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The Original Canadian ultra-light RV
and all Glass-Class trailers

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I will find a new provider and transfer the data.
Thanks for your patience while I re-establish this site.
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Upcoming/Recent Meets


Prairie Egg Gathering Macklin Lake
July 16-19, 2009


OntarioBoler Rally  Emily Provincial Park, Ontario
July 10-12, 2009
Theme: Cozy Camping

***Pictures of the First Meet*** 

Check out our YouTube slide shows and videos

**Boler Documentary**
Matt H. is travelling from California to the Ontario and Prairie Meets,
filming a documentary on fiberglass trailers


Also visit Bolerama's sister site about Trillium Trailers 
(Geocities removed all my files on this site. As of January 2006, I have reloaded the lost files.)


We purchased our 1973 Boler in September 1998
We have done renovations on the interior, but still need to work on the exterior.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

Boler History
An interview with Ray Olecko, Boler inventor. History: 1968-1973
Manitoba Business Journal Article with photo of Mr. Olecko
A brief historical account by a former Neonex employee: 1973-1979

Boler Forum
(1st time users have to register)
If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, join us at the Boler Forum.
This is a free forum for Boler and Trillium trailer owners.
Register the first time by choosing a "code name." Then, you can post messages.
The Forum also includes a BUY/SELL folder!! 

NOTE: Save the forum address in your web browser
because the Bolerama address will be changing OCTOBER 26, 2009

Boler Updates
See what other Bolerites have done to update their trailers!
 If you'd like me to post a picture of your Boler on this web site, please send one! Just a word of warning: I work full-time and Bolerama is my hobby, so it could be a while until your picture is posted.

Help Center
handy suggestions made by fiberglass "egg" trailer owners
(also includes info on how to BUY a trailer)

Original Boler Brochures
Many Bolerites were fortunate enough to have received original documentation with their classic trailers. If you didn't get a brochure with your trailer, look here! Other Bolerites have submitted original brochures for you!

Original  manuals submitted by Boler owners

Links to Other Fiberglass Trailer Sites
If you are interested in seeing some new trailers, look here.

Boler Sightings!
Most of these photos were taken by my (Lisa's) father, Bob.  He also is in love with these little gems, and he travelled around the Niagara Peninsula taking photos of interesting trailers to give us all ideas! Enjoy!
Navy Boler
Blue Boler
Green and Gold Boler
Voyageur 1300
Agent Orange Boler/Pick Up Truck Duo
Boler at 6800 feet!

Sightings of other Trailers
1990 Cadet
Scamp / Casita / U-Haul / Burro / Cloud / 

Bolers in the Media
October 1977 Trailer Life
Trailering (book)
RV Times Magazine
May 1972 Popular Mechanics
March 1973 Popular Mechanics
Camper's Guide:  page1/ page 2 / page 3
September 1987 Street Rodder
Vancouver Sun (Sept. 5, 1998)
Scamp Kits (to build your own trailer)
This article appeared in the Globe and Mail in 2006:
 Goin' down the road

Links to some of my favourite sites
If you are interested in other trailer-related sites, look here.

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