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If you came here looking for some serious information about the out of doors in these great provinces, you came to the wrong place. I've been to to many pages that rely on providing serious info, this site should be taken for what it is, a place to sit back and relax, take a look at some of the wildlife, flora and fona. Since I love graphics, the internet and the outdoors, I though this would be the perfect forum for a web page. I'm no expert on any of these subjects so when I say I'm giving you info, well, it's probably my opinion.
Cheers, the Hi-tech Newfie.

Something New !!
For information on my new book Finding your Ancestors in Newfoundland and Labrador, and other items available from HERITAGE PRODUCTIONS; please

Fishing the North Atlantic :

Learn a little about Fishing the North Atlantic in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland...

Fishing the Inland Waters :

Learn a little about Insland Water Fishing in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Big Game in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia:

Look here for some information and pics on big game hunting .

Game Birds in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia:

Here's a few pics of the games birds.

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Read my little Fish Tails..Updated !!!
Take a tour of the Town of Ramea Newfoundland..
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Outdoor Links..UPDATED !!!!
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Seafoods..
Outdoor Emblems of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia..
A little more native Wildlife..
What can happen when you link other peoples graphics..
Spend a wild weekend at Jim's Place..
Some scenery in and around Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Some Salmon and trout fly patterns...
My son Stephen's first trouting adventures...

If you have any questions e-mail him !!!

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