Hi and welcome to my place!

My name is Sharon, I'm 25, living in the sunny and full of surprises Israel. My family and I live in an ugly tall building in a main street with lots of noise and polution. Though we all hate it, we do nothing about it but complain. I know lots of people who do the same...

In Israel, when we turn 18 and finish highschool, we have to go to the army---because the country needs us (of course). While serving our country, lots of us have one dream, and one dream only: To be free one day...and TRAVEL!

...So for two years in the army all I could think about was Australia. I read all the books there were about this grand place and then, when the day came and I was free to go, I took the first plane to... Africa!

So there I was- a 20 year old female by herself in the grand and wild Africa. I started my trip in Kenya where I had what started as a major culture shock and turned into the experience of a lifetime. I wasn't brave enough to do an overland trip by myself so after 3 weeks in kenya I took a flight to South Africa , where I was already much braver and stayed to explore for 3 months.

...Well, Blah blah blah...I wrote it all in my Diary. Now look forward for some great stories from the unexpected africa and check-in once a week to see what's new.

The Diary

1. Arriving in Kenya

2. First Impressions

3. Getting Deeper

4. Lake Naivasha


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3. A few words in Swahili

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