The Hut! OMCRA HUT! - February 1998
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February '98

Well I finally did it. I took my canoe down from the living room ceiling (which is where I keep it) and took the cover off... just to look at it! It was worth the bother. Long, black, sleek, thin, looks fast standing still! When I finished indulging I put it back up and wondered..."was that a strange thing to do? Am I possessed? Should I join CA?" Well, I didn't have to wait long for my answer. A couple of days later I was paddling with Mike Ruddock, Peter Harbocian and Gord Cole. As we were working our way down the Green River, I kind of mentioned (under my breath) what I had done. I didn't know what to expect in the way of a response. I was prepared for everything from laughter to being tossed out of the boat, but get this...they all just nodded in a kind of understandable they do the same sort of thing sometimes or something! Mike just said "welcome to the club". Well I knew then that I was OK. Either that or we were all sick puppies.

It seems John La Flair has ordered himself a brand new Diller 18. Congratulations John! Peter Harbocian has just received a new Crozier V1. I've had the chance to paddle it and is it fast! Mind you, with Peter in the boat, any craft is fast. Dragan Olajdzija is now the owner of Peter's old Crozier boat. We'll look forward to seeing him in more C2 races this season. Barry Clout is now the proud father of a C1 racing canoe. Call me! Scot Saltstone and his partner George Guzik (OMCRA's newest members) bought some graphite paddles at the end of last season. Watch out for them in their Jensen 17! Joe Farwell has built a new cruiser. Hey Joe...if I say nice things about you will you build me one too? Wayne Gregory is in possession of a new C1 also. I guess I'll be looking at a lot of backs this season!

Welcome to this season's line up

Stan Machacek, John Tuovinen, Perry and Linda Kirkey, Lee Barker and family, John La Flair, Rick Scissons and family, George Thayer, George Guzik, Bob and Phyllis Wild, Ray Dallaire, Soren Petersen, Corey and Joey Van Loon, Cathy Cassel, Garnet Weaver and John Hiley. Here is another group of members eligible for the Zaveral Paddle Draw!

This is the Last issue of HUT!

For those folks who have not sent their membership in, this will be the last issue of HUT! you will be receiving. It does cost a fair amount to produce and mail the newsletter and right now it's being paid by the 30 members who have signed up. If you're thinking about joining, please do not hesitate! '98 will be a great season...I can feel it! The provincials are going to be held in Barrie. You can't race if you're not a member. Also the next few newsletters will have the upcoming racing season schedule. Another great reason to get your dues in. For those who are not going to join, the door is always open. Give me a call anytime and I'll get a membership application off to you.

Have a great year!


Kanoos for Sale

17' Jensen. Kevlar w/aluminum gunnels.
Fastest Rec Boat
Brand New
Call (613) 269-3836

Wood Paddles (CAMP)
Bentshaft. Light (12 oz)
As good as the best but in wood!
$75.00 each
Call (613) 269-3836

World Masters Games

Are coming next summer to Portland, Oregon. For instant athlete registration and confirmation call:

The following article was sent to me by Jim Mack, Executive Director of the USCA. Thanks Jim!



If you're the type of paddler that likes immediate feedback on how fast you are paddling down/up stream, then you need to buy yourself a once in a lifetime Christmas present now - the Speedmate.

I was fortunate to be asked to review this exciting instrument by David Laylin, President, Speedtech Instruments, Great Falls, VA. The instrument came with simple mounting directions for the impeller and the instrument. The impeller sends a magnetic signal to the instrument display through any material. The entire unit requires NO THRU-HULL HOLES...only the use of special 3-M adhesive tape and Velcro. The impeller (5" in length which includes the base plate) mounts on the side of your canoe, below water level. The signal is received on the display which is mounted on the gunnel and thwart. The operating modes: Current Speed - computed over 3 sec average, maximum speed; distance and time cumulative since last zeroed. Read out are MPH, Knots, KPH or M/Sec to nearest 1/100th; Calibration: Factory set at 1000, but user adjustable; LCD, visible@ 20ft. Power: 400 hour Lithium battery. Auto shutoff after 17 minutes. Display measures: 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" / 89x69x25 mm. Display weights: 3/4 oz/98 grams. Accuracy: +/- 2%. Replaceable Lithium Battery - no 12V battery required, waterproof, shockproof, it floats; portable-move from one boat to another; designed for use on canoes, kayaks, larger sailboats also.

Highlights of the Speedtech test:

After cleaning a spot on our boat with alcohol the impeller was placed on the left side of the bow (my preference) where it would be below the waterline. The display was mounted on a small angle plate on the left side (bow) gunnel/thwart, in-line with the impeller (you have to check distance to see if the sensor receives the signal properly).

