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This is my wife and myself on a dress down day (I think we were landscaping or something)

Hi! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. My name is Carl. I work for The Northwestern College Radio Network in the program distributions department.

I live with my beautiful wife, Katie, in suburban MN. Katie has just completed her B.S. in Elementary Education. This Summer Katie will be teaching Summer School in Saint Paul

Attention all Flag buffs or residents of the St. Croix Valley. Go to the only site on the web to feature the, recently adopted, Flag of Bayport

Links to other sites on the Web

The Skylight Satellite Network
Northwestern College (They are trying to educate me here)
CCM Magazine
Reverend Fun (A Great Cartoon)
Unisys (my father made me do it.[They helped Dad pay for my first 2 years of College])
WVOE Student Radio 107.5 FM
Laura Bliss's homepage (my sister)
Northwestern College Broadcasting Alumni Page

Y'all come back now, ya hear.
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