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Hi, how do you like this picture? This is my dream hideaway. Picture this place, with a little cabin nearby. Fire roaring in the fireplace, no phones, no tv.

I live in Illinois. I have two children, Kim, who is now almost 28 and Mike, who is 23. Gennessie Marie is Kim's daughter, born January 5, 1997. I will soon be a grandmother again, because Kim is due July 4 with a little boy.

Mike joined the U.S. Marines in September 2002 and was in school in Twenty-Nine Palms, Ca. What a babe he is and so grown up! Mike. Now Mike is a network administrator for a wireless broadband company in Illinois.

I bought a log cabin and a chalet in Gatlinburg, TN in 2002 and 2003. I've decided to sell the chalet, however I'm keeping the cabin because it's the cutiest cabin I've seen in a long time. Click the link below to Sleepy Bear Cabins if you want to see pictures of both places.

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