Once Chris (my son) and I launched our boat (C2 standard) and headed downstream at full power we were able to get our speed up to 6.98 MPH. Coming upstream we powered up to 6.92 MPH. At first, I was cautious with my paddle as it entered the water on the left side at a high stroke rate thinking I would knock off the impeller. However, the mounting position was such that it did not interfere with the blade. We both felt comfortable with the devise and then poured on the power. It was an exhilarating experience to receive immediate feedback on our speed. A great motivational device...we were keeping our stroke rate consistent and working as a team. Chris and I believe this would make an excellent contribution to your training program and your on the cutting edge...maximize your boat's performance! Now we're going to try it on our C1's and C2 Cruiser boats.

Great reviews on the Speedtech Instrument have been received from the US Canoe and Kayak Team coaching staff, and from the 1997 winning US Dragonboat team in Hong Kong

An easy portable, self-powered electronic (no wires-no holes) instrument that can be ordered from Speedtech Instruments, Phone 1-800-760-0004. $180.00 (US) complete cost. The price is high, but the results more that outweigh the costs.

Editor's note: The Speedmate is one of many similar devices. Other companies make speed monitoring devices as well. Check the Internet for others and compare. Talk with other paddlers as well for their opinions.


I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.

When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

24 hours in a day ... 24 beers in a case ... coincidence?

He who laughs last thinks slowest!

It has recently been discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

Clothes make the person. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.

Paul's Law: You can't fall off the floor.

I intend to live forever -so far, so good

Canoe Happy;

A term used amongst old friends, it refers to the feeling of being amongst old friends, feeling so exhausted and inebriated that one cannot help but laugh for no apparent reason.

Here are some folks who were accidentally omitted from the 35th annual General Clinton Canoe Regatta results.

P 57 -- 8:42:40 -- Done Stoneman, Cambridge ON, & Patti Whitten, Keswick, ON, Canada
P 26 -- 8:49:23 -- Diane Ruddock & Michael Ruddock, Washago, ON, Canada


Lee Barker on training...

Paddling is safer than squash! I tried playing squash before paddling with Stan and I tore my Achilles tendon. I haven't done either since! Squash is definitely not recommended as a warm-up for paddling.

More on Canoe Speed Devices...

First, I received the article "Speedmate" from Jim Mack, as written above. I'm a big fan of technology, especially when it comes to training, so I thought it would be a good idea to pass some of this information along. I've got a high-end heart rate monitor, lots of carbon graphite and spectra, the technical foods and clothes, so I'm always looking for the latest thing. Coincidentally, a friend dropped by to see me the other day and proceeded to give me full on demonstration of a GPS (Global Positioning System). Well the wheels started turning. I was ready to purchase a canoe speedometer at some point, but now I'm thinking that, for the same price, I can purchase a GPS that will not only track my speed perfectly, but will provide me with many other functions as well. I may do an article on GPS systems at a later date, but I have a hunch that these systems are worth investigating before making any purchases.


From the Marathon Department (Bob Vincent)
Spring Training Objective: 100 hours before the General Clinton.

 Here's how.

Paddle once a week in February if possible. All hours logged in January and February are bonus hours. They should be done with maximum effort placed on technique . Speed is not important it will come with time spent paddling [not talking about it, doing it]

March paddle easy, no major sprints. A one minute per hour in level 3 max.
Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
120 min 60min  60min  180min
120min 90min 90min 240min
120min 90min 90min 300min
120min 20min 120min 360min
120min 120min
20-25 min = 42 hours + any bonus hours you have from months before.

Sprint time for the month 2% = 42 min.

Sprint time 10% = 270 min = 4.5 hours Your sprints this month should be varied from level 2 to level 4. This will be close to 2 minutes per hour of practice.

May: All your long paddles are completed. DO NOT DO ANY MORE BEFORE New York.
180 min [1/2 hard] 120 min 120 min 120 min
120 min 120 min 120 min 90 min [ 1/2 hard ]
120 min[easy] 90 min 90 min 60 min [easy]
Race day: good luck and enjoy the journey. HAVE FUN!

Your sprints this month should be levels 3, 4 and 5. Sprint time 20% or 5 hours. Your body has been conditioned to work hard in level 2, 3 and 4. Race in level 3 & 4. If you race in level 5 your time will be longer.

If you miss a practice, DO NOT try and make it up. It is important to race in a rested condition, not over tired with a lot of hours.

Sprints can be in many forms. Break them up. Play and have fun. Paddling is what we like to do. Let's keep it interesting!

Any Questions call Coach Bob Vincent 519-268-8027

Marathon Spring Training - March, April, May.

Safety! The water is cold! Wear life jackets at all times. Keep 2 canoes together at all times. Have spare clothes. Dress in layers. Lifa underwear, a dry suit if you have one-should be lightweight model. BRING A PARTNER TO THE PRACTICE OR ARRANGE TO MEET THEM THERE. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE COACH.

