The Great Outdoors Photo Gallery

Welcome to my photo album! Below I have catagorized the photos into groups based on subject. All these photos were taken by me or members of my family unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to download any of these photographs
drop me a line.

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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon 1:View across the canyon. (37K)

Grand Canyon 2:View down into the mist covered canyon in winter. (49K)

Grand Canyon 3:Another view down into the canyon. (58K)

Grand Canyon 4:View across canyon with mist and snow. (26K)

Grand Canyon 5:Another clear view across the Canyon. (28K)

Grand Canyon 6:View down into the canyon with the Colorado River. (71K)

Grand Canyon 7:Snow covered cliff face. (39K)

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain 1:Mountainside in early spring. (20K)

Rocky Mountain 2:Forested slope (24K)

Rocky Mountain 3:Moraine Park (18K)

Rocky Mountain 4:Some elk in Moraine Park (17K)

Garden of the Gods (near Colorado Springs, CO)

Garden of the Gods 1:Some tall rock formations. (32K)

Garden of the Gods 2:Rock formations along a path. (33K)

Pacific Ocean (taken from the Pacific Coast Highway, CA)

Pacific 1:View of coast, with some wildflowers in foreground. (54K)

Pacific 2:Waves approaching rocky shoreline. (34K)

Pacific 3:Waves on rocks. (29K)

Assorted Photos

Miami Sunset:Sunset taken from hotel in Miami, FL. (32K)

Smithsonian:Shot of the Smithsonian castle in Washington D.C. (32K)

Antietem National Battlefield:Cannons along a hill in Antietem. (27K)

Fort McHenry:View of the interior of Fort McHenry. (25K)
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