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a.k.a.: Papa Smurf, Grog, and a variety of others not necessarily for polite company

David Sherrill and I at Monk's Corners. I'm in the black hat.

More Jaeger pictures?

Welcome to the 18th Century

As you may have noticed my name is Bryan Kent Brown, and I am a living historian. Many of you whom I reenact with know me by the name Papa Smurf or have heard of me for good or ill. I have reenacted for over 20 years a variety of time periods on several continents. Ethnically I am primairily Scotts and German, though I have French, Dutch, English, and American Indian ancestry as well. Currently my primary focus is as a German Jaeger Serving with the Crown (British) Forces in the American Revolution. Though I also portray a French Milice (Militia) from the French and Indian War and have portrayed a Private in the71st Regiment of Highland Foote, serving in the American Revolution.

General Information

Born 10-27-64 Balboa Panama to (then) Lt. and Mrs Charles W. Brown USAF

I spent much of my life moving about as a Military Brat, so I am not from anywhere in the sense most of you would mean it.

Graduated High School in 1982 from: Alexander M. Patch American High School, Patch Barracks. Vaihingen, Federal Republic of Germany (Old West Germany)

I graduated from South West Texas State University San Marcos TX in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Sociology, and spent 8 years working in Mental Health with chronically mentally ill polysubstance abusers. However, due to a variety of injures suffered working in Mental Health, and to preserve what little of mine was left, I changed careers. I am now Infrastructure Support Manager for Venetica. A software development company here in Charlotte NC.

I am a happily married Male, living in Rock Hill SC.

In case you were curious here is our wedding info

History is the passion in my life!!
Please follow some of my links to find ways to enjoy the wilderness 18th century style!!

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Homepage of the Hesse Kassel Jäger Korps.

The Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps, is a group of Historical Reenactors dedicated to keeping the history that went into founding this country alive. And to increase the publics awareness of the contributions of the German peoples to that history


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