Hello! Quills here! This cute little baby porkie is from Montana! Couldn't resist him & thought others might like to see him too (He's off a post card I found in a pop shop in Big Sky.) I love quillwork & make quilled items here & there as time allows. Unfortunately, once I start looking at quillwork I start oohhing & aahhing & there goes the time! Oh well! There is a page with some favorite quillwork, moose hair embroidery & other treasures I've found after long surfs through museums. I don't have pictures of my own work at this time but expect to have some in the future. (Most of mine is given away or too well used to be photographed) The quillwork shown here is just a teeny tiny sample of a great art form once practiced widely across this continent. The moccasins shown here you sure won't find at your local mall store or hardly any where else for that matter! If you find that you have developed a liking for quillwork, you'll have to learn to do our own or find a relative to make some stuff for you. Quillwork is coming back and has certainly not died out!

There's a changeable page about the places I've been which are set up by region. AND some pics from the pow-wow highway! Friends, family, hanging out, eating, dancing! Mostly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area region.

This page is always under construction and will be updated periodically as time allows. ENJOY!

So kick back, relax & let your eyes go touring!! maybe if you like a place well enough, you'll take your body there! See You! (Take a look under these rocks for some earth connections!)

Porkypine Tours! Time for some arm chair travelin'!

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NATIVE AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY PAGE Tara Prindles page contains Great "HOW TO" instructions on how to do quillwork, finger weaving, utilize rushes, flintnapping, etc... Take a look!

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