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John Williams:
Outdoor Enthusiast
Connies Corner
I'm John Williams and I hunt, fish and collect Indian artifacts.  I have hunted artifacts of and on for probably 45 years.  I haven't hunted seriously for the last 10 years.  I find one once in awhile while hunting.  I'm starting to get the fever again.  My old sites are all grown over or built over now, but I am finding new ones.  I own 30 acres of ground in Northern Jackson County, Il. and have a cache of blanks found on this site numbering 30 whole ones and a few broken ones.  I have never found but one arrow on this place.  There is a good site neighboring me East and West.  I hunted relics on Big Muddy River, Beaucoup Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Lewis Creek, Rock Quarry Creek and have 2 pieces I found in Missouri while on a fishing trip on the Big Tavern River.
     I started turkey hunting in 1998 and I killed a gobbler 22 1/2 pounds, 10" beard and
1 1/2" spurs.  In 1999 I killed a gobbler 22 pounds, 9" beard and 1 1/2" spurs.
     I bow hunt deer and I hunt with a shotgun.  Bow hunting is my favorite of all.  I kill several deer with my bow.  I'm getting along in age and I don't get around as good as I used to, but I don't do bad.
     I trot line fish for huge catfish.  My biggest was an 85 pound flat head.  We used to "hog" them out of logs with our hands.  I worked underground in the coal mines for 27 1/2 years.  I now live in Grand Tower, Il. on the bank of the Mississippi River and there is some good hunting, artifact hunting and fishing here.


BIG Catfish
Nice Turkey
Some Deer
Indian Artifacts
Wood Carvings
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