The Saturday Evening Post

[The [The [Language [Dreams [No
The Nursemaid The Milkmaid Language Barrier Dreams of Long Ago No More Pencils, No more Books
[Taking [Marriage [Before [Girl [Freedom
Taking His Medicine Marriage License Before the Shot Girl at the Mirror Freedom from Fear
[The [Spring [Tackled] [Welcome [Hide
The Doctor and Doll Spring Morning Tackled Welcome to Elmville Hide Your Eyes
[The [After [The [Losing [The
The Runaway After the Prom The Dugout Losing the Game The Locker Room
[Triple [Hot [An [Strummin [Weary
Triple Self-Portrait Hot Pursuit An Autumn Stroll Strummin the Guitar Weary Travelers
[Game [The [The [Outside [Sport]
Game Called Because Rain The Lure of the Sea The New Television Set Outside the Principal's Office Sport
[The [Trumpeter] [Waiting [The [Freedom
The Freedom of Worship Trumpeter Waiting for the Vet The Golden Rule Freedomof Speech

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