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Greetings Everyone

--With this website I'm hoping to provide information about how fabulous it is to be living in the Great Northwest. Our hobbies and interests include: Skiing, sailing, hiking, flyfishing, bicycling, art, design, music and homebrewing. We had twins in October of 1998, and they are keeping us really busy.

--We have been married for over three years. We were married on the double masted schooner Zodiac in the San Juan islands, with fifty friends and family on board. We could not have had a better day. The above picture is the schooner Zodiac on our wedding day. I'm working on getting some of our other wedding and family pictures scanned, and will post them on their own page as soon as I can. Period schooners like The Zodiac and a similar ship The Adventuress, sail year round in the waters of the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.

--There are many wonderful things to do in and around the Seattle area. On this page I will try to present some useful links to our area. I'm also planning to do a homebrewing help page to assist people starting out with that hobby.

Thanks for stopping by.


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