Date Website Title Location & Type of Ride
Dec 16th 2000   Discovering Nature! Bukit Kiara - Off Road
Dec 09th 2000 "Hello, hello ... Wai ...wai-wai ..." Somewhere in Bangi - Off Road
Nov 12th 2000  Finally ... After 2 weeks ... Tropicana / Sugai Buluh - Off Road
Oct 21st 2000 Boys will be Boys! FRIM - Off Road
Oct 14th 2000 Long, Hot (ride) & Bang! Bukit Cahaya - Off Road
Sep 24th 2000 The Flying Dutchman in Action FRIM - Off Road
Sep 10th 2000 A wet & slippery workout! Somewhere in Meru, Klang - Off Road
Sep 02nd 2000 Probably the last Ride! K Khubu Bharu / Frasers Hill - Road Ride
Aug 31st 2000 A Merdeka Ride Pertak, Kuala Khubu Bharu - Off Road
Aug 26th 2000 Simple Dual Loop Ride Bukit Subang / Bukit Ceraka - Off Road
Aug 20th 2000 All the 'chi' and 'kung' Mimaland - Genting Sempah - Road Ride
Aug 19th 2000 Red, Blue ... Color of the Day RRIM, Sungai Buluh - Off Road
Aug 13th 2000 PIGPEN'S LAST DANCE Bukit Kiara - Off Road
Aug 06th 2000  A (Very) Last Minute 'BASH' Decision Ladang Elmina - Off Road
July 30th 2000 An 'Eye' Popping Ride! Bukit Subang / Bukit Ceraka - Off Road
July 23rd 2000 TV Crews or none, We ain't no suckers! RRIM, Sungai Buluh - Off Road
July 16th 2000 A BIG Surprise Turnout! FRIM - Off Road
July 09th 2000 A Great Turn Out! Sungei Long - Off Road
July 02nd 2000 The Great Sungai Long Trail Sungei Long - Off Road
June 25th 2000 TBS Anniversary Ride Subang Tai Pan - Telekom Tower - Off Road
June 18th 2000 One Great Reccee Ride Bukit Ceraka - Off Road
May 28th 2000 Ride, Race, Food. K Khubu Bharu / Frasers Hill - Road Ride
May 27th 2000 A Real Short Ride. FRIM - Off Road
May 21st 2000 Humiliated & Teased! Pongsun, Hulu Langat
May 14th 2000 A Long, Long Ride! Sungei Long - Off Road
Apr. 16th 2000 Once again - FRIM FRIM - Off Road
Apr. 15th 2000 The Secret Garden Genting Sempah / Janda Baik - Road Ride
Apr. 09th 2000 Tropicana - Sungei Buluh RRIM, Sungai Buluh - Off Road
Mar. 19th 2000 An easy going Sunday ride. FRIM - Off Road
Mar. 12th 2000 Sungei 'Muddy' Long! Sungei Long - Off Road
Mar. 05th 2000 Lucky Thirteen? Sungai Buaya
Feb. 27th 2000 A race amongst ourselves! Mimaland - Genting Sempah - Road Ride
Feb. 20th 2000 Nice, Easy 'Mad'-iterranean ride! FRIM - Off Road
Feb. 13th 2000 A stroll in the woods! Bukit Cahaya
Jan. 30th 2000 Mimaland - Genting Sempah - Janda Baik Mimaland - Janda Baik - Off Road
Jan. 23rd 2000 Another Fellowship Ride FRIM - Off Road
Jan. 16th 2000 MTB Fellowship Ride Somewhere in Gopeng - Off Road
Jan. 09th 2000 The First Millennium Ride Bukit Ceraka - Off Road

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