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I get the cover photo because it is my page.

    So here it is!  An online forum where we can put all 
those pictures and writing clips that just won't sell! Here
you will find almost anything. From photos that the magazines
turned their noses up from. To all kinds of clippings
that the editors just wouldn't buy.
Not just my work either. Many people have expressed their
frustration with the publishing world. The beauty of the
Internet! No editors, publishers, or any kind of gatekeeping at
So keep checking back here. We are sweeping through a lot
of changes. Being college students, we don't have a lot of
time to punch codes. The updates may come slow but new stuff
will arive I promise.
Enjoy the new sections and the articles that will soon
apear. If you are a writer/photographer send us stuff. You
can get it published here.

Here are some various works on different subjects

...under construction

On Tour with the Border Patrol

A clip from a recent trip to Mexico(pics coming)

Some climbing pics. Mostly of Aaron but that will change.

The Open Climing Forum
Put the story of your last epic, and other slanderous lies here!


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