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Hi! My name is Josh I'm sixteen years old and I live in Blackstone, MA. I'm now a senior in Blackstone Millville Regional High school. I'm on the Varsity Cross Country team, the Track team, Student Council, I play the Tenor Sax in Jazz band and the Alto Sax in Marching band. Our cross country team holds the National high school record of 265-0 in consecutive dual meets. Last Year we placed second in Districts and got 12th place in our State meet. Our track team has won districts in the past two years and on paper it looks like we could win again this year. Our marching band has been the best in New England four years in a row( '91 '92 '93 & '94)We came in 2nd the last two years but we're going to win it back this year because I'm a senior. As you can see I also love to Mountain bike and fool around with the computer when I'm not busy, which is hardly ever. Anyway I have some pretty cool links here that I hope you will enjoy.

Bike Links

  • Specialized

  • Trek

  • Diamondback

  • Cannondale

  • Marin Mountain Bikes

  • Click here if you need anything for your bike.

    Running Links

    Looking for a Chat Room with topics you like?

    Do you have an injury that you don't know what to do about?

    Want to learn about proper nutrition?

    Need help buying shoes?

    This is a really good weekly column Called Running with George.

    Chat with me if you have powwow and want to give me some links to put on this page.

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