacher, sea kayak instructor, and aspiring writer.

I love the outdoors, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, telemark skiing. Like to read and write. Hockey Night in Canada is my favourite show, although I can't say I approve of what has happened to the NHL during this decade (Thank you very much, Mr. Bettman). My favourite hockey teams are Team Canada and Montréal Canadiens. Favourite colour is red, my favourite food is everything except water chestnuts, and my shoe size is 8.

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20 December 1998.

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