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Hello, welcome to my home page. I hope you will find my site informative. I have dedicated my site to pier and surf fishing, because it is an easy way, and even more importantly, an inexpensive way to learn fishing. Don't think that pier and surf fishing is just for kids. It is true that kids can enjoy fishing for mackerel at the pier, but adults can also enjoy fishing for bigger fish like sharks. Most bay sharks come right up into the surf to eat crabs,small fish and so on. That gives pier and surf anglers an opportunity to hook up a big fish that will put up a good fight. Please keep in mind that this site was written by a Southern California angler, so the information here willl be based on his experience as a fisherman in Southern California. However some of the information here is general information (gear, tackle, etc..)will be informative and helpful to all anglers.
My pier fishing basics will contain information about Southern California piers, basic tackle and a seasonal fishing guide for Southern California.
Should you get bored with catching just small fish like mackerel and perch, go to my advanced techniques for pier fishing to learn how to catch biggies like bat rays and sharks. If you are especially interested in catching sharks at pier, follow this link, battling threshers.
My surf fishing basics will have a general description of surf fishing techniques. Should you target only catching sharks and rays from the surf, click on the following link, advanced technique for the surf.
Fishes caught from pier and surf are seen in this link, picture gallery. If you get confused with my site, please take a look at a site map here.
The Bat Patrol-A story of mud marlin-now with pictures!!
Mike's tackle tips for surf fishing
Malibu Rampage !
A Rough Day

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Hope you enjoyed looking at the picure of my Mako Shark!! I caught him off the coast of New Port Beach ,California in June of 1995. I hope to add more exciting picture to this site in the near future

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