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Rik's Base Camp

Hi. Hope you enjoy you stop in this camp-Send me an e-mail if you'd like to chat about any of my interests. I have links to many of them here.

This is a gateway to the OSAT Aconcagua Expedition and OSAT Library websites
MIT Class of '69 DUs

My Family

My primary passion is my family, including wife Holly and daughters Hillary and Vanessa. Vanessa graduated from Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA in 1997, and is continuing graduate studies at Boston College. Hillary is a junior at Wellesley. To paraphrase a bumper sticker: "I send my daughters and my money to Wellesley!" Not only have they both followed me in identifying Boston as the best place in the world to go to college, but they have also both figured out that the greatest guys in Boston live at my old fraternity, the DU house at MIT.

Hillary was inducted into the Youth Hall of Fame. My wife and I live on Mercer Island , Washington (great topo map link!)

My Climbing

My next passion is mountaineering. I maintain a set of links to Washington state climbing information I pursue my mountaineering interests primarily through an organization called OSAT, One Step At A Time, an outdoor and mountaineering club for members and friends of 12-step recovery programs originated by a business associate and mountaineering friend of mine, Jim Hinkhouse

I led the club expedition to Aconcagua in 1997. You can read more about our expedition. To get an idea of what we in OSAT think climbing is all about, take a look at me carving the watermelon that I hauled up to the Inter Glacier to share with friends for whom I was the sirdar who brought three other sherpas for their climb of Rainier. Friends acting as sherpas are a regular feature of major OSAT climbs.

I'm a member of the Boeing Alpine Society (BOEALPS) and the American Alpine Club , and I've have climbed Mt.Rainier 6 times (out of 10 attempts) on 3 routes, Mt. Hood 3 times on 2 routes, and summited numerous other peaks over 10,000 ft, including the highest peaks in Wyoming, Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Idaho, and Montana. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1973.

Other Aspects of My Life

I have other passions, but no doubt the most peculiar is my collection of "Do Not Disturb" signs from hotels and motels around the world. My collection numbers over 350 different examples now. If anyone has something to share on this subject, let me know via email. If you are an international traveler, I'd love to get a copy of the next "Do Not Disturb" sign you see hanging on the back of a hotel room door. If you pick up an unusual one for me, please e-mail me to get my mailing address.

I work in Product Strategy Analysis at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group(but any opinions herein are my own etc. etc. disclaimer.) Our family moved back to the Pacific Northwest in 1987 after 11 years in Chicago, where I was in Corporate Planning for United Air Lines .

About Rik's Base Camp

You are the th hiker to come through this camp since sometime in Marh 1998 when my index page got messed up by a Geocities problem! To say hello or comment, please e-mail me. GeoCities I'd like to thankGeoCities for providing space for this homepage. Contact them to get your own Free Home Page . Here's a quicklink for me to go to Geocities file manager
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First posted: August 1996
Last revision: April 23, 1999