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Rondeau Bay Waterfowler Association

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Rondeau Bay, Ontario, Canada

About Our Association

An active voice with the Rondeau Waterfowl Management Unit and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Working to maintain the opportunity for the highest quality controlled public waterfowl hunting at Rondeau

Our newest project this summer was to build a blind for those who love to hunt but were unable to because there was no way for them to get out to the blinds due to being physically challenged in one form or another. Now they will be able to return to the sport they love! read more here

Information about hunting at the unit

Participation in projects to improve your hunting experience at the unit, enhance or maintain natural habitat, or benefit the community in general.

Newsletters to keep you informed.

Opportunity to join or renew your affiliation with the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters at preferred rates and receive monthly copies of "Ontario Out of Doors" magazine, OFAH crest and decal, $200,000 Sportsman's Liability Insurance, discounts and other items.

Tom Bushey

Vice President:
Peter Leistra

Brad Thompson

Rick Turner

Public Relations:
Percy Pickering

Adam Stein

Hen & Drake Directors:

Rick Coll
Jim Jamrog Sr.
Jim Jamrog Jr.
Marty Verkoeyen
John Fraser
Bill Smith
John Hamel
Gord Ware
Don Petit
Ken Pickering

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