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Hoping to end the suffering!
After having suffered with Crohn's for over 13 years (diagnosed in 1985 at age 23) and searching through both the Conventional and Alternative medical fields, I felt that I should share my successes as well as my failures in trying to treat the disorder. (I know they call it a disease, but that definition is debatable)
It had become increasing clear to me that not any one method was the cure all for my problems. By blending the best of both worlds together yourself, you can then provide a successful treatment to at least control or abate the IBD process. The key to remember is that only YOU know what is working for you best. You have to become your own medical 'Supervisor' who hires and coordinates the medical contractors (the Doctors). If you find the suggestions (treatments) unacceptable or questionable, then by all means, fire them and find another. Doctor's are only human, and they DO make mistakes.
For the doctor's in the house, please forgive me but { You know what they call a med. student that passes with a 'D'? Doctor!}.
Let me provide you with a little info that I found to be invaluable in helping to control the Crohn's:
For those who have been dealing with Crohn's or Colitis for some time know, there are just somethings that you know will really tear your system apart. Rather than play a game of Russian Roulette each time I eat, I had it suggested to have an immune/allergy test done to try to find the things that were affecting my system at the immune level without having to go through an elimination diet (If you haven't tried this, it's a treat: NOT). The test is called 'Elisa/ACT'. Call 'Surimmune Physicians Labs'/(800)553-5472
A second test I found to be very valuable is a stool test performed by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. The information that is obtained from their test is nothing like the ones you may have had done in the hospitals or a local doctor's lab. GSDL performs a complete culture of any found organisms and tests them against a spectrum of conventional and alternative treatments to find the best way to deal with any overgrowth. They also provide a complete overview of the make up of the stool, which gives an excellent picture of how well your system is digesting the food it is being given. (The adage should be, "You are what you assimilate".) This is a great test to go over with a doctor who is trained in nutrition or a certified Nutritionist.  Great Smokies Diag. Labs are also providing an Immunology test just like the ELISA/ACT test.  I don't have any history on it, but it's worth a look even for price comparison.
Another areas to look into beyond traditional medicine are Applied Kinesiology and traditional massage. The former is a great diagnostic tool developed out of Chiropractic medicine which provides a great deal of information on how best to holistically treat the disorder. The latter just is a great way to get your system to relax, which went a long way with me.
Last, but not least, is finding support and additional information. There are many support and informational sites out on the net. You may wish to check on Support Groups of various disorders and diseases, or for a more specific site there is Crohn's and Colitis Foundation which provides a great deal of help and information. (even if it is all slanted toward conventional medicine).

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