Some Famous Scouts

Some Famous people who were once involved in the scouting Movement include:


Of the 214 former and present US astronauts, 142 have taken part in Scouting.
Including Neil Armstrong - First Man On The Moon (Eagle Scout)

Baseball Players:

Henry "Hank" Aaron, Baseball Superstar (Boy Scout)
Nolan Ryan, Pro Baseball Player

People in the Media:

Walter Cronkite - Journalist, T.V. commentator
Harrison Ford, Actor (Life Scout)
Richard Gere - Actor
John Ritter, Actor
Steven Spielberg, Film Director/Producer (Eagle Scout)
John Tesh, TV Celebrity (Eagle Scout)

US Presidents:

Bill Clinton, U.S. President (Cub Scout)
Gerald Ford, 36th President of the U.S. (1st Eagle Scout to become President)
John F. Kennedy, U.S. President


Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft (Life Scout)
H. Ross Perot, Self Made Billionaire and Presidential Candidate (Eagle Scout)
George Strait - Country/Western Singer (Cub Scout)
Paul McCartney MBE - Songwriter, Entertainer

A more complete list can be foundhere.