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edit: It's August 28, 2007. I've had this page since September 15, 1996 so I don't make a lot of changes to it. It's fun just as it is. :) If you wish to email me, please do so at the email address below. I will get back to you in a month or so. ;)
Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my home on the web. Sure, I don't need a web page. Who cares where I live and what I do! Well, I do, plus I really, really, really like playing on the Internet. I'm totally in love with it. Just hearing a modem buzzing and whirring excites me (so do office supplies, but we won't go there now).

Anyway, just a little about me: I grew up on Lookout Mountain (no, not Stone Mountain) in Georgia. My parents built a log cabin on the bluff. The view was spectacular and I loved growing up there. I've lived in Georgia all of my life and contrary to popular belief, southerners don't all marry cousins, we don't all like grits and most of us are NOT prejudiced. :)

You'll see that I'm basically nuts--which is fine by me. I'm 37 now and I've accepted the fact that I actually am growing older. I was one of those people who really DID think I'd stay 18 forever. HA! I've been married for 20 years now and I have two amazing children. I like my life. Therapy works wonders. *wink*

Anyway, my page has a bunch of goofy sites, jokes, & some of my favorite stuff. I hope my page brings a smile to your face. Click on the Links icon below to see what's here. Sign My Guestbook (please!) if you have the time, and thanks for stopping by!

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