Little things go bump in the night

which really seems to give little boys a fright,

out of the dark you hear soft voices start to call

you get up, but you don't mind at all,

when you get to their cozy little room

two small boys are expecting impending doom,

their eyes light up when you open the door,

Daddy Daddy we not fraid no more.

Those days were wonderful in my life

I shared these moments with my wife.

Now those soft voices have grown deep

and now they have no trouble with sleep,

their faces still light up when they say please,

Dad can I have the car keys,

I say sure, take care and don't be late,

I'll stay up I don't mind the wait.

Now they're almost grown and have discarded their toys,

but ya know, they will always be..."MY LITTLE BOYS"

*memories of the innocence of childhood*

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