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Rezdog-Selwyn Bitt- Died on September 10th,2007 from Diabetic Complications. My heart holds memories.

"As the Eagle Soars..Dancing Among the Clouds..Circles's once..and is Gone.....a little saying that I say."

All of this Creation is Sacred

And so do not forget.Every Dawn as it comes is a holy event and everyday is holy, for the light comes from "WAKAN-TANKA"

And Also you Must remeber that the Two-leggeds and All other peoples who Stand upon this Earth are Sacred and Should be Treated as Such

"White Buffalo Woman" Sioux Sacred Woman, quoted by Black Elk , (Oglala Sioux)1947.


Being an Indian is not in the bloodline, but in the way of life."
Being Indian is mainly in your heart.
It's a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it.
Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom."

For now, Ken-ai-ay. So-ka-pi. "That's all, and it's good".

Where Many Paths Meet Together

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