Jeroen Hoekstra 's Dinghy Cruising Page

Hi, my name is Jeroen Hoekstra. Four years ago I build my first sailing cruising dinghy. Since then we have had so much fun, we just have to tell you about it!

Jeroen Hoekstra having fun !!the author having fun !!

Cruising Dinghy's

Introduction, for all you who don't know what Dinghy Cruising is or why it is fun!

The sad story of Frits, or why owning a dinghy might be better than owning a yacht

A comparison between several sailing dinghies

the Roamer Cruising Dinghy

The "Roamer" Dinghy, some facts on the ultimate cruising dinghy

Building a Roamer dinghy., an overview of how we did it. (lots of small images!)

Stuff we have on board, what is good and what is not so good to have.

How to build your own mast, strong, cheap, easy

Jippe Hoekstra

 Our first child, a boy named: "Jippe"

Jan Hoekstra

Our second child, again a boy!, named "Jan"

our new plans !!

We are dreaming about a second boat, please have some patience while we make a nice page. 

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