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Mike Burell and his Net Adventure


Welcome to my homepage at Geocities. This is where I started at. Sometimes it suffers from neglect but it is always here.

My name is Mike Burell and I live in Smyrna, Georgia USA. Being that one of my favorite hobbies is backpacking in the mountains I chose this neighborhood to setup shop in. I've hiked the entire Georgia portion of the Appalachian Trail and part of the way through North Carolina. I would like to make the trip all the way to Maine but will probably never get the chance.

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I have lots of pictures from my trips that I like to show off so you can look for them here in the Photo Gallery. If you haven't noticed I upgraded. More photos looking better and downloading faster.

Photo Gallery

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This page has been accessed many times since it's creation 10/20/96

Last Updated June 7, 2005
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