Equipment: river rules apply - you break it, you bought it.


Canoe Race Equipment CHECKLIST

Check List for Bank Runners

When feeding from another canoe:


When the race is over the racers will be cold wet and hungry. Help load the canoe, and let the racers get changed into dry clothes. Then we can all go and eat. . A shower is a real treat if one is available! Warm clothes if the weather gets cold.


A Test for level One Marathon Canoe Racers


#1 When you sit in a canoe your knees should be higher then your pelvis.
#2 A post is used to move the canoe to the same side you are paddling on.
#3 A pry is used to move the canoe away from the side you are paddling on.
#4 A draw is used to move the canoe to the same side you are paddling on.
#5 A crossbow rudder is used to move the canoe to the opposite side the bow person is paddling on.

A Test for level Two Marathon Paddlers

True or False

#1 The V in the river-- the point of the V is the fastest place to be?
#2 Passing another canoe is best on the inside corner going down stream.
#3 You run your bow to the center of the river going downstream?
#4 You run your bow to the shore going upstream.
#5 You should accelerate your canoe approaching shallow water?

A Test for level Three marathon Paddlers

True or False

#1 It is best to ride side wash going downstream.
#2 It is best to ride stern wash going upstream.
#3 Riding stern wash it is best to keep the bow in the V of the lead canoe.
#4 The closer you ride the stronger the draft.
#5 While riding side wash you should have bow # 2 three feet back of #1 canoe?
[All True]

I believe it takes 3 years to be a competent canoe racer. One year to learn the stroke and develop the paddling muscles, one year to learn how to read the water and where the canoe will run the best, one year to learn how to race with other canoes, ex. riding wash, shallow water, suck water, deep water. This will depend on how much you retain from each race. Practice! You will learn more with other canoes. You will learn more in a C 2 and there are 2 positions to learn [much to many racers dismay].

See you on the water. Coach Bob

Message from the President

Hello paddlers, this is a quick note from your new president Don Stoneman. You haven't heard from me in this space before because I've been too darn busy to write.

If you have already joined OMCRA for 1998, your name should appear on an updated list of members elsewhere in this newsletter. If it isn't there you will soon be dropped from this list, and you will miss out on some good stuff. Might as well take advantage of it all. Please don't wait until you run into a board member to hand over the money and application form. Put it in the mail now.

You will miss the membership contest, which features a unique, one of a kind Zaveral graphite paddle as the first prize and PFDs as second and third prizes. If you haven't submitted your membership form by the date specified elsewhere in this HUT! you will be out of luck.

Recently the OMCRA board received a provincial grant of roughly $4,000 last November from Canoe Ontario. This money must be spent by Mar. 31 on programs. Capital expenditures such as paddles and canoes are not eligible. If you have an idea for a program that will benefit the sport, please submit the idea to the OMCRA board now for consideration.

Our first program has been a success. Recently race organizers met in Newmarket with OMCRA board members to talk about what we can do for each other to make events more successful. The sport's profile has fallen further into obscurity in recent years. We are talking about turning that around and exposing marathon canoeing to more people and getting them out to races. It became readily apparent that running a canoe race is also a labour of love for the organizers. We must find ways to encourage more participation if these events are to continue.

I don't think anyone expects startling results immediately as far as increasing participation is concerned. This will take time and we are going to make mistakes. The sign of a good manager is someone who realizes early that mistakes are being made and quits making them.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Splitting up last year's Provincials didn't work. Our membership, especially in eastern Ontario, made it clear that they want to make a weekend of it to make the long drive worthwhile. We respect their wishes.

On that note, I'm happy to announce that the OMCRA Provincial Championships will be held this year in Barrie in association with Kempenfest on the Civic Holiday weekend. The Barrie Canoe Club runs a well-established event with funding from the city. It's been a number of years since Kempenfest was associated with OMCRA and we welcome them and their paddlers back.

The North Bay Canoe Club is also interested in running a race on Trout Lake. At the time of this writing, no date has been set. Beautiful water, nice town, great place to paddle.

This year's National championships are being held in Kamloops BC in late July. Unfortunately, it coincides with the Mattawa River Canoe Race, which many consider our flagship event. It's my desire to see the National Championships held on a consistent date rather than flitting all over the calendar as it has in the last few years.

I'm going to take one last kick at this membership thing. Please join now. If you have already joined, please pass the membership form in this Hut! on to someone else. Put it up on your canoe club bulletin board. Look at who has already joined and think about who hasn't. Make sure they get a copy. Otherwise, I may be the one who gets that gorgeous paddle.

Happy winter training

Don Stoneman

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