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Updated  June 25, 2002

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blueball.gif (326 bytes)Littleton, NH   - Check out my home town.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Genealogy Grafton County, NH as well as my own family tree.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Hiking & Skiing - New Hampshire's White Mountains

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Sailing - One of our favorite summer activities.

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Littleton, NH

Hello from Littleton - the 9th best small town in America!

Population : still under 6000

Located in northern NH, on the VT border, 60 miles from Canada.

My wife, Wendy, and I live just northwest of the White Mountains, where we designed and built our passive solar home.  We love the outdoors and enjoy photography, hiking, sailing, and all types of skiing. 

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MITTON line : England > New Brunswick > New Hampshire.    My grandparents moved here from New Brunswick, Canada in the early 1900's.

My mother's line is GRASS and her mother's line is TOWLE, which includes many lines in northern Grafton County NH, with continuous lines in the county since 1775.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)The Mitton WebSite - my WebSite for sharing information on Mitton lines. 

blueball.gif (326 bytes)My Family Tree - with over 7000 relatives.  Last updated April 2002.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Family Links - my family lines in Lisbon and Sugar Hill.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Grafton County GenWeb Page - my contribution to the NHGenWeb project.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Littleton, NH Genealogy - Littleton's NH GenWeb Town Page.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)Lisbon and Sugar Hill, NH Genealogy - NH GenWeb Town Page.

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Hiking and Skiing

I am fortunate to live in New Hampshire's White Mountains, which include the Presidentials and the famous Mt. Washington. These may not be the biggest peaks in the country, but they are still very challenging, with Washington being known for having the worst weather in the world.  Many hikers get in trouble by underestimating these peaks.  Remember treeline here is at only 4000 feet and our weather is famous for rapidly changing, especially above treeline. 

I spent four summers, from 1974 to 1978, on the Franconia Notch Flume trail crew and winters making snow at night on Cannon Mt. and running the old 24 passenger tramway in the spring.

My love for the mountains extend beyound the Whites.  I also lived in California for three years, including a year at South Lake Tahoe, where I worked at Heavenly Valley ski area as snow making foreman.  I loved my hikes and backcounty skiing in the Sierras.  My wife and I have made trips back to Lake Tahoe and have also backpacked up Mt Whitney, at 14,499 feet, the highest peak in the US outside of Alaska.  We also traveled to Colorado and went white water rafting and hiking, including a climb to the summit of Mt Elbert, the highest peak in the US Rockies.   Both areas have terrain and mountains which are very different from what we have here.  Not really better, just different.    This is home!

Links :

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blueball.gif (326 bytes)Mt. Washington Page - Includes weather, hiking, photos, and many links.

blueball.gif (326 bytes)The Mountain Zone - International Coverage.  Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Expeditions, Adventure Travel, Books, Resorts, Photography and Online Shopping.

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I started sailing at age 16, converting a rowboat, by adding wooden outrigger daggerboards, a rudder, 10' of 2" steel piping for a mast, and had my mother sew a bed sheet into a sail, which I treated with Scotchguard.  It never tacked at all well, but I had fun and actually learned how to sail.

A few years later, I lived near Vermont's Lake Champlain and bought an older English-made "Kestral" 16' daysailer, which I had to re-glass.  This boat was a great daysailer!  It had a galvanized rudder and centerboard and put up lots of sail for its size, and even had a spinnaker.

I sold the "Kestral" before moving west in 1980 and didn't own another sailboat until about 6 years ago when I convinced my wife to give sailing a try.   Our house is only a few miles from a section of the Connecticut River, called Moore Reservoir.  This is a ten mile long lake, with great winds, and was where I first learned to sail.  A friend of mine had a 16' AMF "Sunbird" [formerly a Paceship] and I had a motorcycle that he wanted, so we worked out a trade. 

My wife loved sailing, so we soon started looking for a larger boat.   In the spring of 1997 we found our current boat - a 1985 19' O'Day 192, in excellent shape, which we love! 

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