Traveling Home From Victoria, Texas
By: Steer Wrestler -- Jason Shelby

I threw my steer today
but I didn't place.
No one else understands
why there's a smile on my face.
They all stop me
and ask me why.
I just shake my head
and say with a sigh
that I'm a Christian,
an outspoken man of God
and Jesus is watching over me
everytime that I nod
and it's through His grace
that I am here today
and I am reminded of that
everytime that I pray.
So there's no reason to throw dirt
or kick the arena sands
'cause I gave my life to Jesus
so my rodeo is in His hands
and when my time comes
and I win some dough
I'll take the money-
I can sure use it I know-
but the greater rewards come
with the gospel I shared.
So when Jesus calls that final roll
You'll all know how much I cared.

Jason Shelby

That's Jason and me at Project Prom

By: My new friend Barb

Horses are the best friends to have,
They make each day exciting and fun.
Especially when riding,
Under the sweltering, radiant sun!

They can canter, gallop, trot, and walk,
And in their own language, to you they talk.
Being with others of their kind,
Makes them sympathetic of what is on your mind.

Sometimes they may act up, but they have their days,
When they won't go any ways.
And at times, when they have been bad,
Afterwards, they may feel full of regret, and sad.

They all have emotions (like us) tucked down inside,
And delighted, they overcome, when you take them for a ride.
When being kept away,
They get bored, day after day.

Training, exercise, and pracitce is a need,
And you must always be sure they have feed.
Taking good care isn't "if", it's a must,
And it's the beginning of a friendship of trust.

Overall, a horse is magnificent and neat,
Even with all the work, as friends, they are hard to beat.
Majestic is the word to describe a horse,
And a exhilirating time you'll have, OF COURSE!

Miss Ginger
By: David Collins

Not a hill so steep,
Not a creek so wide,
Not a trail so long,
As to slow her stride.

She could run with the best,
Or float in the wind,
Till the mournful day,
That brought her sad end.

My prayer for her,
As the end draws nigh,
Dear lord she's a good one,
Please ride her high!

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