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Cool and Famous Female Cyclists.

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Alison Sydor (by the Cannondale people)

The Official Alison Sydor Fan Club

Tanya Dubnicoff (picture from Olympics)

Clara Hughes (interview )

Linda Jackson (picture and interview from Olympics)

Jacquie Phelan (article in SI on Women)


Bicycle Products We Know And LOVE.

For the bod

For the bike


Other Women Worthy Sites.

Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society

Up to date road race results from Velo News

Up to date mountain bike race results from Velo News

Guide to buying road bikes from Women's Sports and Fitness

Mountain Biking tips from Women's Sports and Fitness 

Women In Sports


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I called my bicycle Gladys, having in view the exhilarating motion of the machine, and the gladdening effect of its acquaintance and use on my health. - Frances E. Willard (1839-1898)