World Cup DH1, Slovenia - 06/11/2001

Steve Peat was finally able to best Nicolas Vouilloz and come out on top this weekend. Peat beat Vouilloz by 0.44 seconds in the downhill season opener. Anne-Caroline Chausson did what she does best, win. This will be her 21st career World Cup. Chausson beat out last years winner Leigh Donovan. Click on over to here for more details.

Norba, Big Bear - 06/06/2001

It was Kirk Molday taking the men's XC for the Norba opener over the weekend. Molday beat out Roland Green by 3 minutes on the dusty 8.5km course. After Mary Grigson passed Alison Dunlop in the women's XC, she didn't stop. Grigson pulled away with an amazing 12 minute lead. For more details, head here.

Adrenalin Fest - 05/23/2001

Adrenalinfest is back! For the third year in a row this festival is becoming know as the best on the planet. This celebration of the non-competitive aspect of mountain biking is quickly becoming the event to attend. It is a festival of fun for all riding abilities, providing the opportunity to learn new skills, meet other riders and go on group rides. This great family event is being held on August 3-5, 2001 at Mt. Washington Resort on Vancouver Island, just 2 hours north of the Nanaimo ferry. For further info, please visit there site

World Cup #3 Houffalize, Belgium - 05/22/2001

Roland Green became the first Canadian male to win a World Cup XC event. Green was over a minute ahead of his nearest competition on the forth of five laps. Martinez, who beat out Green in Italy, was a distant fourth. Meanwhile, in the women's race, Marga Fullana came in first to make it two in a row. She beat out her teammate Barbara Blatter by a minute and twenty. Check out the results here.

YES, We're Back - 05/10/2001

After two years of neglect, we are back. The site is almost complete. Some links at this time are not working (standings, news and gallery). We have changed the design of the page to make it easier to read and get around. I have also developed a forum for the site. It is in it's final stages and should be complete by this weekend (May 12). If you have any comments or questions, please send us an email.

DH5 - Squaw Valley - 07/17/1999

Anne-Caroline Chausson and newcomer Christopher Kovarik were the winners of this weekends downhill in California. Even after crashing twice on this technical course, Chausson was able to pull of the win.

XC3 - Madrid - 04/25/1999

Margarita Fullana won on her first World Cup win. Even better, she did it on her home turf. In the men's race, Cadel Evans once again was back on top making up for a disappointing race two weeks ago on his home turf in Sydney.

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