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This Home Page is dedicated to the memory of two exceptional Troop 26 scouts, Eagle Scout David E. McKee and Life Scout Daniel L. Beer.

Welcome to Troop 26

Welcome to the Boy Scout Troop 26 Homepage! We are a Scout Troop that has been in continous existence since June 30, 1961. We are a very proud International Troop located in Heidelberg, Germany. We are fortunate to be able to meet at the David E. McKee Memorial Scout Center located on the Patrick Henry Village Military Housing Area. Troop 26 extends an open invitation to visit us should you be visiting this area at any time. We meet every Tuesday, from 1900 hrs to 2030hrs (7:00 p.m. - 8:30p.m. for you non military types.) We are a leading troop in the Transatlantic Council active in many local and international activities. As in all military troops, Permanent Change of Stations occur approximately every 3 years. This contributes to a constant flux in our programs but in return, mandates we constantly practice our Scout Skills. Troop 26 has sent many of its finest to towns all over the United States and other parts of the world. In return, we have received many fine scouts from all parts of the globe.

Troop 26 has the pleasure of meeting every Tuesday night from 7:00 - 8:30 at the David E. McKee Memorial Scout Center. The Heidelberg Military Community has graciously dedicated the use of two buildings on the Patrick Henry Village Housing Area for the exclusive use of scouting and vigorously supports Scouting by providing facilities, camping areas, funding, publicity and their volunteer hours. We publicly thank the United States Army, Europe, 26th Area Support Group, 411th Base Support Battalion, Patrick Henry Elementary and Middle Schools and all the other Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Department of the Air Force, Dependent School System, Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), Army and Air Force Exchange Service, American Legion Post #3 and the host of unnamed supporters that make Scouting in Europe a quality experience. Special thanks to the Patrick Henry Youth Services who furnish us many opportunities for community service and provide the highest level of support to our many needs.

As are all troops, we are especially proud of the boys who have attained the highest rank in Scouting, that of Eagle Rank! As with most troops located on military bases overseas, our scouts move on to new assignments approximately every 3 years. Scoutmasters come and go and our records are not the best. However, we are making every attempt to locate our past Eagle Scouts. Scan our list of Eagle Scouts and if you know the location of one of ours on the list or one whose name should be on the list then drop us a line.

As the school year started, the school year has ended with many new scouts. A hearty welcome to: Michael Arbec, Travis Boltz, Elliott Boltz, Michael Drolet, Jackson Dyre-Borwicz, Caniel Hase, Alex Hoska, Jordan Patrick, Patrick Phelps, Eric Phillips and Patrick Ro.

There seems to have been a rush toward Eagle this spring. Craig Welch passed the board in March. He was followed shortly thereafter by Cameron Bowe and Philip Vaughn in April. Congratulations to Ricky Prichard who became Troop 26's latest Eagle Scout 01-04-01

This is number one for 2001.

1999-2000 Calendar

Unless otherwise stated on the calendar, all Troop 26 meetings are Tuesday nights, 1900 hrs at the David McKee Memorial Scout Center

Jan 2001
02 PLC 1800 - 1900
02 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030 hrs
09 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030 hrs, SM Conf
11-14 Scouters Annual Conf. Garmisch TAC 50th Anniv
16 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030 hrs
19-21 OA Spring Fellowship, Camp Freedom
23 Troop Meeting,1900 - 2030 hrs, Board of Review
25 Pack 20 Bridging Ceremony
26-29 Omaha Beach Campout/Historical Trail
20 Memorial Day, American Legion Service Project
30 No Meeting

June 2000
03 Fundraiser- Coat Check Engineer Ball Village Pavillion
06 PLC 1800 - 1900
06 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030 hrs
09-12 Intercamp
09 HHS Graduation
13 No Meeting
15 Last Day of School
20 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030 hrs
18-24 Woodbadge - Camp Freedom
25-01 Golden Falcon - Camp Freedom
27 Court of Honor 1900 - 2030 hrs

July 2000
04 No Meeting
11 Troop Meeting 1900-2130
11 PLC 1800-1900
16-22 Summer Camp
18 No Troop Meeting
25 No Troop Meeting

August 2000

01 PLC 1800-1900
02-28 Summer Break, no Scout Meetings
29 Back to School, Scout Meeting 1900-2130

September 2000
05 PLC 1800 hrs
05 Court of Honor 1900 - 2030hrs
12 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030hrs
15-17 OA Fall Fellowship, Camp Freedom
19 Troop Meeting 1900 - 2030hrs, SM Conf
22-24 Scoutmaster Fundamentals/JLT
26 Troop Meeting, Board of Review
29-31 Campout Rod & Gun Club

October 2000
03 PLC 1800-1900
03 Scout Meeting 1900-2130
10 Scout Meeting 1900-2130
13-15 Millennial Fall International Camporee, Stuttgart
17 Scout Meeting 1900-2130
24 Scout Meeting 1900-2130
31 Scout Meeting 1900-2130

Order of the Arrow

Troop 26 is an active Troop in the Order of the Arrow, Black Eagle Lodge #482, The following members have attained these honors:

Congratulations to Rob Syzmanski who is the new Vice Chief for Administration in Black Eagle Lodge

  • JohnPaul Kelly, (CC 92,93 LC 95, Arrowman of the Year 95, Founders Award 95)(2/28/95)(Papenauwelendan - One Who Seeks Attention)
  • Casey Welch,(CC 94, Founders Award 96)(4/16/96)(Aschewon Netopalis - Spiritual Warrior)
  • Danny Vaughn, Ordeal Team Advisor, (Gischeleman - One who creates with mind)
  • Rick Kind, Jr, (LC 95, Arrowman of the Year 96, Founders Award 97)(4-16-96) (Ata Delawunsawagen - He who has no name)
  • Joshua Stacy, (5-31-97)LC 97, Black Eagle Lodge,(Wiqualomo - Little Brother Who Suffers Hunger)
  • Ziad Khan,(CC 95) (5-31-97)(Woachejekummit - He who is the light)
  • Chuck Kirkland,(4-30-98)(Nhakeuchsin Memhallmundn - Trusted Trader) (4-30-98)
  • Fritz Mueller,(4-30-98)(LC 99)(Tschetschipssin - He who complains about all)
  • Vincent West, (CC 96, LC 98) (8-7-98), (Asgask Wuschgink Netopalis - Green Faced Warrior)
  • Matthew Kirkland (CC97) (5-15-99, (Macque Attenkpatton - Bear Who Extinquishes Fire)

  • Daniel Beer*, (4/95)
  • Robert Szymanski, (9/97)(Vice Chief, Administration, 00)
  • Mick Szymanski, (4/96)
  • Matt Brooke, (5/00)
  • Greg Hamberg, (7/98)
  • Craig Welch, (7/98)(Nacha Chuppacat Chapter Chief,99)
  • Joe Yoon, (5/00)
  • Mike Neds, (5/00)
  • Ricky Prichard (5/00)
  • Cameron Bowe, (5/00)
  • Adam Hayes, (5/00)
  • *Emeritus

  • David McKee*, (4/95)
  • Bob Ashley, (5/95)
  • Tony Smith, (9/95)
  • Thomas Smith, (5/98)
  • Bill Ashley (9-94)
  • Rene' Fischer (5-99)
  • Robert Sanderlin (5-99)
  • Jason Thorne (5-99)
  • Mike Scott (5/00)
  • Mike Ashley (5/00)
  • Mike Burbach (5/00)
  • Steven Grey (5/00)
  • Freeman Robbins III (5/00)
  • Andy Kropf (5/00)
  • Freeman Robbins II (5/00)
  • *Emeritus

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